CSI: Shark-Infested Waters

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The Greek House was located near UNLV and was a magnet for college students. It was alive and vibrated with excitement. Since drinking had just banned on campus, it drew an even larger crowd than normal. The addition of the Clearwater girls, advertising a new low-carbohydrate beer, drew more on top of that. Bodies were packed tightly together in violation of public occupancy laws. Togas were optional.

Nick and Warrick selectively scanned the crowd like two sharks after a ship sinking. They didn't want to waste any energy on anything but the best. And they had a lot to choose from. The place was packed with young women in various stages of drunkenness.

"What do you think?" Nick asked over the loud din of rap music that blared from several speakers.

"A target rich environment," Warrick responded. "Let's look around."

Nick shook his head in disbelief and smiled as two girls, scantily clad in tiny white shorts and white blouses knotted off beneath their jiggling breasts, writhed in each other's arms to the rhythm of music. Both had dyed blond hair, hard bodies, and gorgeous legs and faces. One sensed him looking, glanced over, and smiled. She gestured for him to join in. Warrick had moved through a wall of bodies and disappeared, so Nick accepted the invitation.

He stepped up to the girls, slipped his arms around their slender waists, and moved his body with theirs. The one that initially saw him gave Nick a sultry smile, reached a hand out, and pressed it against his crotch. His excitement surged and he stirred to life from the erotic pressure. Nick moved his mouth to hers and they kissed. As soon as their lips touched her hot, writhing tongue pushed fully into Nick's mouth. He was surprised by her enthusiasm and detected that she was looking for an armed torpedo to sink her ship.

She separated from her friend and set her sights on him. The other girl backed away, and left the two alone. He tasted sugar and alcohol in their kiss, as her mouth devoured his. Nick's tongue entwined with hers, entered her mouth, and pushed to the back of her throat. His left hand remained around her waist as his right pressed against her smooth, flat bare belly and down. When it reached the top edge of her shorts it moved over them and pushed between her legs. The girl groaned excitedly.

Her mouth pulled away from his and moved to his ear. "Touch me all over. I am so hot. You don't have to be gentle, either. I'm okay with that."

She retreated and he looked into her dazzling blue eyes in surprise. She gave him the sexiest, steamiest look he'd ever seen and his penis soared. Her crotch started bumping against his, rubbing on the erection that was getting larger by the minute. His left hand cradled her waist but his right reached up and cupped a glorious swell. 

Her face indicated extreme pleasure as he squeezed and caressed the bouncing mound. His fingers grasped the nipple and, testing her, pinched and twisted on the swollen nub. He couldn't hear her groaning over the music, but he saw it on her incredible face. He twisted harder and she was more aroused. Her body danced against his fully hardened cock and his balls filled with seed. His torpedo was armed.

"I'm sort of with somebody," Nick told her.

"That guy? Are you queer?" she challenged.

The look he gave her confirmed his straight status. She reached down, took his left hand into her right, and guided him through the crowd. They moved past dancing bodies, most of which were sweetly scented women, to the extreme northeast corner of the club. Her left hand pushed a door open and led him into the women's bathroom. 

Six stalls lined the north wall. Four of the stall doors were closed. When the spring-loaded entry door shut behind them and stifled the music Nick heard breathless groaning from several locations and he could smell sex. 

His beautiful partner pulled him into an available stall and locked the door. As soon as they were hidden from view her hands reached down and popped the buttons of her blouse open. The fabric separated and she proudly displayed her naturally firm, upright swells and nipples. His eyes admired them for a brief moment, and then his hands reached out and filled with the soft, warm flesh. 

He sat down on the toilet and pulled her, standing, between his legs. He fondled the bewitching mounds and pressed his mouth upon the valley between them. He kissed and licked the quivering skin. His mouth moved to a hardened nipple and gorged on it. His lips and tongue sucked and teased until it was as large as it would ever be. His teeth took their turn and roughly bit on the nub, and her moans of pleasure spiked and surged with the biting of his teeth. He could smell her sex as her pussy grew wet with excitement.

"Eat my pussy," she requested in a breathless voice. "After that, you can do whatever you want with me."

The young college co-ed knew precisely what she wanted, and Nick eagerly complied. His hands reached down. He unbuttoned and unzipped the tiny white denim shorts and pulled them down over her shapely hips and sleek thighs. Once they reached the knees gravity pulled them down her calves. She stepped out of her sandals and kicked the shorts aside. Nick looked at the silver and gold striped thong that covered her pussy. It was darkened with flowing nectar. His fingers looped around the tiny straps and peeled it away from her crotch.

Her pussy was bald; freshly shaved, as a matter of fact. There was no stubble at all. He'd seen female homicide victims that shaved, and even after death the hair grew. But this girl's rising pelvic mound was baby-soft smooth, and he adored it. She moved her left leg up and placed it on the toilet paper dispenser, readily opening herself up to him. Nick was amazed by the beauty of the tiny folds of pink flesh that her efforts revealed to him.

"Come on, lick it," she pleaded impatiently. "Afterwards I'm all yours."

His head moved between her smooth, quivering thighs. His lips pressed against the swollen, pulsating folds that glistened with her essence. Nick kissed and lightly licked the flesh, but her excitement demanded more. Her hands reached down and wrapped around his head. She anxiously drew his face tightly to her pussy and rubbed herself upon his mouth. Loud groaning ensued.

The fingers of his right hand pushed the outer folds apart and his tongue pushed into the valley within. His left hand caressed up and down her raised right thigh. His moving tongue teased the palpitating clitoris, generating renewed groaning. Her nectar smeared against his lips, chin, and cheeks as he gladly feasted on her succulent center. A finger moved to her portal of love, and pressed against the tiny orifice. It eased into the canal. Her muscle invited the finger deeply inside and surrounded it with hot, steamy affection.

"Oh, yeah," she groaned approvingly. "Finger-fuck me hard and make me cum."

Nick pushed a second finger in and stretched her tight canal wider. The two entwined as one and quickly plunged in and out of her pussy. His lips and tongue placed direct stimulation on her hooded clit, and her body shook with erotic pleasure. She grew wetter by the second. Her moaning quickened as did her twitching as she approached climax. 

The girl's gorgeous body tensed for an instant, then erupted. A flood of nectar surged from her pussy as Nick rapidly finger-fucked and ate her flesh. Her groaning intensified as she twitched and shuddered in sexual release. Her body repeatedly slammed into and vibrated the metal housing that shrouded the toilet in privacy. In the stall beside them another did the same.

When her orgasm dissipated Nick withdrew his head. He quickly loosened his pants as she removed her right leg from the toilet-paper dispenser and rubbed life back into the stiff and tingling limb. By the time feeling returned to her leg Nick's impressive cock towered beneath her and oscillated temptingly.

His hands grasped her waist and pulled her down to his lap. Her luscious thighs parted and she straddled him. Her soft fingers wrapped around him as she lowered her body. Nick groaned in delight as the sensitive head pushed between the juicy outer folds and pressed into the snug valley. She rotated her body back and forth and smeared him with her slippery nectar. 

When he was well lubricated she moved him to the orifice and plunged half his length inside her wondrous canal. Her hips gyrated forward and back, side to side, and worked his throbbing penis deeper. Her tight walls loosened and he felt himself ramming into her. After several upward thrusts he was balls-deep in her exquisite flesh.

"Oh, baby, that feels so great," she groaned aloud as her body rocked up and down and willing impaled herself.

Nick filled and refilled her hot canal with his penis. She breathlessly bobbed up and down and shuddered like a floundering fish on the end of a fisherman's single-pronged spear. Nick's pleasure intensified as he plunged into the seemingly solid canal that then moved apart as his round tip speared into it. He grunted as she groaned, filled with twinges of animal-like raw delight. They both satisfied their basic need as their aching flesh was filled with desire.

His head leaned up and his extended tongue licked a jiggling breast. It traced the round contours of wonderfully scented skin. His teeth caught the rapidly jiggling nipple and trapped the enlarged rubbery pink nub. Once confined, his tongue hungrily licked the pulsating tip as his teeth applied enough pressure to cause a slight surge of discomfort. She appeared to enjoy it, for she moaned louder than before and shuddered with unparalleled intensity.

The soft co-ed climaxed a second time. Her head leaned back and a guttural moaning was emitted from her throat. Her vibrating body froze, tensed, and wildly writhed in ecstasy. Nick pumped faster and harder as his dangling catch released a brief flood of thick, hot honey. He buried his spear into the seizing co-ed. The breath caught in her throat as she savored the remaining moments of ecstasy. 

She hugged his head and struggled for breath. Her face beamed with joy, and her dazzling eyes sparkled. "That was amazing. You really rocked my world."

His sperm was rising as he continued driving into the gorgeous young blonde. She wanted him to cum just as hard, and she reached her hands down and grasped both of his hard nipples. Her mouth attached to Nick's left ear and hot breath surrounded it. Her teeth nibbled on the lobe and her tongue alternately pushed inside and retreated. He grabbed her waist and pulled her down onto his spear as his hips drove upwards. 

He grunted as powerful surges of pleasure rushed through him. The semen rose further, closer to completing its journey. His smooth head turned super-sensitive. His dangling balls were eager to release their contents. His steel-hard spear absorbed more of his racing blood and surged even larger. The co-ed felt the increase in size and groaned in sheer joy as her pussy stretched to accommodate it. 

He went for the kill. Nick moved as deeply into her wonderful canal as he could possible extend, and his entire being twitched as a steady stream of semen was released. He thrust several more times as his balls pumped their load through the tubing at the center of his shaft and embedded his seed into her warm, receptive womb. He gasped a final time and leaned back, panting for breath. 

She leaned forward and her mouth kissed his. Their warm, darting tongues embraced in a post-coital kiss of shared delight.

"I'd love for you to take me and my friend home tonight," she offered, acknowledging her physical attraction to the absolute stranger. "We wouldn't let you sleep all night, and we'll give you a show you'll never forget."

The words, and the sexy way she whispered them, made his soft cock twitch. He couldn't deny her amazing beauty, and it was every man's wish to have two beauties at the same tme. He remembered that her friend had an equally hot body.

"I don't even know your name," he realized.

"Candy, as in candy cane," she answered in a teasing voice.

"Are you sure your friend is up for it?" he questioned.

"Lisa will do anything for me, and she knows I'd do anything for her," Candy revealed. "She's a virgin, but I'll bet she'll give it up for the likes of you."

There was loud thumping and banging in the next stall. Nick and Candy looked at each other and softly laughed. She retrieved her clothes off the floor and they both cleaned themselves with toilet paper. After they were dressed, Candy handed him her soiled silver and gold striped thong. 

They unlocked the door and left the stall. Another couple was in an erotic embrace against the wall, but when the stall opened up they anxiously took advantage and occupied it.

Just behind them, another stall door opened. Warrick stepped out with a gorgeous brunette in tow. His left hand held a pair of soiled black bikini panties.

They somehow found themselves in the crowd. Two blondes hung on Nick like he was the catch of the day, while Warrick had a cat-that-ate-the-canary look of smug satisfaction on his face. But that look faded away when he saw Nick and his companions. Suddenly the cotton-polyester blend trophies seemed less significant to them.

“I'd have to say that I won the bet,” Nick decided as he proudly displayed two women.

"This is like fishing in an aquarium," Warrick countered as he leaned forward and loudly spoke into Warrick's ear. "There's no challenge to it. We'll try some other time. Are you heading out?"

Nick's expression said it all. They bumped the knuckles of their right hands together and went their separate ways.

* * * * *

A waiter showed Catherine and her companion to a table. He pulled out her chair and, after she occupied it, he pushed it back in. Her companion seated himself across the table. A candle flickered in its red glass holder. The dim lighting and soft background music gave the restaurant a romantic ambiance.

She attracted the stares of many men as her lithe, slender chassis was provocatively contained in a classy burgundy dress with a plunging neckline. It revealed her attractive bosom that was shaped and lifted by a support bra. Her long flowing blonde hair was beautifully styled, and her eyes sparkled with joy and happiness.

"It seems so strange going out to dinner," Catherine admitted. "It's been so long."

"Thanks for allowing me to do this for you," her handsome companion several years her senior responded. "It's been a long time for me as well, not since…well, it's just been a while."

"I'm not normally the type to accept a dinner invitation from a man I just met," she explained as she attempted to make it known that she thought of him as no ordinary man. "You are very disarming and charming, two qualities I admire and rarely find."

"And you are beautiful, mature, and available, three qualities that I find equally difficult to find in the same woman," he returned the compliment.

He ordered for them both and spoke fluent French, which Catherine found very impressive. There was warmth in his eyes and smiling face, and she had a strong attraction for him. It had been several years since she'd been with a man, and she felt like she was falling for him. Her heart fluttered with first-time love like she was a teenaged girl all over again, and her whole body nervously trembled and excitedly tingled. 

She inquired about his past and found him very open. His name was Jason, and he was an international antiquities dealer. Based on her observation of his high-dollar Armani silk suit and the partial list of clientele he spoke of, he was highly successful. 

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