College week

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"Am I at least allowed to towel off?" I asked Mr. Shanker nervously.
He smiled. "I think so. Just don't cover yourself for long with the towel.

I nodded and toweled off quickly, then borrowed a hairdryer and brushed my hair, with the guys watching me as they got dressed.
I put my shoes and socks back on, and stepped back into the hallway, feeling more nervous once again. The boy's locker room was full of guys, but at least it wasn't the whole college.

"Sunitha!" Vinod pushed through the crowd to catch up to me.
I shivered a little. "What do you want me to do now?" I asked him nervously.
He grinned, a little embarrassed but shrugging it off easily. "I didn't make the rules. I can walk with you to your next class if you like."
I started to turn away, but he was about the only person who had talked to me all day. "Uh -- all right," I nodded. After a moment, I added a polite, "Thanks."
He grinned again. "It might be me next week. Are you getting by all right?"
"Well... it is awfully embarrassing." I blushed. "I don't have a lot of choices about it."
"I'm glad you had to do it. You're very pretty, Sunitha!"
I glared and started to stomp off.
"Hey! Come on, would you rather I was sorry I get to see you without clothes? Be reasonable. A lot of girls will have to do it this year. You're the one I most would have wanted to see like this, that's all."

I stopped, still blushing hard. "I... sorry. It's very difficult. I'll try to be nice."
"You're always nice," he told me. "Come on, let's be friends."
"All... right." I smiled a little.
"I'm still going to enjoy looking at you, though," he said cheerfully.
"I can't stop you," I sighed.

My next class was the one I'd been dreading the most; biology. As I expected, the teacher took the opportunity to discuss female physiology, using me as a model. She was young and pretty herself; the boys often asked her questions intended to embarrass her. She was good natured about it. Her name was Miss Chodi, which added to the fun.

"You might be interested in knowing that, during the course of the year, some of the teachers might be, uh, shall we say 'invited', to teach without clothing occasionally," she told the class. "What a college system, huh?" She smiled, blushing a little herself.
The boys all began joking.
"We'll use such opportunities for tests," she added. "Study hard; you wouldn't want to come up short on any of those questions, would you?" She grinned again.
Her attitude was impressive. But then, I assumed she'd never actually been in the position before; the position that I was now in; sitting on a stool, completely naked, in front of a class and having my body pointed at for a study aid.

She discussed secondary sex characteristics, pointing to my breasts, pubic hair, and others, and discussing them thoroughly. I was glad I'd shaved under my arms. At least one thing had gone right for me that day.

Finally the class was over with. It was lunch time. A group of my friends gathered around me and didn't let anyone disturb me while I ate. It was the only real break I had that day. Of course, they questioned me in detail about my day, and how it felt to have to stay naked through college, and what I planned to do about the following day and the rest of the week.

"Somehow I don't think they'll let me just stay home sick for the rest of the week," I said, and explained what I'd heard about the freshman girl.
"So you're just going to do it?" Helen asked me. "Come to college naked all week?"
"I don't have any choice at all," I pointed out angrily. "None!"

After lunch, I had English class, then Civics. They went as the rest of the day had gone. My Civics teacher couldn't keep his mind on class, and kept making Freudian slips as he tried to watch me while teaching the subject.

Finally, it was the end of the day. I went to the office to ask for my clothing back.
"Ah, Miss Shenoy. I kept hoping someone would send you in here for a spanking," the principal joked.
I blushed. "I just want to get my clothing," I said.

"Oh. Sure, of course. You will remember to leave it out of the college for tomorrow, won't you?"
"Somehow I doubt if I'll forget," I said, and started to get dressed.
"You'll have to go outside to do that," he told me sharply. "Did you read your booklet at all?"
I blushed again. "Oops. Sorry." I hurried out of his office and went outside into the parking lot. I sat down in the grass and took my shoes off so I could start getting dressed. Several students stopped and watched me do so.

When I got home, no one was there, as usual. I tried to do my homework, but it was hard to concentrate on it. What was I going to tell my parents? "Hi, Mom, Hi, Dad, I spent the whole day at college bare naked. How was your day?" My dad was pretty conservative... so was my mom, for that matter.
So by dinner time, I hadn't said anything about it. When we sat down at the table, I had decided not to bring it up because I didn't know what to say.
"You seem quiet tonight, Sunitha," my mother said. "Are you feeling okay?"

"I'm fine," I told her. My little brother Manoj, who was 13, chattered away about sports, and my dad talked to him, so that got us through dinner.
When we were done eating, I went to my room claiming I had collegework to do. A short time later, there was a knock on my door and my mother came in, followed by my dad. They closed the door.

"What's wrong?" my dad asked in his firm but friendly way.
"Oh, Daddy!" I leapt over at him, and he hugged me and held me. "When I got to college, the principal made me strip naked, and I had to go to all my classes without my clothes on!" I blurted out, sobbing.

He held me for a while, until I settled down, then he had me explain what had happened. I was shocked when I glimpsed his face; he didn't seem upset at all!
"I know," he told me. "We -- your mother and I -- asked that you be signed up for it. We thought it would be a good experience for you."
I couldn't believe what he was saying! I looked at my mother, and she was nodding!

"Settle down and listen to what we have to say," Dad continued.
"You had... you asked..." I was gasping.
"Do you want to hear about it?" he asked me.
"No!" I said wildly. "No, I want you to get me out of it!"
"That's not going to happen, dear," my mother said soothingly. "Listen to your father, please."
I didn't really want to, but finally, after several deep breaths, I sat down again and listened numbly.

They thought I was too shy, they told me. Not adaptable enough. And the world was changing. When the state law was being considered, they had investigated it and surprised themselves when they discussed it; they were both in favor of it. It wouldn't hurt me at all to loosen up, break out of my mold, and try something adventurous for a change. "We're in favor of it, dear. You'll have to give it a try this week. We might sign you up for it again later on, too," my mother said, smiling at me. "Would you like me to drive you to college tomorrow?" "No!" I said angrily. "I'll just enjoy the experience again of stripping in front of hundreds of people, right outside the college!"

They left after that, and I didn't see them again until they wished me goodnight.

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