Curious Megs Birthday Bang

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It had been five weeks since Meg’s first tryst with more than one man. Meg is 5’6” with Dirty Blonde shoulder length hair, Green Eyes 38D-28-30; with amazing nipples ½” nipples and what I consider erotic areolas’…She is also a squirter. I had contacted the guys Jim, Steve and met with the newest guy Ray several weeks prior to set things up. We would have the guys meet us at 8:30 at a local night club 30 minutes out of town and then move over to our house.

Meg and I arrived at 7:00 and the place had a little crowd already, we sat a booth towards the rear. Meg was dressed in a powder blue. I ordered us some drinks and we relaxed. Meg ordered a couple of whiskey shots … just to calm my nerves she said. In the past weeks we had discussed some of Meg’s fantasies and the two main ones had to do with her being a fuck slave for a group of guys and being sexually exposed in public. I had planned to make both of these come true for her tonight.

The place was getting crowded by now, a slow jam came on and I grabbed Meg and we hit the dance floor I held her close to me and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead. I told her how beautiful and hot she looked. As we danced I saw the guys enter the Club and told Meg. When the song ended we made our way back to the booth and as we did I wrapped my arm around her and cupped her right breast in my hand as I walked her back to the booth, she shot a quick look around to see if anyone had seen me.

We both sat down and I told her to pull up her dress a bit so I could check to see if her pussy was ready for the night to begin, she said here! I whispered in her ear “you are my SLUT aren’t you! “Yes master” she said, then you will do what I want… when I want … wherever I want, do you understand me! “Yes master, I’m sorry master I wont misbehave again” she said.

She looked around a bit and slowly slipped her dress up her legs till I could clearly see the crotch less panties I had made her wear. I sat next to her and put my hand on her pussy and felt the moisture. I told her to leave her dress just as it was and I would be back in a minute. I could see a slight bit of perspiration and she her face was flushed, yes master, she responded.

I stood up and made my way to the where the guys where standing .We made our way to the table and I told Ray to climb in next to Meg on the left and I slid in on the right. I introduced Ray to Meg I ran my hand up Megs leg and exposed her crotch, Ray noticed and placed his hand on her thigh and slowly moved up to her pussy he rubbed her pussy and inserted a finger in her pussy.

Megs head moved back and onto my shoulder .I kissed her on her sweet lips and she sighed and I felt her tremble just a bit. Ray removed his finger and placed it in his mouth, sweet Meg, very sweet. Meg looked around to see if any one had seen this. Her breathing had become rapid and I could feel her spreading her legs to allow Ray better access to her moist cunt.

Ray continued to rub her pussy as Meg moved and moaned. Ray removed his hand and licked his fingers again and told her he loved to eat pussy especially nice hot dripping pussy. Steve asked, Meg to dance “Come on Birthday Girl”. I said sure go Meg,lets have fun right Baby, Guys that’s what we are here for tonight correct. Steve danced with Meg and she was really starting to loosen up as they made there way back to the seat .

This time Steve sat next to Meg and quickly moved her dress up her thighs and took his turn finger banging Meg in the booth, I moved out and told Jim to sit next to Meg. He put his fingers in her pussy also and moved his hand so he could finger her ass.Ohhhhh… she moaned, please stop you’re driving me crazy, please no more I want to cum so bad. Jim shoved his fingers deeper into her wet pussy and told Meg he wanted to make her squirt her come right here at the bar. I could see the cum puddling on the seat between her legs her head was leaning against Steve’s shoulder as she bucked up to meet both men’s fingers now moving in time deeper into her hot wet cunt.

I tapped Jim on the shoulder as I had noticed the waitress coming and they both stopped ,Megs dress was still above her waist, but from where the waitress stood she couldn’t see Megs exposed pussy. Ray and Steve ordered a round of shots for the table and we sang Happy Birthday to Meg.We danced a little more and guys fingered Megs Pussy some more and felt up her tits Jim and I traded places. It was a quarter to nine and I gave Meg a deep kiss and asked her if she was ready to head home for her real gift.

Meg asked to use the Ladies room before we left and got up. While she was gone I arranged for Ray to ride with me and Meg to the house and Steve would drive Ray’s car to our house. We waited for Meg to return and headed out the club, I told Meg that Ray would be riding with us to the house. Meg moved closer and said “yes master”. I held her close to me and whispered into her ear” you are going to suck Rays cock on the ride home.

She stopped and said in the car? I said yes in the car, Meg moved to the back seat and Ray moved in right behind her. I pulled out the parking lot and I could see Meg reaching for Ray’s crotch, she undid his belt and opened his pants and he moved up to allow her to slide them down a bit. Ray reached for her cunt, but Meg said he‘d get enough of that at the House, right now I want to see that long cock of yours.

She grabbed his cock out of his pants and said ohh yes this is a big one master,I sai Nine inches baby Ray smiled yeah and loads of cum! Meg licked the head and as we drove thru downtown. I could see her head moving up and down his long cock, I could hear her mouth sucking and making noise as she sucked and moaned on his cock. Are you enjoying yourself Meg? Ummm, yes my pussy is so wet.

Ray was having a great time his head was tossed back against the back seat and he said “Damn you LITTLE SLUT, suck my Cock you SLUT… suck it good!!Meg moved faster up and down his shaft as Ray hiked up her dress and began trying to reach her pussy as she sucked his long cock. I had a raging hard-on and just about came in my pants as I sneaked peeks at them in the back seat, Meg pussy was clearly in my view and I could see her wetness. She was really going to town on Ray and he was trying to reach her pussy but his position was such that he could not reach her cunt.

Meg sucked his cock deep into her mouth and I could her moaning and knew she was about cum, Ray moved and slid to his leftside and managed to slam two fingers deep into her soaking cunt and a finger in her ass, just as she let loose with a massive squirt of pussy juice, I could hear her muted moans as she came and released his cock from her mouth. Oh yeah, that is soooo good she said… Suck me you hot little SLUT dont stop now baby!

Ray grabbed her head and began face fucking her mouth harder, bouncing off the back seat arching his back as he fed his long cock into her mouth and down her throat. I could hear Meg gagging on his tool and the sound was fantastic! We where getting close to house now and I told them to straighten out and sit up. Jim and Steve where parked out front of the house, and having a smoke as we arrived. I pulled the car into the garage at exactly nine twenty five and we all got out of the car.

I told Meg to go inside and freshen up a bit and to wait for me in our bedroom. I told the guys to relax and get setup and I’d be back out in few with the birthday girl, Jim asked Ray how the drive was and he began to tell them about the ride, while they set up the video cameras and lighting gear and prepared the room. I walked to the master bedroom and asked Meg how she was feeling, I could see she was flushed and her body was glistening with perspiration, her nipples where hard as bullets pushing though her bra.

“Oh honey” she said, “that was an awesome treat I thought he was going to come in my mouth in the car. I told her he would, later and she had better get it all over her. I told her to strip, Yes Master, I removed my cloths and pulled on some gym shorts and a T-shirt she crawled over to me and pulled out my cock and took me deep into her mouth, I let her suck me for a couple of minutes then pulled back and told her to go to the closet and bring me the stripped paper bag.

I opened the bag and removed the contents and handed them to her a white blouse, one size to small and a short plaid blue skirt, very short and a pair of scalloped lace white crotchless panties and knee high satin white socks along with a pair of black canvas Mary Jane shoes, and placed them on her lap. Put this on, I ordered her.

She put the outfit on and she spun around and said do you like it Master. I said yes, I like and I know our guest will like also. She looked like a innocent school girl, just the thing to get the guys going crazy for her. I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her hard. I sat on the chair and placed her on my lap.

I told her that tonight she was a going to get the gangbang she had requested and that she would be a very nasty little slut and she would be fucked by each of our guest for however many hours they wanted. She was to obey my every command and when I told her to do something, anything she should simply obey. I told her that she was to be our SLUT for the night and that I planned to share her with our guest.

I asked if she understood and she nodded yes. I told her to stand up and let me look at her in her cute little outfit, I grabbed my camera and took several shots of her as she stood and showed off her new outfit. I told her bend over and let me see her pussy. She turned and bent over revealing her hot sweet moist pussy. I told her when she bent over to be sure to spread her legs a bit and raise her skirt a little so we could get a better view of her pussy.

She practiced for me and she was perfect she moved close and bent over and grabbed her ankles… “Like this she said, Right” and turned her head to see me, I got a perfect view of her glistening pussy. I told her to put her hair in two pony tails braids and add put on some red hot lips stick, she moved to the mirror and begun to work on the pony tails braids. I left out to check on the guys and returned a couple of minutes later.

She was finished with the pony tail braids when I returned and I placed her over our bed and reached for my riding crop. I told her not to make a sound when she received any of her spankings or punishment tonight she nodded yes and licked her now red lips, she raised her hand and asked if she could talk out in the front and I said yes, but only if you’re asked a question. I asked her how many swats she needed to get started.

She said “10, master, 10 each on my ass and 10 on my pussy, she lay down on the bed and spread her legs into the air exposing her pussy to my riding crop. I delivered the swats and she did not utter a sound, she just sighed passionately. I asked her if she needed more and she said Yes Master please give my nipples some punishment.

I unbuttoned her blouse and let her titties out, I swatted her titties and this caused her nipples and areolas to become engorged and stand at attention nicely, Thank you Master, she rebuttoned her blouse. I bent her over and shoved my hard cock into her wet pussy and she moaned and pushed back against it. I grabbed her nipples and squeezed them hard, she moaned a sigh of pleasure. I told her to wait five minutes and then to walk into the living room. And give us a show of her treats.

The guys had set everything up and as we had planned weeks ahead, the couch was moved against the wall and we they had set up a the queen sixe bed and several pillows from the extra bedroom, Heavy dark brown blankets where nicely draped over the windows and they too had changed into gym shorts. I took my place on the couch .Meg walked into the room.

The guys just dropped there jaws, Oh shit yes! Lovely! Steve said. Oh what a fucking fine SLUT. Oh yea… the guys loved her outfit and hard-ons could be seen all around. Meg paraded around the room and pulled her skirt up a bit and the guys got a fresh view of her hot snatch and her crotchless panties. Meg moved towards the couch and bent over and spread her legs (as she had just practiced) to give us a better view of her cunt.

She wiggled her ass as she bent over and grabbed her ankles as she moved across the couch. Everyone reached out and shoved a finger or more into her pussy as she moved from guy to guy across the living room. Let’s see those titties Steve said. Yeah the guys shouted show us your tits SLUT. Her blouse was just prefect it was just small enough that her breast allowed just the four lower buttons to be buttoned and the rest of her titties just hung out she looked so sexy and hot.

I walked up to her and undid the top buttons and her so titties where much more accessible for us. Her nipples and areolas where still engorged and swelled out nicely. Her nipples where still hard as bullets and I bent down and bit her left Nipple while I squeezed her right nipple as hard as I could. She moaned softly as I bit her and she moaned “OHH master that feels so good. I said quite slut and she looked down and nodded yes.

I invited Ray to come up and take a turn. I asked her if she had enjoyed the ride home in the back seat with Ray and she said “Oh yes it was so exciting and nasty riding down the road with cars going by and the streetlights were shining in the car, as you made me suck and his long hard cock… Yes it was so hot! I came just from the thought of someone possibly see us!

Ray moved to Meg and gave her along deep tongue kiss as he grabbed her tits and squeezed both her nipples and twisted them hard …Meg shuttered and tossed her head back and almost lost her footing ,but Ray held on to her nipples and pulled her steady, her nipples strained and stretched in his hands and she moaned softly. Ray released her nipples’ and moved his hand to her cunt, she spread her legs a bit and raised her skirt so we could all see as he shoved two fingers in her hot hole.

Are you going to cum slut, Ray asked? Yes, you can make me… finger my pussy Ray, finger my wet hot pussy!!Shove your fingers in my cunt like in the car!! Make me cum, Ray make my SLUT pussy cum. He turned to us and said I am going to eat this slut I’m going to eat her sweet pussy and suck the cream from her cunt! He moved her to the bed.

He laid her down and pulled her legs over his shoulders and began to suck her pussy, we all moved into watch as Ray began to lick my slut wife’s pussy. Meg bucked up and down shoving her wet cunt onto his tongue. Ray asked her if she enjoyed his tongue eating her pussy. Yes she said, Oh Ray eat my pussy!!Stick your tongue deep into my slut pussy make me squirt again!!Ray licked and sucked her cunt .He nibbled on her erect clit.

Jim now moved to the bed and kneeled next to her head and fed his cock to her, I grabbed a video camera and began filming my sweet young wife getting her pussy eaten and sucking cock. Steve grabbed the other camera and took video from another angle. Meg turned and reached for Jims cock and moved it to her mouth, her tongue circling the head of his cock, she adjusted herself to get a better angle.

Steve moved in and placed a couple of pillows under her and this allowed her to take Jims cock several more inches into her mouth, she held his large balls in her hands, her tongue lashed out and lick at his balls while she continued to sucked his cock deeper into her mouth. She was on the verge of Cumming and she let out a deep moan and shoved his cock deeper into her mouth.

UMMMMMMMMMMM she moaned. Ray rolled her over so that she was now she was straddling his face, her legs spread wide and her Pussy exposed fully to Rays lashing tongue.I moved behind to get video from the rear. Jim knelt on the bed and moved back and shoved his cock back into her mouth again, he grabbed her ponytails and used them to direct his fucking of her face. Ray concentrated on her clit, he shoved three fingers into her pussy and angled his thumb into her anus.

That set her off and her hips began to shuddering as her tits heaved upwards. She had Jims cock, balls deep in her mouth and was squeezing his balls. Meg squirted her second load of the evening into Ray’s mouth and face. Rays cock was straining and he reached down and began to stoke it. Jim moaned and held Megs head as he shot a his load deep in her mouth she swallowed all she could and opened her mouth wide to grasp air and his cum dripped out of mouth and unto her chin.

She gently milked his balls, squeezing them in her hand while stoking his cock till he was dry. She licked the remainder of his jizz from his cock and cleaned his shaft with her tongue, she released his cock and Jim lay back on the bed his cock satisfied and spent for the time being. Ray turned her over and placed the head of his cock on her pussy and slapped it across her cunt, I whispered to Ray to just tease her pussy, till I get back and handed him a damp towel to wipe his face.

Meg moaned as he shoved just the head into her and pulled it back, and I left the room and returned with a my riding crop, a large tube of lube and the 2 dildos the guys had purchased for Meg this evening,one a 12 inch flesh toned cock, very fat… and the other a short hard model 6 inches long but very thick. I showed the crop to Meg and she knew what was expected.

Oh Master she purred yes, spank me master. I said, slut did I ask you to speak!! She nodded no and I gave her a hard solid swat on her left tit. Ray continued to tease her Pussy with his cock for a couple of minutes and Meg was like a wild cat.

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