Falling In Love With My Teacher

(Part 1 from 2)

Part 1

“My father was so pleased with my examination results that he gave me a hundred notes,” I said to my best mate Joe.

“You deserved it Billy,” Joe replied. “You were the only one in the form to get A grades in all subjects. He must be as pleased as Punch with you.”

The results had come in the post that morning and brought the suspense to and end for both of us.

We were lying together on Joe’s bed dressed only in shorts. It was a very hot afternoon.

Joe and I had been best mates for years. Now we were both eighteen-year-olds and we knew that we had the grades we needed to enrol at our local university. No one else knew that we were gay. We kept that secret to ourselves.

Joe was the first to get horny and he pushed his hand up my shorts and squeezed my cock. In less than a minute it was ramrod stiff.

“You’ve got a lovely cock,” whispered Joe. “It’s more than seven inches long and you’re only coming on nineteen. It’s going to grow huge before you turn twenty.”

“You’re pretty well hung yourself,” I replied and I slid my hand down his shorts and grasped the tip of his sticky dick.

“Let’s suck each other off,” I suggested.

We pulled our shorts off and took up the sixty-nine position with myself on top. I pulled back Joe’s foreskin and exposed his wet glistening purple helmet. I got down and sucked it whilst fondling his hairy balls. It tasted as good as ever.

“That’s fine,” Joe whispered with pleasure.

He opened his mouth wide and let me push my hot cock as far to the back of his throat as he could take it without gagging. He started to suck it greedily.

Then we stuck our fingers in our holes for an extra thrill. We soon both came within seconds of each other and we continued sucking each other until our cocks throbbed with passion.

After a few wet kisses we lay in each other’s arms for half an hour. My thoughts turned to my future studies. How would I get on in my next exams, I thought? I wanted to study biology, chemistry and physics. I would have to work hard. Our cocks began to stiffen again. Joe looked deep into my eyes.

“I want your cock inside me,” he said and he lay on his back with his bent legs wide apart. I slipped my stiff dick straight into his twitching hole. Joe liked being fucked best of all and I had become an expert at it.

After about twenty lunges, his cock throbbed and spurted spunk all over my chest and face. I had hit the spot quicker than usual. A few more deep thrusts and I felt my cock pulsate deep inside him and a thrilling shiver spread through my body as he squeezed down on my dick.

Part 2

Six weeks later, we had both enrolled at the university for the first day of the new term. We visited our faculties and met our new teachers for the first time and organized our timetables. Joe and I met at break.

“Christ you should see my new biology teacher,” I said. He’s a real dish. I get horny every time I pass him in the corridor.”

“Yes, I’ve seen him,” said Joe in agreement. “Do you think he likes guys?”

“I’m not sure,” I said, “but I hope to find out this afternoon when he gives us our first lesson.”

“Watch it or you’ll cream your shorts,” Joe said with a laugh.

“I’ve already thought of that,” I said. “I’m going to put a wad of tissue around my cock just in case.”

After lunch, I combed my jet-black hair carefully. I wanted to look my best for the lesson and I opened the fourth and fifth buttons of my casual shirt so that my nipples would show to my new teacher. They were large and dark and surrounded by a mat of black hair. My cock was getting horny at the thought of a two-hour session looking at such a handsome guy.

The time came for my afternoon lesson and my mates and I gathered outside Laboratory Three. “Dr Michael Brown,” the new name plate read. The door soon opened and the new teacher ushered us in. I made sure that I sat in the front row. The teacher introduced himself and called the register. I could make out a touch of a West Country accent somewhere in his cultured voice.

“Present,” I said as he called my name. My
teacher smiled at me and I smiled back. My cock swelled up quickly. I hoped that I had made a good impression.

Dr Brown was well over six feet tall with short blond hair and pale blue eyes. He had a chunky chest and very slender hips. He used his handsome features to great effect and he gripped the attention of everyone in the class.

What kind of cock did he have, I thought to myself? I was dying to find out. All I could do now was to fantasize as to how he would look naked. As my mind whirred in speculation, I felt my cock shoot inside my pants. The tissue I had stuffed down them saved me from a great embarrassment.

After the lesson ended, Joe and I walked home together.

“Do you think your new teacher is gay?” he said.

“I still don’t know,” I replied, “all I know for sure is that my cock and balls are aching for a shag.”

“Did you come in your pants during the lesson?”

“Yes,” I said, “the spunk dried and the tissue has stuck to my cock.

“Come on over after tea,” Joe whispered, “and then you can fuck me to madness.”

I kissed my mother on the cheek and ruffled my little brother’s hair.

“How did your first day go?” she asked me whilst she served up our meal.

“Quite good,” I replied. “The work’s going to very hard but we’ve got some super new teachers. My biology teacher is great.”

“That’s good,” she replied, “I’ve got apple pie and cream for dessert.

“Great,” I replied. It was my favorite.

After eating, I changed into a T-shirt and shorts and went over to Joe’s. His mum and dad were both still at work and we had the house to ourselves. He was lying on his bed naked with his stiff cock in his hand.

“Come here mate,” he said, “I know how you feel. You’re so horny for that new teacher. Only a good shag will release your pent-up passions.”

I sat down beside him and sucked his hot cock until mine was poker-stiff again. Joe stroked my swollen cock affectionately.

“Take me from the back,” he said. “You know I like it when our balls bang together.”

He knelt down on the bed with his head on a pillow. I pulled off my shorts and underpants and I knelt behind him and held him firmly by his hips.

“I’m not going to last long,” I whispered apologetically. “My balls are loaded with cum and my cock’s dribbling already.”

“Don’t worry mate,” Joe whispered back to me. “You can give me a longer fuck later if you still have the energy.”

My cock slipped through his hole and was soon completely inside him. I felt his rectum squeeze around it. A few quick strokes sent my head into a spin and my cock pulsated as I spurted into Joe for an unusually long time.

“Thanks mate,” I whispered to him gently.

I withdrew my cock that was now tingling in ecstasy and saw the huge blobs of my cum still sticking to it. I jerked at it for a few moments until it spurted again. I had never had a climax quite like this before. Quite exhausted, I lay down in Joe’s arms and fell asleep for a while.

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