Blackmailed continues

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

The first day my father in law and my wife left for a three week trip it was decided by my mother in law "by a threat by my sister in law" To introduce her in a threesome, So she can have sex and we would be all happy,So my mother in law puts it. On that day it was all settle and we were all off to have our first session as a threesome.

The three of us enter the bedroom,my mouth went dry thinking what is this going to be like, I have heard that my sister in law is very kinky when it comes to sex, My mother in law has her strange ways when it comes to sex as well, but my sister in law is way over the top. My breathing became very fast,My mother in law commanded me to get on the bed, "I obey". while my mother in law took off her mink coat, My sister in law applied a fresh coat of deep red lipstick,My mother in law was totally naked with just her high heels on they were pure white, She had no make up on,her hair in tight pin curlers, My sister in law on the other hand look totally different Like a porn queen,Heavy make up,pageboy wig,black nylons, garter belt a bra with her tit nipples sticking out and super high black high heels.

And there i was sitting there totally naked on the bed,As my mother in law lit a cigarette my sister in law walk over to me, and said well bitch you ready to have your life change,"You see just like how it all started,This to was a set up A trap the two of them plan To work out this arrangement", My mother in law finish her cigarette,And climb onto the bed push me down and started French kissing me, My sister in law applied more lipstick, While My mother in law continue heavy petting and foreplay with me i look up from time to time to see my sister in law doing things in the room.i heard little buzzing sounds. she had this bag with her and she was taking things out of it and along giggling to herself.

Finally after about thirty minutes or maybe longer i don't know, My mother in law started blowing me, My sister in law climbed into bed with us and came close to me. As i was being suck, My sister in law was teasing me with her lipstick lips, playing like she was going to kiss me but not. she tease me with her tongue and then we both play with our tongues together,all long my mother in law was tonguing me in my pee hole, I started to feel like i was floating off the bed with these over loaded senses. And it only just started.

Then my sister in law change places with my mother in law, My mother in law put her wet pussy in my sister in law went and got something, While i was eating out my mother in law, i heard this buzzing sound and all of a sudden this sensation on my cock made my legs stiffen up. Here my sister in law had this vibrator on my dick.around and around she went with it. While my face was full of hot wet pussy,I was losing my mind. she would stop for a bit and then continue. along i had to service my mother in law, It took awhile to concentrate on her hot pussy while the vibrator was on my throbbing cock.

This went on i think forever i lost track of time.There was pre cum all over the vibrator so my sister in law use it on herself while i continue to eat out my mother in law. I ate my mother in law until she came and my sister in law came also with the vibrator. I had not come yet, my sister in law, grasp the base of my cock and held it tight Then she got a hold of a cock ring and clamp it on me,This is after my mother in law suck it purple and it was good and stiff. Then my sister in law spray my imprison cock with something, At first it was cold then it turn hot And i could not feel it much, then she said, "their this bitch is NOT going any where".

Well at this time i was in sensory overload, all i could do now was let them do with me what they wanted to do,I was there toy, My sister in law came over to me and started planting red kiss prints all over my face and laughing while my mother in law lit up another cigarette and watch her do it.. My dick was standing up like a flag pole.As she kept it up she reapplied her lipstick carefully, "And looking the way they did, Added to the feelings along with the controlled they had over me"..

Then my sister in law stopped and went and got some more things, My mother in law started playing with my tits and then order me to play with hers.after awhile my nipples were rock hard and very sensitive cause she kept squeezing them and pulling on them to make them longer,my mother in laws nipples were very long about an inch and leaking..My sister in law came over and pull out these wires with clamps hook onto them and a little box with controls on them. My mother in law stopped and my sister in law took the little clamps and carefully put them on my erected nipples, she did the same for my mother in law and then to herself, after she play with her own tits.

The wire were real long so we could move around with out disturbing the clamps, My sister in law had mess with the little box, then i started to feel the clamps vibrate my nipples i froze with pleasure my mind was going in all directions, my sister in law climb onto me, put her pussy in my face and order me to lick her,my mother in law got on my dick and slowly with her tongue lick in my pee hole with the same action as the vibrator on my tits.

So here all three of us are in this position with all this going on, my mind was going in another world. I notice after while the clamps would change it's speed and pace.and my mother in law would follow it with her tongue on my cock and i would do the same with my sister in law cunt.we all got into the same rhythm with the little box, Here my sister in law set it this way and put a timer on it. it was the most beautiful sensation i ever experience. i drifted in and out of reality, who knows how long it lasted, "My sister in law told me later it was about 45 minutes" She said she will set it longer next time as i get use to it. And i look at her and said next time?.

Anyway what seen to be an eternity. it slowly slow down and stopped, I started to come back from another time and space, my sister in law took the clamps off. My mother in law lit up a another cigarette while my sister in law came over to me with my dick still in the cock ring and she spray some more of that stuff on it and got on my cock and started to ride me.she pump hard and fast, up and down she went.. I could hardly feel a thing. she rode it faster and faster moaning and groaning and then she let out this scream and came with a gush. Then my mother in law climb onto me and started to ride me hard.."oh my god" faster faster she went i thought my cock was going to break off. She rode and rode my cock until, she let out a scream. By this time my nuts were a deep blue and huge.i don't know how much more i can stand, My sister in law took off my cock ring and my mother in law order me to jack off in front of them. While i jack off they both sat there laughing there ass off. Come on bitch cum for us.I pump and pump and pump until finally i came i came so hard my cum almost hit the ceiling,oh My blackmailed life continues.

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