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College week reviews

Posted by you suck
i couldnt even keep reading this...it was so lame. and by the way colleges dont have principals.....they have deans.....and your story sounds like a high school setting not college. this is the most unbeieveable story i have ever read.
Posted by kool
yea its kind of high school but in india we have principals in college . and its truly unbelieveable story this only makes it intersting . thanks to my great imagination power . i am no less then J. K. rowling haha..
Posted by doctor wang
I actually really enjoyed this. It's a great idea, and great start. I was kind of disappointed that there was no sex. Finish it up, and then maybe write about a male experience with the fantasy school system.
Posted by kool
yea i have taught about it not having sex so i have included sex in its sequle and plz rate the story
Posted by Firefever07
i read this story and I was waiting for some sex to happen, but nope, never did... I thought it was very unrealistic and I was disappointed with the ending
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