The best sex ever

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One night me and my boyfriend where hanging out at my place watching a few scary movies. one part of the movie scard the hell outta me, as his muscles got bigger he held me tighter and said baby it will be ok. I took my head off his chest and looked into his eyes. Him being horrny and a dork at the same time he poked a dot on my pants that "just so happend" was on my pussy. I loughed and called him a dumass.

We started makeingout at midnight. He tryed to unbotten my pants but he couldn't because i was sitting on his lap and he had no clue what to do next. He stoped kissing me looked up at me and said baby can u take off your pants. so i looked at him and stood up said wow your a dumass and took my pants off. He stood up and said baby im sorry im just nervous it's my first time.

He slamed me down on the bed took my thong off and started eating me out. It felt soooo good for it being his first time. I through my head back and arched my back up and let out a huge sexy moan louder then i ever have befor. He came back up my body and slowly started to take off my shirt. Me being a dumass myself i had no bra on and as he lifted up my shirt he exposed my DD tits. As soon as he took my shirt off he kissed my lips down to my tit and started sucking on my hard nipples.

I got on top of him and wisperd in his ear dont be nervous its my first time to. I slowly slid down his body licking and nibbling a little here and there till i reached his rock hard 9 1/2 inch cock. As i graped it he looked down into my eyes as i looked back into his. I asked if he wanted me to suck his cock, he said baby if u want to i wont make u. i slowly started to lick the head of him and slowly down the shaft, after his throbbing hard cock was completely wet i started to slowly slid his cock into my mouth wile pushing my tung on the bodom of his cock. He told me to bob my head up and down but he grabed the back of my head and started raming it in as fast and as deep as it could go and i loved it.

I lifted my lips off his hard 9 1/2 inch cock i told him to stop moveing my head for me i can get the hole thing in by myself. He looked at me and said ok baby then try it, so i shoved his hole 9 1/2 inch cock down my throagh proveing that i could. He started moaning then he shouted baby im about to cum u might wanna take it out befor i do. I shook my head no and keept shoveing his rock hard cock deeper and deeper in my throagh. He had a look of amazement on his face as he started to shoot his cum down my throagh i took it all and swallowed it. He moved my hair out of my face and said wow baby u took it all like a good girl. After that i gave him this look and licking my lips like i want more. Then he said baby stop it's gonna make me cum agean. After he said that i rapped my DD tits around his cock and started moveing them up and down. he said baby no stop that so i did. I asked why he looked at me and said i wanna do most the work for this. I asked what do you mean he said like this as he slowly started moveing his cock in and out in between my tits.

After about five minutes of him fucking my tits he started shooting his warm steaming cum all over my tits and my face. I grabed the back of his head and pulled him down then we shared a long passionat kiss. As he pulld his head away i pushed it into my tits and told him to lick all of his cum off my tits. As he did like a good boy i started to have a orgasam. After he lick it all off he wispered in my ear baby can i slid it in now. I wisperd back yes u can.

As he slowly slid it in my already dripping wet pussy i could fell my cherry poping as i griped my nails in his back and slowly slid them down as i felt his skin ripping. He started going faster and harder in and out of my dripping wet pussy. After two minutes i couldint help it i wanted to hold out longer but i just couldint i squarted so hard and so fast it made him wanna cum. He said O MY GOD BABY I NEED TO CUM NOW i said wait a sec do u have on a condom then he said sorry baby i dont. As he told me no i started telling him to take it out but at that i was haveing to much pleasure already on my third orgasam so i told him i dont care just cum in me. As i felt his amazing cum shooting deep into my dripping wet pussy and i tried to hold it back but i just couldint i let a out scream.

About three hours later we stoped because both of us had to go to work in the morning wich really sucked. The rest of the night we cuddle as much as we could and some makeingout but no sex. The no sex part didint really bother me because we had the best first time ever, i had atleast 6 orgasms and he had about 2!

The end

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