1969 : Part two

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Review: Melissa had just befriended a group of African graduate and post graduate students, with her body. She had become the ultimate white Jezebel for the men. And Jezebel had a very special meaning for these African men. ‘Jezebel’ even required a very special tradition, treatment or ritual... Melissa had not only just been physically changed, the most intensive changes were done in full view of a graduate residence hall. When we last saw Melissa, after her extreme sexual workout, she was in her car, inserting an iced dildo and beginning her drive home .


Telling Tom

Melissa really didn’t want to tell Tom anything about what was going on. Tom had his own cute little swinger girl on the side for quite a while. That was one of the reasons that he told Melissa to go out and pick up someone. With all the discussions of free love, open sex, orgies, etc., it was Tom that opened the door for Melissa. And Melissa would have just left Tom out of the communications. Remember, he said that she didn’t even have to tell him.

Tom was so egocentric that he missed out on learning about Melissa’s hardcore fantasies. Oh, he heard her say a couple of times that she thought about big black penises. But he never bothered to try to get the specifics - like that she wanted to be stretched big, that she dreamt of huge blacks pounding her over and over, that she thought that she would have made a great whore in another life, or that she recently became interested in the way that Nigerian men use the label Jezebel. And he certainly didn’t know that she had a masochistic bent for being beat with large penises until her vagina was completely changed. That is a fairly long list of what Tom did not know.

But, now Tom also did not know that Melissa had just been stretched, and that some of that stretch is already permanent. That condition, and the fact that she wanted to go back for more, drove her need to tell Tom. Fucking around was one topic. And she thought Tom should be fine with that, since he suggested it and partakes of it himself. But Melissa was quite sure that her vagina being split, healing larger, then split more, and then healing still larger, over and over and over - well, she was sure that Tom should probably be prepared for that reality. And by telling him the truth, she might find out just how kinky he really is, as opposed to how kinky he says that he is.

Martin told Melissa that he was planning a big weekend for her. He thought, in the days prior, she should just heal and smoothly stretch from now through Thursday. He wanted her to use her ice dildo several times each evening and leave a more typical but large dildo in her vagina at all other times. That made complete sense to Melissa and generally matched her own, well thought out, plan. It would certainly help heal her closer to the level that the guys would need to restart with.

Besides, she wanted a routine that she could use throughout all the future intense fucking that she hoped would happen. She startled, realizing that the planning, alone, was making her hot. And that, in turn, gave her another realization that she must really be a hardcore Jezebel. She was one who was into a very special S&M. The thrill of giant penises physically remaking her vagina? ? With all the changes already done, and the many changes that might happen soon, she thought Tom should know what was occurring.

She called him at a time previously scheduled for a standard check in. At first, both bounced the mundane daily
activities off of each other, with assurance that each person was doing well in those types of functions. Then she told him that she wanted to discuss a new sex perversion that happened right after he left town.

He acted surprised and definitely was very excited.

“Give me all the details ”

And she did give him the details: the visiting post docs, the friendly work place, the slow increase of personal stories, Martin’s stories of ritualistic sex practices, specifically the Jezebel stories, the photo album, being turned on by something so perverse, seeing that Martin had a bigger and harder penis that she imagined in her fantasy, fucking Martin, fucking all three, that they had already enlarged her, and that it was all done within the view of the graduate residence hall under bright light.

There was silence on the phone.

“Melissa, Jim Wroth called me in the middle of the night, Monday, stammering about looking out his hall window with his scope and clearly seeing my wife being violently screwed by a black man. He was fairly sure that there was a second black man later. If two, then they both had huge penises. Jim even thought that they fucked you so hard that you might have bled. And, now, you confirm much more than he dreamed of ”

Silence again. Melissa could not immediately think of anything to say.

Tom jumped in again.

“I love it, love it, love it. You dirty little bitch. You’ve outdone me. I thought some of my extreme stuff could never happen. But you went out there and did more than I dreamt.”

“You’re not mad? ?”

“Honey, when Jim gave me that report, now I am not kidding you, I called home and verified that you still were gone. Then, I must have jacked off about three times that night. And I didn’t even know the details, until you just told me. Now I know that the night was much more than poor ole Jim saw. It is as if we were in psychic sync and just did not know it. I mean, I have wanted a lot of filthy things to be done to that pretty little bod of yours, and was actually afraid to tell you because some were so bad. And here you have monster penises doing more to you than I did ever imagine ”

Melissa laughs.“Tom , you’ve reminded me why we married and went on this crazy trip together. We’re both way out there.”

“Hmmm... You know what, I even had one of those awful nasty fantasies where I contracted out a lot of work to be done to you. Of course, it covered my turn ons. But, by golly, I think that you have found the guys who would like such a deal. When are you supposed to see them again?”

“I am resting up right now. You’d laugh at my therapy. Don’t ask. But Martin wanted me to be back in action by this weekend. I’m already looking forward to it.”

“Ha I’ll bet you are. Hey, any pics, juicy details, or just anything that you think would entertain me, you make sure and send it all to me.”

“Oh, I am sure that I will get something, and I certainly will send it over when I do.”

“I’ll be waiting, that is, for the details.. (snicker) (snicker).”

“Ha yourself. I really appreciate your perversion.” And she smooches goodbye.

And they finished up their phone call in good spirits. Now Tom knew or should she say already knew. And he liked the idea When Melissa told Martin of the phone call, he was pleased to find out that Tom was going right along. However, Martin was most impressed by Tom’s friend Jim. That report that Jim gave to Tom confirmed that hall residents were actually watching. In Martin’s mind, Jim had to be just one of many who watched closely.

There Is A Whore At The Door

On Friday, Melissa was supposed to drop over to the fellows’ house at 9:00 PM. With the length of the summer days, there was still some light outside when the doorbell rang. Robert opened the door. There stood Melissa, with two long dark pony tails, red high heels, red thigh high hose, a red sparkle tank top and no skirt. She did, though, have a red thong on.

“Get in here.” As both Robert and Martin yelled out, while yanking her through the door.

Everyone was laughing at the audacity of this woman. Robert had both pony tails held out, while looking straight into her face and was saying,

“You are so sexy, very brave, and maybe quite insane.”

Martin had fallen back into a chair near the stairway, breaking into fits of laughter.

And Christopher was caught coming down the stairs again, this time asking, “What happened?”

Then, upon seeing Melissa, he said, “Oh, wow, she happened ”

Everyone complimented her on her outfit and its minimalist style.

It was quite suspect, when, looking for any immediate excuse, Robert suggested that they go out somewhere to celebrate, uh, maybe just to celebrate the beginning of a weekend, or maybe celebrate Melissa’s outfit? For either reason, Robert said that he knew where to go. Melissa was wondering where they could possibly take her, dressed the way that she was dressed. Robert told her not to worry, and they all headed for Robert’s car.

In about ten minutes, Robert pulled up at the city’s infamous xxx book store. They all piled out and headed inside. Robert knew the black man behind the counter. He enjoyed seeing his friend’s eyes almost fall out of his head.

Robert introduced Melissa to “Kai”, and said, “We’re just looking...”

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