Embarrassment position

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100% fiction!

I am 22 years old boy. 2 Weeks before I was operated for Testicular cancer. Radiation will take in April. I was operated by mom's friend. After my dad and mom divorce i used to stay in mom's home. After operation I am perfectly ok now but my family Physician don't allow me to wear any under garments for 1 month.

I can not go out of my room because i am naked through out a day. After operation my mom share my bed room. At this age i cannot sleep naked next to my mom or i cannot share my room with my sister. In fact i don't had choice to sleep with mom. Firstly mom advice me to sleep before she entered in my room, so i did that but i used to go toilet for bathroom at least 2 times in night.

One night when i gone for toilet my mom is sleeping and after coming from toilet i saw mom is talking on phone. Mom saw me first time nude. it was really embarrassment position of myself. I cover my penis by two hands and come to bed for sleep. My mom understand my position but she only laugh at me and told me don't worry. After that mom is very close to me like my close friend.

Mom talks more freely with me. Last week one night mom deliberately change her dress in front of me. Mom know that i am watching her. That night she directly to touch my penis and testis. I am totally shock with her action, she force me to put the hands on her boobs too. I put the hands on boobs and then she started jerk my penis .Mom wants to kiss of my penis, but i stop her. That night i cannot sleep well.

After that night mom become more aggressive she wants to see me nude and ask me to jerk the penis. I always refuse her. Yesterday my mom called my sister to sleep in my room. I told my mom how can i sleep naked in front of her, she told me to wait and watch. That night mom removed her dress and force my sister to remove her too.

Then mom called me and my sister to sit nude in front of her. Then she touch my penis and ask my sister to do the same. When i refused it she slap me 2 times and force me to touch her and sister boobs. By forcefully i did that, but that moment i got the heavy sperm fall. That moment i feel Embarrassment position of myself at home. After that night mom wants so many things but i stop her.

Now mom asked me to masturbated in front of her for every night before sleep. Every night i closed my eyes i do masturbated in front of her and she enjoyed it. mom feels happy to see me nude. Actually this is most embarrassment position of myself at home.

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