Curious Megs Birthday Bang

(Part 2 from 2)

she rolled over on her knees again and clawed at the bed shoving her cunt back as he Ray continued to tease her pussy with just the head of his cock. Do you like my cock Meg Ray asked? OHHH yes…please put that cock in my pussy Ray…Please Ray shove your cock into me …She scrambled back and impaled her wet cunt onto his long cock and wiggled her ass to get it all the way in.

I grabbed hold of her ponytails and pulled her forward hard and off Ray’s cock. Sneaking little cunt I said. You’re a wild little cunt tonight aren’t you? Meg looked up and smiled and nodded yes. I made her roll over and asked Ray and Jim to spread her legs open wide.I gave her several swats of the crop on her soaking pussy and she moaned and drove her ass hard into the bed. She was breathing hard and her pussy lips pulsed like it was breathing.

Opening and closing as I spanked her hard again. I asked Steve to move to her head and feed her some gaint cock. Jim picked up the camera. I asked her if she was having a good time and she said yes nodded Yes! I said what did you say? That was good master she said , We watched as Steve shoved his cock in her mouth and slid it in and out of her throat, she nodded yes, Steve ask if she wanted his hot jizz in her mouth?

She groaned UMMM Hummm and tried to nod yes. She opened her mouth wide to accept his enormous purple bulbous cock head. I showed the Dildo to Meg and she shuddered, her pussy was still pulsing like a heart, her juices leaking, dripping out in long stringy drips. Ray asked to if he could lick her pussy clean first and I said sure go ahead.

Steve grabbed hold her ankles and spread them apart, Ray lapped up her juices and bit her clit hard, his tongue shoved deep into her HOT, WET DRIPPING CUNT. I grabbed the camera and continued to film while the guys had there way with Meg. Once again Rays tongue along with Steve’s mammoth cock had Meg bucking like a wild women, she moaned as Steve fucked her mouth and Ray sucked and nibbled on her clit. She squirted her juices all over his face again.

Meg was sucking Steve’s cock and licked the head her as her hand wrapped around the shaft, it looked tiny as she tired to shove her head forward on his massive cock. Steve moved forward to give her more access, but the angle was wrong with him holding her leg outwards.

I moved in and grabbed her leg and handed the camera to Ray,Steve climbed on the bed and fed more of his cock to Meg. Ray moved back again to the couch and cleaned the reminder of Meg’s pussy juice from his face. I held her Ankle and slowly began inserting the six inch dildo into her cunt. Meg’s cunt stretched over it slowly, first an inch… then two. I pulled it back and let her relax she bucked up to accept it again and I let her work it into her cunt again slowly two inches entered her steaming cunt.

Ummm she moaned bucking her hips towards the dildo. I removed it and told Steve to remove his cock from her mouth for a minute. Meg looked disappointed I told her she would get more after,I all I didn’t want her to bite his cock while I swatted her cunt and told Steve and Jim to hold on to her tight.I asked Ray to hand me the riding crop from the couch and Meg nodded yes, I asked her if she needed to be punished and she said, oh yes master… yes spank my cunt, but please let Steve shove his cock in my mouth I promise I wont bite him… please master.

I asked Steve if he was Ok with it, and he said sure and he put his cock back into her mouth.With Jim holding her legs forward her pussy was well exposed for the crop. I gave Meg’s cunt a ferocious swat on her engorged pussy and clit, Steve said I’M GOOD! Again I swatted her sweet cunt. I gave her several hard swats across her cunt and pinched her clit and told her not to move a muscle.

I handed the crop to Ray and told him to give her some swats. I took the camera and Ray swatted her pussy which was now turning redder with each swat. Jim yanked her ankles and pulled her towards him exposing her ass to Ray and said, give some on her sweet slut ass. UMmmmm she moaned, wiggling her ass as Steve’s cock pumped in and out of her mouth. Her pussy was frothy with cunt juices, her eyes where wild with excitement and she was lost in the decadence of the perversion she was the focus of.

We flipped her onto her knees and I handed the short dildo to Ray. He took it and shoved it into her cunt, all six inches slid easily into her sopping wet cunt and she moaned on Steve’s cock. Jim now had the crop and brought it down on her ass hard!! You like that Meg? Jim asked her, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS THAT IS SOOoooooooooo GOOOD, OH YES!!! FUCK YES SHE MOANED!!!.

Jim gave her 7 hard solid swats across her ass and her pussy was holding the fat dildo without assistance from anyone. It was amazing Megs pussy was sucking the dildo into her cunt all by it self. Jim handed the crop to Steve and he gave her 10 hard swats across her sweet red striped ass.Meg wiggled her ass and moaned loud UMMMMmmmmmmm…. she rolled over and spread her legs wide …the dildo now almost vanishing completely within her.

Steve handed the crop back to me. I removed the dildo from her cunt and I asked her how many “OH MASTER SPANK ME PLEASE… SPANK ME HARD...I’M GOING TO COME AGAIN…DO IT NOW!!! I swatted her 16 times across her sweet pussy and it began to quiver and pulse and she squirted a long stream of cunt juice across the bed.Ray dove in and lappped up the juices from her cunt and Meg shuddered as his tongue worked it way inside her.

The guys stood and watched as I removed the short dildo and replaced it with the massive 12 inch dildo into Megs Bright red pussy inch by inch it moved in with hardly any effort.AHHhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh! Meg moaned as I slid the Monster Dildo into her wanton cunt.

Her pussy seemed to be sucking it in and she asked for more. I had almost 9 inches in her cunt when she said OHHHHHHHHHhhhh.Thats SOOOOooo FUCKING GOOOOOOOD, YES MASTER UUUUUHHHHHHHHHhhh!!Her pussy was dripping with her juices and she beg for more. I quickly removed it to the tip and sank it deep into her again.

Her ass rose to meet the thrust of the dildo as I moved it in and out of her cunt. Ray moved between her legs and I pulled the dildo out again allowing her to only have 6 or seven inches and pulled it back out to the tip. Jim moved up to her head and shoved his cock into cheek and she began to alternate between Steve’s and Jims cocks, now both in her hands and being sucked.

I motioned for Ray to come and replace the dildo with his real cock and he slid his cock easily into Meg’s steamy sopping cunt. She removed the cock from her mouth and said, OH YES RAY… FUCK ME LONG AND HARD RAY, YES GIVE IT TO ME MAKE ME CUMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ray fucked her hard all nine of his ridged inches of cock and would slowly pull back a bit then slam home balls deep in her pussy.

He told her pussy was so good it felt just like her mouth when she had blown him in the car , he shoved the whole thing into her cunt and let her pussy work it ,He said you’re a Slut Meg and I’m going to fuck you hard, Meg bucked up to get every inch she could get. UMMMMMmmmmm, SHE PURRED! I told him to roll her over and let her straddle his cock. Steve and Jim moved while Meg and Ray rolled over.

Meg was dripping cum like a crazy and began to bounce riding Rays 9 inch cock with no problem what so ever. I grabbed the big dildo and squirted a nice amount of lube onto it and began working it slowly into Meg’s ass. UMMMMMmmmmm, wiggling her ass to accommodate the 12 inch monster dildo, Meg moaned and pushed back against the massive phallic penetrating her anus .

Jim grabbed the crop and began to swat her ass hard, AHHHHHhhhhhhhhh YES MORE SPANK ME!! By now I had a good 5 inches of the large cock up her asshole and slid it as far as I could and got another 2 inches into her I held it there for several minutes as Meg shook her ass to accommodate the massive tool in her ass.

I told Steve to replace the dildo in her anus with his REAL cock. Steve lubed up his 11 inches of monster cock got behind Meg and squirted a good amount of lube into her sweet anus and worked four fingers into her he then began to slowly slide his massive cock into my sweet wife’s brown eye. She looked back and she said OHHHH Shit Honey, OHHHHH Shit AHHHHhhhh.

Ummm she said oh I’m cumming… I’m cumming, shit I can’t stop cumming her pussy was squirting cunt juices all over Rays cock and his abdomen was soaked in Meg’s cunt juices. Steve moved in and out of her ass effortlessly, and he managed to slide seven to eight of his massive inches into Meg’s tight anus. Megs Pussy was doing contractions on Rays 9 inch cock.

Jim moved to Meg’s mouth and began face fucking her and Meg was in a state of bliss her body convulsing as though she was having a seizure. I sat back watching and filming as my sweet wife was taking on three guys at once and loving it!

They fucked her for what must have hours in every way and in every hole, they where banging her for all she was worth. Meg was covered in there cum from head to her toes. Meg truly loved every minute of it. Ray said he was ready to cum and Steve said he was also but told Ray to try to hold on for a few more minutes he was almost there; they screwed her for a several more minutes.

Jim said he was ready to blow and yanked his cock for Meg’s mouth to help him delay Meg grab his cock and squeezed it at the base of his cock hoping that would hold Jim off for a minute or so. As Steve began to pull his cock from Meg’s ass, I zoomed in on his massive cock sliding out slowly from her anus,you could hear the suction of his massive 11 inches of cock and his purple cock head was completely engorged with blood, its veins pulsed and looking as though they would burst at any minute.

It looked awesome as it slid out from her anus and made a sucking sound as it slid out.As the head came to her entrance of her anus it made a Plopping sound as it finally exited her. Ray's cock was covered in Megs cunt juices and her pussy had a clamp on his cock from her contractions, he pulled out slowly with a vacuum sound and Megs cunt was looking very raw, her cunt lips where spread wide and she was squirting even as they all removed there cocks out of her.

Jim grabbed a blanket and laid it out next to the bed on the floor and tossed two pillows for Meg to kneel on. They all stood up and made a little circle Meg moved to the blanket and took Jims cock into her mouth and began to suck him deep.Steve was yanking his cock with his right hand and Ray was doing the same to his cock.

AHHHHhhhh, Jim moaned as he let loose a spray of jizz into Megs mouth, she pulled back and let it the second shot cover her face and then took his cock back into her mouth to get some more, his large balls slapped her chin and she licked his cock head as he tried to stoke his cock, Meg moved his hand and engulfed his entire cock back down her throat and cleaned his rod of all the juice he had. Ray shot next before Meg could completely release Jims cock and she caught a stream of his thick jizz across her cheek. She turned and opened her mouth wide and took his next load directly in her face.

His next shot of thick and creamy jizz squirted into the back of her throat she locked her mouth around the large head of his cock and held on as he bucked into her. He grabbed her ponytails and pounded into her mouth moaning and giving her several more loads of his sticky thick jizz into her open mouth and her body.

It flowed out of her mouth and dripped onto her breast and clung to her chest. Ray pulled back and was spent. Meg cleaned his nine inch pole and released him from her mouth. He moved to the couch to enjoy the finale.Steve’s monster cock still needed a little coaxing. Meg grabbed hold of his cock with both hands and stoked it as she placed her mouth on tip of his cock.

Steve grabbed her head and held it as she worked his shaft back and forth faster and faster. She licked the long massive shaft of his cock and wet it with her saliva and the cum from Jims and Rays cocks that was covering her face, tits and chest.Grab her fucking ponytails, Jim said and Steve wrapped his hand around her hair like the reins of a horse.

Meg pumped his cock shaft and squeezed his pole trying to get his load. Meg tried to place it in her mouth, but his head was so large now that she could only keep her mouth over his pisshole and await her reward. She continued to suck on the tip of his cock and finally managed to get her mouth over the Bulbous head. Now you’re working it Ray said,the guys where cheering Meg on.

Come on you SLUT, suck that cocks make him shoot his load Bitch. Suck my cock slut here it comes you sweet bitch, Steve said and Meg stoked his hard shaft back and forth Meg move her mouth deeper, she had about 4 solid inches in her mouth when Steve moaned and the first blast of his jizz came down his mighty cock, Meg could feel his eruption coming and grabbed hold of his hands on her hair UMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm she moaned and Steve tried to shoved his cock deeper into her mouth.

Megs throat was filled with his load and it came squirting out the side of her mouth. Steve released her head and Meg moved off his cock she gagged a little then opened her mouth again another load shot out and covered her face and neck. she stoked his pole faster and kept her mouth open for the next few blast of his jizz. Steve arched hips forwards and his cock sprayed a final large load across Meg’s entire face,it was beautiful. Meg cleaned off his shaft and licked his balls and taking his now spent but still large cock into her mouth.

It was now two fifteen in the morning. We all sat around for a couple of minutes’ and the guys said Meg was a real champ. The guys showered and changed into there clothing. I unloaded the video tapes from the cameras and Meg lay on the on the queen size bed covered with the guys cum from her head to her knees.They asked her if she wanted to shower and she said no not yet I love the feeling of all of your cum all over me.

They thanked us for a great time, and reminded us that anytime we wanted to get together again was great for them. Ray said he would love to get together with us just to eat her hot juicey pussy. And Meg said my master would be the one to contact for more fun. She thanked them and they left. On his way out Steve handed me a newsletter for a New Years Day Swinger Party, Meg’s eyes lit up.

I picked Meg up in my arms and carried her to the master bedroom and placed her in the nice hot bubble Bath I had run for her. Meg came to bed and purred and said how much fun she’d had this evening. I asked her if she had got all that she’d wanted. And she said, yes for I really enjoyed it,I told her I had enjoyed seeing it also. She had a wicked little smile. But you know she said. “New Years is less than 8 weeks away Master”.Yes and so it is I said.

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