Deflowering Haven

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In the 18 years we had been married, especially of late, my husband and I discussed that if the right woman came along, I would let him fuck her, but only if I could watch. For unknown reasons, the thought of my husband fucking another woman while I watched turned me on. I didn't necessarily want to be involved, I just wanted to watch.

Haven was our 19 yr old babysitter. She was in her freshman year at the local college, and had been coming over a couple of times a week at different times to watch our 2 children. She felt comfortable right away with our family, and sometimes would even drop by and have a meal with us.

Haven had long, athletic legs, shoulder length brown hair, and what I would call perfect tits. Her personality was outgoing, and she seemed to really like my husband Scott, and was even flirty with him. He knew I wouldn't be too upset if he flirted back, too. One night, after Haven had come over to have dinner with us and left, I began to have my idea......

A few days later Haven stopped over to pick up a book she had forgotten at the house. I invited her to sit down with me and have a coffee. We chatted for awhile about school, then I boldly asked Haven "You like Scott, right?' Haven smiled and said "yeah, he's great--funny and sort of handsome. He's a great dad! You are so lucky!" I told her I felt lucky, and then I asked her "do you want to fuck him?" There was a long silence.

I thought I had gone way too far. Then quietly, Haven said "Yes". I told her not to be ashamed or shy, then I told her about what Scott and I had already talked about. I told her she would be the perfect fuck for my husband. I told her she was beautiful and young and that Scott would be so thrilled to have her.

Haven seemed very excited, most of her shyness gone. Suddenly, that shyness came back, and she dropped her eyes to the table. I asked her what was wrong, and she very quietly said "I'm a virgin". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I asked her how it was that such a gorgeous, hot young lady could still be a virgin.

Haven explained that she had had boyfriends, but she was disgusted by their inexperience and over eagerness, so she would date them until things got hot and heavy, then she would walk away. "I've always wanted a more experienced man to take my virginity," she explained. And she didn't mind that I would be watching and probably getting off myself!

Scott was not going to believe this. I told her I would talk to Scott and let her think about it, and if she still wanted to do this in a week or two, then I would make arrangements for the kids to be on an overnight with relatives.

After the kids were in bed that night, I told Scott what I had discussed with Haven. At first, he thought I was kidding. When he realized that I was serious, he almost tried to talk me out of it. He said he didn't want Haven to make a mistake, he said he didn't know if it was a good thing, because he saw the possibility of bad things happening. I told him Haven was going to think about it, and that he should talk to her. Even with all of his objections, he was noticeably excited.

Two weeks later, Scott's objections had been calmed, and Haven was going to come over. The kids were packed away to my mom's for a long overdue weekend stay. Both Scott and I were very nervous.

When Haven arrived, we told her what we had decided would happen, and that at any time she could stop things and we would understand. Scott was anxious to fuck Haven, but he wanted to make her feel comfortable as well. Scott was doubly excited because he had never had a virgin before. We had decided that Scott and Haven would undress, and because Scott felt like if he fucked her right away he would last a very short time, they would pleasure each other, allowing Scott to cum a couple of times before the main event.

In doing this, it would allow Haven to become comfortable with the activities, and she could savor all of the firsts she was about to do. She had confided to me she had never even given a hand job, nor had she ever experienced oral sex. We went into the our bedroom, and Scott and Haven lay on the bed, with me in the comfortable armchair at the end of the bed, watching.

Scott began caressing Haven, and telling her how much he wanted her, how he was attracted to her. He slowly undressed her, kissing her skin whenever he unbuttoned or removed. Eventually, Haven was left in her panties only. She was shy, and kept trying to cover her perfect, naked breasts. Scott told her she was perfect, and that he was so turned on, and that helped her to be less self conscious.

He began sucking and licking her nipples, and Haven reacted to this by moaning and telling Scott to do it more. It was turning me on to see my husband kissing those perfect tits. He worked his way down her stomach, and then removed her pink panties. He paused to get up and strip completely naked. Haven saw his erection and wanted him to touch her again.

Scott told Haven he wanted her to touch him, as he lay down beside her. She caressed him all over, while he kissed and touched her. Scott told Haven to spread her legs so he could rub her clit. Haven did as she was told, and Scott dipped his fingers into her wet pussy, then ran then back up to her clit. She wriggled and cried out, but Scott kept rubbing her clit and sucking on her tits.

About 5 minutes later she came, with a loud moan. Scott lay down on his back beside her as she recovered. "That was amazing," she said to Scott. I couldn't help but touch myself at this point. Seeing my husband with this other woman was much more of a turn on than I could ever imagine! After a few minutes, Scott told Haven to grab his cock and start jerking him. Haven, having never given a hand job before, seemed to instinctively know what to do.

Scott was going wild, telling Haven how good it felt, telling me how good it felt, and how he couldn't wait to get into her pussy. He told Haven to rub her tits on his cock, which she did, and then he sat up on the edge of the bed, told Haven to get behind him. She sat behind him with her legs spread and wrapped around his waist.

She reached around and grabbed his cock and began jerking him off again. It didn't take but 2 minutes and Scott came with a yell. His cum sprayed on his stomach, on Haven's hand, on the bed. As Scott was cumming, I too, was cumming. Seeing Haven jerk my husband off put me over the edge. Scott, Haven and I caught our breath and rested for awhile.

Then Scott started sucking Haven's breasts, and his cock got hard instantly. Haven and Scott were deep kissing and both were moaning. Scott told Haven to spread her legs again, and told her he intended to eat her pussy. Haven had obviously taken the time to do some grooming, because her pussy was smooth and hair free, just the way Scott preferred.

Scott started licking her pussy, and Haven writhed and suppressed screams as Scott used his skillful tongue. He put his tongue in her pussy, and licked and sucked the plentiful juices there. When he knew Haven was close, he lay down on the bed and told her to climb on his face. At first, Haven was reluctant. Scott told her he wanted her on his face so when she came her juices would run all over his face.

Haven did as she was told, and Scott got back to work on that tight, very wet pussy. It wasn't long after that Haven came on his face, screaming with pleasure. She collapsed beside Scott, and said "That was overwhelming! I never thought it would feel that good!" Scott and I were both turned on, and I couldn't help myself. I told Haven "Suck his cock".

She was unsure of how to go about it, since she had never done it before. Both Scott and I directed her, taking turns giving her commands. "Start at the bottom and lick to the end" and "Suck his balls." After awhile, Haven got into a rhythm and after some time, Scott told her he was going to explode. He desperately wanted to cum in her mouth, but didn't want to overwhelm her, so he had her lean her tits over his cock while he finished himself off on her tits.

They both were sweaty and sticky with cum, so I suggested they go take a shower and take a break before Scott fucked her. I watched them soaping each other up in the shower before going out into the bedroom and masturbating again. I had never, ever been this turned on.
After their shower, Scott and Haven dried each other off, and Haven turned all shy again.

She seemed to be thinking about what was going to happen soon. Scott sensed this, and asked her " Do you still want me to fuck you?" Haven without hesitation answered "Yes. No doubt in my mind." Scott asked her "Do you want my cock in you now?" For an answer, Haven kissed him, hard. Scott's cock had pretty much been non stop hard for the whole several hours we had been at this, but now it seemed even bigger and harder.

I marveled at the fact that Scott had been able to hold off this long, but I think it was really important to him that Haven's first time be memorable. Scott and Haven lay chest to chest and kissed, long and hard, while he told her how great it was going to be to fuck her, and you could tell she was getting more and more excited.

He reached down between her legs, felt she was wet, and asked her if she was ready. "Now" was all Haven said. Since Scott had time to think about what position would be best, he had decided that it would be easiest if Haven were on top of him. He moved to the edge of the bed, and told Haven to straddle him. He told her he was going to try to go slow, but didn't know if he could.

I think even as a young man my husband hadn't been this excited! Haven spread her legs and Scott grabbed his cock and eased it into Haven. His eyes closed as his cock slid in to her wet pussy. Haven let out a moan, and Scott asked if she was okay. She said she was fine, and said she wanted Scott's cock in her all the way. He obliged by pushing hard and fast into her.

Haven's head was tipped back, her eyes closed. I asked Scott if she was tight, and he said "unbelievable." I had moved so I had the perfect vantage point to watch Scott's cock moving in and out of Haven's pussy. As they fucked, Scott told Haven how good she felt. Haven couldn't speak, only moan.

After several minutes of fucking her this way, Scott told Haven to get on the bed on her hands and knees and began fucking her doggy style. Haven told Scott that she liked him fucking her this way, and told Scott to go faster. Scott sped up his movements, and once again, I found myself getting more and more excited as he fucked Haven deeper and faster.

Between Haven urging Scott to fuck her faster, and me urging him to fuck her faster, Scott couldn't hold back any longer. He came intensely, pumping his semen into Haven's tight, tight pussy. He motioned for me to come closer, kissed me deeply, and thanked me for letting him fuck Haven.

I knew that it would probably be a few hours before Scott was ready again, but I knew that he was going to fuck me, this time with Haven watching, and I couldn't wait. That weekend was just the beginning of Haven's lessons.....

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