3 black men stripped my mom naked but why

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I remember one day coming home from school in 1995 my mom always picked me up at the bus stop to take me home. For the past 5 day's in a row this blue Truck always past us when we were always walking home at the same time at 2:30pm in the afternoon. What are the odds of that I use to say or was it. 3 day's before around the same time at 2:30pm in the afternoon past us and they rolled down there winder and yelled at my mom "Hey baby what's going on let me excited you" and started whistling at my mom and drove off.

Mom was dressed in her white tank top and in her full blue jeans with her black leather furry high heel boots with glasses mom always use to wear on her face. 4 Weeks latter on a in-service day "day off from school the same group on guy's again drove by and seem mom walking home from the mail boxes and made there move on mom. One guy put mom in a head lock and the other guy grabbed moms arms while the 3rd guy reached for moms legs and carried mom into there Truck and drop her to our place and carried mom into our house.

Mom was only 34 at the time. They said to mom come on baby show us what you got underneath. Mom stood there in shock could not believe what they were asking her to do undress her self. One guy reached for her legs and pushed mom to the floor and toke her black leather boots off and slide mom white socks off moms feet and started sucking on moms toes and licking moms feet. And the other 2 guys were lifting moms top off over moms head while the other guy was undoing moms belt to her blue jeans.

They unclipped moms bra and mom stood there in our living room topless with mom covering her boobs "tits" with her hands but the other guy came behind mom and quickly dropped moms pink underwear
making my mom totally naked in front of them.

They pushed mom on the couch and one of the men went down on moms vagina while the other guy was kissing mom strongly and the 3rd black guy was masturbating and sucking moms boobs "tits" 10 min into this black guy sucking on moms vagina mom started moaning and started screaming out "OHHH OHHH OHHH FUCK OOHH MY GOD"

Oh YEA Oh yea Oh yea then mom stopped.

I seen 2 guys behind mom 1 on the bottom and the other one on top and the 3rd making mom suck his penis.

The 2 guys cummed on moms face and chest but the other guy cummed on her feet. One of the guys wanted to keep my mom for him self and could not care if mom was married to my dad or not. But do black men like to fuck white married women even thow they have kids of there own also beside there marriage.

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