My wifes lover... : Part 1

(Part 1 from 1)

My wife is a a beautifull volumptious woman.Meaty curvy in the right places.I allways noticed that when we are out and about she gets glances from a lot of men.
We are an indian couple who live in Birmingham England.We had an arranged marriage twenty years ago.I fancied her the moment I met her.Slim,beautifull and very elegant.What every indian mother-in-law wants for her son.Having a virgin bride was very important.Jaswinder was definately that.Me! A player.Fucked around for all its worth.

We settled down in our own home away from our parents.I was a very good and proud husband with his trophy wife.

Sex was very good.But I wanted more.I started fantasising about walking in on my wife as another man fucks her.Threesomes and moresomes.Slutwife.whorewif.Cheating wife etc.It would give me a hardon all the time.Even As I made love to her I imagined that she had just been fucked by another man and I was now cleaning her pussy out and getting sloppy seconds.Soon I began to divulge my fantasies to her.As an indian wife she was digusted with my thoughts and refused to act out my fantasy.
Years went by and I kept edging her on.By now my trophy wife had put some weight on.Still a beautifull woman and very curvy.

Jaswinder worked in the offices of a large accountancy firm.One day she mentioned that a new guy had started at the firm.He was a Pakistani Punjabi of about the same age just recently arrived from Lahore.He was just another accountant.His name was dropped in various conversations.Imran was now almost a houshold name in my house.

One night as we we made love I asked her if she fancied Imran.Jaswinder said to me not to be stupid and that he was just another work collegue.But I did notice the love making was more intense than usuall when Imrans name was mentioned.
From the conversations with my wife I did notice that she was getting rather attached and she liked him a fair bit.
One night under the influence of a bottle of wine and a dildo in her pussy as I licked her I asked her to imagine that it's Imrans cock in her fucking her slowly and I was licking her pussy.She let out a groan and began gyrating her his to get the dildo deeper inside her.
I asked her quietly."Do you fancy him?"
"He's very handsome " she replied.
"Is Imran fucking you nicely? I asked.
"mmm Yessss.His cock feels nice and deep inside me.So thick! she whispered back."I want to feel him cum inside me."

At that point I pulled out the dildo and pushed my cock inside her and fucked her hard.
"You want Imran to fuck me?"she asked.
"yess" I replied."I want you to have his hard Pakistani cock deep inside you fucking you hard and shooting his hot sperm deep inside you."
"Then you will have to lick me clean."she replied."I have fantasies as well.Lick every last drop of his seed from my pussy.Will you do that for me.If you love me you will.Cum inside me now."

With that I emptied my balls unloading a torrent of spunk deep inside her.Jaswinder pushed me down between her legs and then pulled my face onto her pussy forcing me to lick her out.I imagined that Imran had just fucked her and now I had to suck all his spunk out so she won't get pregnant.We fucked all night and then fell asleep in each others arms.
The next day Jaswinder questioned my love for her.Why do I want another man to make love to her.I told her that he was only fucking her and just physical.We make love.Since she has never had another mans cock inside her it drove me wild to see her feel another mans cock inside her.

We discussed at length the role that Imran will be playing in our life.Jaswinder admitted that Imran had told her that he fancied her some time ago and wanted to take her out.Jaswinder had told him that she was happily married and she did not go with other men.He had then backed off.But they still flirted with each other.I told my wife to take the flirting to a higher level and be a lot more physical.Jaswinder was quite turned on by the thought off getting another mans cock and admitted that the thoughtreally turned her on and she was looking forward to it.The sooner the better.

At work she really flirted with him and she told me that she told him that she wanted him as well.
"What about your husband?" Imran asked.
"Oh! He OK with that"She told him.
Imran could not understand it."Why would a man let his wife fuck with another man?
Imran then leaned and kissed her on her lips. Jaswinder responded.

She told me that they retreated to a storage room.They kissed and carressed .She said that she let him touch her breasts and arse.
"Jaswinder ,I really want to milk you,I need to have you."He whispered.
"Tonight! come to my house."She said
"Your husband?"He asked.
"He has to be there as well .It's either that or nothing.That's the deal."


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