Tied up

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I haven't had sex in a while. I'm so horny all the time now and so I've finally decided to do something about it. I've arrived at the bar, dressed to impressed and ready (so ready) for some action. I'm wet now just thinking about what tonight might bring, a hard, throbbing cock in my mouth, in my tight pussy.

I'm wearing a a short, black, lacey dress. My bra is a bright lusty red, barely containing my large, firm breasts. I've decided to go unusually risqué for me and not worn any panties. My mass of blonde curls left loose, stroking my back.

I sit down at the bar and ordered my first drink. Its nothing special, just a white wine. But I find that wine has a stronger effect on me than most other alcoholic beverages. I loose my inhibitions faster. And with what I had planned for tonight I definitely needed the liquid courage.

I'm sipping my wine, casting an eye over the customers. Who will I choose to take me home? Who will I let use and abuse me?

Just at that moment I see, from the corner of my blue eyes, two girls. I see them looking at me. They're both breath takingly beautiful. One has short black hair and olive skin, almost Italian looking with large breasts to match mine. The other has fiery auburn hair, smaller breasts - a perfect soft handful.

I can see them whispering to one another. The black haired one waves at me and beckons me over to their booth. I stand up. Why not? I can make friends tonight as well as lovers. I don't have to sit alone before I make my move on a lucky male.
The black haired girl stands up to let me slide into the booth between them.

"Hi" she says, "my names June, this is my friend Rachel." She points at the red head. "We noticed you sitting on your own, are you expecting anyone?"
"No, I'm hoping to make new friends tonight." I reply with a wink, I can already feel the alcohol taking over, spreading its warmth all over my body.

They laugh in unison. "That's good to hear, its always good to meet new people, enjoy the company of new friends." Says Rachel, her voice is low and husky and (I can't believe I'm thinking this) seductive.
"What are you two hear for?" I ask, not taking my eyes of Rachel, she's completely enthralling.
"Oh, you know, just date night." Rachel leans across me and pats June on the thigh.
"Oh, right. So you two are..." I gesture with my hands. They both nod, smiling wickedly. I'm totally flustered. I've never been with another girl, but the idea of those two together. Kissing each other. Holding each other. Touching each other. It turns me on. I'm so hot right now.

My breasts are tingling and heavy. I can feel the wetness in my groin. My clit is aching, begging to be touched.... Sucked.
Rachel begins stroking my inner thigh, working her way up and up and.... Ohhh...

"We were wondering," she's saying with her velvetine voice, stroking the swollen outer lips of my dripping cunt "whether you would be interested in joining us tonight?"

I can't speak. But she takes the opening of my legs as a yes and slides her fingers inside, worming two of them inside my tight vagina. I can't believe this is happening. This I'm getting fingered by another woman. Its so exciting.

"Oh you're so wet." She says and she removes her two fingers. I whimper. My breaths coming fast and shallow. Me and June watch as she lifts her two fingers to her lips and sucks them into her mouth. Lapping up all of my juices. Rachel smiles deviously. Thrusts her two fingers inside me once more. Again she removes her fingers, this time offering them to June. June licks and slurps on the hungrily, desperately. All I can do is watch while she enjoys the taste of me. I feel myself get wetter. I'm flushed all over with need. With want. I definitely do want to go home with these two women tonight.

Once June has finished feeding from Rachels fingers, Rachel enters me again. I can feel her inside me. Thrusting and stretching. I begin thrusting my hips against her. My head falls back and I'm moaning, loud. I don't care that others might hear me. All that matters is that I get my release. I'm thrusting against her hard, urgently. My hips hitting the booth's table. I feel another set of fingers, June's, begin to play with my engorged clit. Rubbing it, tweaking it. They both help me towards orgasm. I let out a guttural moan as I come. The walls of my vagina contracting against Rachel's fingers.

"We need to take this back to our place." I nod, standing up on shaking legs. We make our way out to their car. My juices flowing from my pussy down my inner thighs.
June stops me once in the parking lot, gives me a hot open mouthed kiss, our tongues mating. Rachel opens the car and hops into the drivers seat. We follow after her. Throughout the 15 minute car journey, not much is said. The anticipation is building.

We stop at their house. June pulls me inside. Pushing me towards the bedroom. She kisses me again, deeply.... Nipping at my bottom lip. I feel my cunt throbbing, ready to go again.
Rachel moves towards us, she undressing as she comes closer. I can see her swollen pussy. I can see her juices shining on her thigh." How do you feel about being tied up?? Can we tie you up??" She whispers against my ear.

I nod my agreement, removing my dress and bra. She instructs me to lie on the bed, arms spreas. Legs spread. They're both naked now too. And I can see they're gloriously extended nipples and shaven wet pussies. So wet.

Rachel ties my ankles to the bed post, while June ties my wrists. As she leans over me I can feel her nipples brush against mine. It ignites my desire further. I'm so ready. I need something inside me NOW! Something to bring me to orgasm. I take one of June's nipples into my mouth as she's tying me up. Taking her by surprise, she startles. I'm sucking on it furiously. She is loving it... I can tell. She thrusting her pussy against me slightly and her moans are filling the room.

I hear Rachel busying herself around the room, and an odd beep.
"That's enough for now," Rachel says to June. She's obviously running the show.
June moves away. Knealing at the end of the bed, she's staring at my juicy cunt. Licking her lips. Just watching her do this brings a sigh to my lips.

I look past her towards Rachel. And to my surprise she's set up a video camera, a red light flashing, showing me that its recording! Knowing that I'm being recorded, my first lesbian session is being recorded by these two women turns me on that much more!
"Come" Rachel commands June. She's moving towards her. "On your knees!"

June sinks to her knees as Rachel spreads her legs, revealing her beautifully swollen clit. I can smell the musky scent of her mixing with my own. "Suck me!"
June doesn't hesitate. I can see her sucking Rachels clit. Her hands softly knead Rachels ass cheeks. I'm watching all of this. I'm straining against my bonds. My hips thrusting uncontrollably. My liquid cunt throbbing, wetting the sheets beneath me. As June begins to circle Rachel's anus with her finger and I can hear Rachels shallow panting, her moaning, I swear I nearly orgasm right there.

I can see that June is bringing Rachel closer and closer and when she does, she gives an almighty scream. June continues to suckle at her clit, nursing her throughout her orgasm.
June gets to her feet. Kisses Rachel, an urgent, wet kiss. They both turn to me breathless. Desire has completely taken over and I beg them to let me come, to bring me to my release. They just smile deviously!

Rachel moves over to her top draw and brings out a feather. She begins at my feet, tickling them. They laugh again at my surprised moan. She tickles her way up my inner thighs, taking her time over my most sensitive region.
"Please," I pant. "Pleeaaaasseee!"
I'd had enough of this sweet torture!!

They laugh once more before moving closer to me.
Rachel stays at the bottom of the bed, lying on her tummy between my outstretched legs. While June straddles my stomach. Her nipples are within licking distance once more. I look between us, I can feel the heat of her cunt on my stomach, I can see her dripping juice on my skin. She kissed me and I can taste Rachel on her tongue as I suckle from it. I've never tasted anything so good!

As June is slowly grinding herself against my stomach I can feel Rachel feathering light kisses along my hips, my thighs... My swollen lips. She opens them with her fingers, giving her better access.
"Oooohhhhhhhh yeah!!!" I moan as she lowers her mouth to me. Tonguing my vagina in an unrelenting rhythm. She begins to rub my engorged clit with her fingers.

June has finished kissing me, she is desperate for her own release now. She sits on my facing, using the back of the bed for support she slowly lowers her slit to my mouth. I'm sliding my tongue inside her juicy wetness as far as it will go. She tastes so good! I remove my tongue from inside her, start flicking her clit. She's totally out of control, screaming loudly, mashing her cunt against my lips. We come at the same time, all three of us! Her juices fluid my mouth and I swallow every bit oh her!

We're all breathing heavily in the after math. Chests heaving. They untie me. I rub my wrists, red from where I had strained against them.
I couldn't wait to see the video!

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