Daddy's Girl

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Even at the early age of 12 Angel had started developing a little faster than other girls her age. Some thought of her as the neighborhood Lolita. Her own father was no different every day he would watch her as her clothes hung onto the curves her body had been devleoping as his cock would harden and ache to be inside his little girl.
Then one day as she came in the door she didn't give her daddy a hug like always she just ran to the bathroom. He followed Angel to see what was wrong, as he peered through the bathroom dorr that was slightly open he saw her washing her pussy in the sink. Furious he swung open the door and asked what she was doing.
Angel in tears began to speak quitely, "I let the boys touch me and then one put his fingers inside of me, but that was all daddy!"
"You filthy slut!" shouted her father, "How many times have you done this?"
"Just one other time" she said knowing she was in trouble.
Angel ran out to her bedroom, with he father chasing after. "Am I grounded?", she asked.
There was no reply from her father, he began to unzip his pants and pushed her onto her knees.
"Show Daddy how sorry you are for letting other boys touch his pussy."
Angel's red lips parted and slowly took in her Daddy's engorged cock. He began to fuck her mouth holding her head down, the cock to thick that it was stretching her little mouth. She took it deep in her throat as if she had done this before. That only made the fury in her father grow, so he pushed her off.
"Get on your hands and knees you little whore, now Daddy is going to teach you a leson in that sweet virgin ass of yours."
"Nooooo Daddy please don't!!", she shrieked.
With no warning he grabbed his rock hard shaft and at first only put in the purple head of his 8 1/2 cock into the tight sweet ass of his little girl. As her whimpering subsided her Daddy decided it was a good time to shove his shaft deep in her tight little asshole. With one swift motion he grabbed the little girls shoulders and rammed the huge rock hard dick into her unlubricated tight asshole.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHH DADDY!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" she screamed.
He began pumping his huge cock in and out faster and faster into his slutty little girls ass watching it split and listening to the screams. Then pulling out his shaft and rolling her onto her back he shoved two fingers into her pussy and said, "Now I'm going to open up that little bald pussy of yours too."
Again she opened her mouth to plead for her Daddy not to take her pussy too, but she stopped and said "Yes Daddy please show me how mad you are I like the way you fuck me, please Daddy give me more of your big hard cock"
The requested shocked him at first then, only excited him more. Stroking his knob up and down watchign the delight in Angel's eyes only made it sweel more. Quickly putting her shapely legs on his shoulders, and spreading her bald pussy lips to allow him to view the engorged clit poking out begging to reach climax he slowly began to guide his dick into her expectant love chamber.
"Oh baby girl your cunt is so hot and tight, it feels so good how it hugs on to Daddy's cock"
"Mmmmm it feels good Daddy, but give me that pole faster Daddy fuck me hard, make me cry again Daddy"
"Oh you want it hard and fast like a little slut, well then that's what you'll get"
His speed increased jabbing his cock deep into the virgin pussy busting inside her hitting her Gspot making her moan like he had never heard come from another woman. Then faster and faster he rammed her pussy harder and harder in sync with the moans and screams of painful pleasure that shot from her sweet lips. His balls began to tighten, he knew he was about to let loose his hot cum all inside the tight walls of her tiny hairless cunt.
"Daddy's gonna cum, baby you ready to have cum shot all in that hot pussy?"
"No Daddy shoot in my mouth I want to taste your cock cream I wanna eat it all up like the little slut I am"
Right when he was about to let loose in Angel's pussy he pulled his pulsating shaft out of her pussy and shoved it into her hot hungry expectant mouth. Shooting his load all in her mouth she sucked it dry and then licked her lips to make sure she savored every last drop.
"Mmmmm Daddy your cum was salty, but I liked it, can I have more?"
"You can't have any now your mother will be home soon, and remember this is our secret, you can be Daddy's secret little slut"
"Ok Daddy I can't wait till next time! Oh and Daddy, Thank you for teaching me my lesson."

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