Eating at Moms

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100% fiction!

My name is Mike and I live with my 60 year old mom. I never knew my dad, and my mom had an endless string of men visiting her over the years. Mom was a drinker and a party girl and a slut that always tried to please the men in her life. She's a little woman with dark brown hair that she keeps short. She has nice tits for her size but her perfect bubble butt is her best feature. She wears granny glasses and looks sort of innocent. moms pussy and lower plump belly is now covered with a thick brown bush that she says went wild after she quit shaving it years ago. She makes a lot of noise when she fucks and once she starts fucking, she'll fuck anybody she can find.

For the last 10 years she has dated a big man named Rob that she calls her fuck buddy. Rob is a real sex freak who brings his friends over and lets them take turns fucking my mom. I think thats the reason she likes him. Over the years Rob has made me watch him and his buddies taking turns fucking my mom and she always says "oh Mike you know you like watching", and I did.

I never fucked my mom until 3 years ago when Rob and some of his buddies came over and brought a gallon of whisky. Rob kept giving me shots and telling me how much he liked me. My mom was in the kitchen with all four of Robs friends. I knew 2 of these guys, one named Rick who was white and about 50 with a big cock and balls and Sam who was black and about 50 with a huge cock and balls. My mom always spent a lot of time sucking on Sams big cock and she would always say "its so big and full of tasty hot cum". On this night Sam's son, Sam junior or "junior" and his friend a young black man named Terrance came with them. I could hear the guys talking about my moms ass and tits and her talking about their cocks. I heard her say "well Sam I do believe your sons cock is bigger than yours". Then my mom said "I've got to taste that big black cock" and I guess she started sucking it.

After that I heard her moaning and the familiar sounds of big balls slapping on my moms willing ass. Rob leaned over and said to me "you want to fuck her tonight" and I didn't know what to say. Then he said "just follow my lead, let her fuck everybody once and then its your turn". Rob hollered "bring her in here where we can all watch" and my mom and all four guys came in and when Junior and Terrance sat down on the couch, my mom knelt down and started sucking Juniors big cock. It was about 10 inches long and as big around as a roll of sausage with a long dark mushroom head. Surprisingly enough my mom got a lot of it in her mouth.

Mom was jacking Terrance off and he was rubbing her tits. Sam got behind my mom and rammed his big cock balls deep in her and started pumping his big cock in and out of her at a fevered pitch. Mom was moaning on Juniors cock and when he said "I'm gonna cum in this old bitches mouth" as he grabbed her head and forced it down on his big dick. As Junior was emptying his balls in my moms mouth, I heard his dad say "and I'm gonna fill her pussy up too" and you could see his big balls jerk everytime they shot another big load of cum in her hairy old pussy.

Sam pulled out of moms pussy and she turned around and licked him clean, then Junior looked at his dad and said "come on Pops and I'll buy you a beer" and they left. Mom wasted no time in gobbling down Terrances big cock as Rick got behind her and started fucking her deep. Mom was sucking away on Terrance and pushing back into Ricks big cock when Terrance stood up and started jacking his big cock in my moms face and she just stuck her tongue out so she could catch as much of his young cum as possible. As Terrance pumped out big gooey globs of cum on moms face and tongue, Rick rammed his big dick deep in her and just emptied his hot cum in her already sloppy pussy. Mom looked around at Rob and said "next" and Rob looked at my mom and said "Mikes next". Mom had a strange look on her face as she asked "do you want to fuck mommy". I was buzzed from the whisky and already hard so I dropped my pants.

As mom laid back and opened her legs, I just shoved my 8 inch cock straight up her old hairy sloppy pussy and pumped her like crazy. Mom was pulling my ass into her and saying "fuck mommy good baby, I've been waitin for you to fuck me baby, I want you to cum in mommies pussy ok, cum in me like all the other men did, mommy needs lots of mens cum" and with that her body started jerking on my cock and her eyes rolled back in her head and she just kept muttering "oh God, oh God, oh God" and then she went limp. I realized that I had just made my mom cum and it turned me on so I grabbed her legs in both arms and started pumping my cock in her for all I was worth. I was watching my cock going in and out of her hairy sloppy hole and as I shoved it in all the way, I felt my balls pump more cum than they ever had before, it just kept cumming and cumming. Empty and dizzy I pulled out and kissed my mom on the mouth, then I laid down on the couch.

I vaguely heard Rob and Rick and Terrance fuck her one more time and then they left. The next thing I remember was waking up with my moms legs around my head and her humping her hairy cummy pussy in my face. As I began to lick her crack I could hear her say "oh that feels good baby, mommy likes the way you do that, baby". I'm gonna feed you every night before bed baby, would you like that" and she started jerking again, this time on my tongue.

The next morning I woke with a hangover and was worried that mom was going to be mad at me until she came in the living room buck naked an staddled my head and said "lick me baby, mommies still horny. Now were closer than ever and I don't need any other women and my mom makes sure I eat every night.

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"Did your father tell yeuw I'm gonna need help when I get home from partying?" "Noooo." "Well, I am." Her wedding ringed hand unconsciously moved to her crotch and began to stroke. "What kinda help, mom?" "Yeeuw know."...