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My wife Jo and I had a threesome with my best buddy many years ago. After many years I reconnected with my buddy and he invited my wife and I over for the weekend. Before our arrival my buddy and his new lady friend had a falling out so it was just going to be the three of us.

The night started out with a nice dinner and drinks. We went to my buddy's apartment and started drinking beer. After a couple hours my buddy Derek asked us if we still smoked weed. I told him I had not had weed for many years and really had no interest. My wife Jo said she would be interested if she could get some.

Derek said he had just recently purchased some and would share. Derek and Jo then smoked from a pipe and we continued to visit and enjoy each others company. Soon our talks turned to our threesome that we had shared many years ago. Derek says he sure would like a repeat performance. I said that'd be fine but I had a twist.

They both looked at me and said what's the twist. I said I had always fantasized about Jo being with another man while I simply watched. I said I have always had cuckold tendencies. So it started. I sat and watched Derek and Jo making out on the couch. Soon they were getting very passionate and we retreated to the bedroom with me sitting on a stool in the corner of the bedroom. I was really excited and horny as I watched my buddy undress my wife and lay her on the bed.

He then began to eat her pussy and she was soon having a huge orgasm and wrapped her legs tightly around his head. After that she had Derek come up onto the bed and she began to suck his cock like a wild woman. Then she mounted his dick and began to ride him. I now had my dick out and was stoking my hard dick. Soon Derek rolled Jo onto her back and was fucking her traditional style.

I soon had cum all over my hand and floor. Derek came and rolled off Jo and for whatever reason I went straight to my knees and crawled over to the bed and began to eat my wife out. The taste of Derek's hot cum was so wonderful and I soon was stroking my cock again as I completely cleaned my buddies cum from my wife's pussy.

Mmmmmmm, we repeated this performance three more times during the weekend and I even cleaned my buddies dick off one time. This was the first time I had ever had a man's cock in my mouth and I gotta say I kinda liked it. Something to look forward to for future visits I suppose.

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