Cursed to Fuck Forever

(Part 1 from 1)

Arnold went camping by himself in the Appalachian Trail. One night, he was asleep in his tent when he heard the echoing howl of a wolf. He didn't know what to do. Ten years ago he'd been a boy scout, and they would have told him to stay in his tent, but Arnold needed to see the wolf. He opened the zipper of the tent and found the silhouette of a woman against the moonlight on the crest of a hill just one spear's throw away through the woods. She darted down the hill towards him. Arnold turned around and found her directly in front of him. She was horrid. Her black flesh looks rotten. Her black teeth and eyes gleamed. She crackled the words, "KO-KO-KU-CURSED BINDING TIE YOU-YOUR SOUL." The black forest disappeared.

He found himself in a red-lit brothel. Five beauties stood before him. One was a thick-hipped, tiny-wasted Latina with c-cups to match. She looked twenty-three and her skin glowed with a light dew. She wore grey yoga pants that showed the dip running down her thigh. This chick did squats. Another was a raven-haired older woman with natural DDD's, which to his astonishment were round, perky, and very soft. She turned around and showed a bulging pale ass, with zero cellulite and lightly slapped it. It jiggled. The third was a short, peppy eighteen-looking girl. Her tit and ass were tiny, but they were round and youthful.

The raven-haired milf said, "We're going to fuck you forever."
"What are you talking about? Where am I?"
"You're cursed, and you will do as we say, because we can cause you just as much pain as ecstasy.

The three gathered around him and pulled down his pants. The blonde surprised him and reached for his cock first. To his amazement, his cock was far larger here. (Plus, her tiny hand made it look huge.) He could feel it pulsing in her warm hand. She kissed the tip with her wet lips, rubbing them back and forth. Her hand began to stroke his cock. A moment later, she opened her mouth and lightly licked the underside of his penis head. It was becoming thick and girthy in her hand. Just when he need her to, she plunge her throat over his cock, holding it there for a moment and gently forcing his cock deeper down her throat, then bobbing her all the way up and down his ten-inch cock.

The raven-haired MILF got on her knees beside them and put her hand on the back of the blonde's head. The MILF held her down on his cock. She wasn't bothered a bit. It was like she didn't need air. She could just suck his dick non-stop.

The Latina came and turned her round ass to Arnold. The MILF let the Blonde off of him and guided his cock towards the Latina's waiting pussy--but first-- she threw her own mouth over his cock to wet it. He felt himself ready to come already, and she was bobbing on his cock, and he blasted her throat for a minute straight. She didn't stop. She swallowed it all and kept going. His cock remained rock hard. He soon realized his cock was able to keep going without missing a beat. She Let herself off his cock and immediately plunged him into the Latina's jiggling, smooth, bulging ass.

Her tight pussy was warm and drenched. He probed it slowly. She was tight like a virgin. He fucked her deeper, and she purred like a cat. That drove him crazy. He pounded that pussy and watched her ass bounce against his waist. He felt himself cumming again and kept going. The MILF pulled him away. The little blonde girl was waiting for him. She leapt into his arms and threw hers around him. The MILF guided his cock into her pussy. He fucked the feather-weight Blonde girl just like that. Her wavy hair flung up and down behind her. Her forehead rumpled with delirious pleasure. He came again, deep in the little Blonde girl's pussy. He paused with his cock deep in her pussy. She looked into his eyes and kissed him softly.

The MILF pulled her off of him, threw him on the red-velvet couch, straddled him, guided his cock in, and started bouncing on his lap, her huge soft tits dangling in his face. She whisper into his ear, "Fuck mommy, just like that. You're stretching me out so good. Give mommy what she needs. Cum in mommy, okay? Be a good boy, and cum in mommy. Fill me up. I need you to." He grabbed her plump ass with both hands and tossed her back and forth on his cock until he climaxed into her womb.

He laid back spent. This had to be over.

"No brakes. If you're bored, we'll just have to bring you someone new."

All three women left. Then in walked four women: Arnold's mom, aunt, sister, and daughter. All of them were gorgeous and approached him with lusty eyes.


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