Black women who likes married women

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I'm not sure what was going on.

But in the summer of 1993 my mom had this black women who lived just down the road from us who often eyed my mom a lot.

She knew my mom was married and had children of her own and mom was by no means (lesbian).

I watch Dr. Phil on this topic and he said lesbians/gays are born that way and this been going on from the start of mankind on Earth and he said gay/lesbians often stick to the same gender base.

If this was the case then my mom was married and had no signs of being lesbian by no means.

When me and my mom were walking n the mall this women noticed my mom and eyed her a lot and question my moms age.

She asked my moms friends about my mom asking if mom was married and all and she did not care.

She told her friends all she wanted was to see what my mom looked like out of her clothes and she wanted to have mom on her bed naked.

So my moms friends set up a party at this women's house inviting mom to it and mom said no because she had no baby-sitter but they told mom they could bring me to it because they had an up stairs room away from the party then mom said ok to the party she went not realizing this black women wants my mom naked in her bed with her.

When we got there they showed me my room had had tons of Nintendo games and it also had a air vet that ran straight into the room below my room.

Not a lot of people come to the party 12 the most.

So I went to bed and around 11pm I herd this women pushing this other women in to the bedroom that was right under my room I got up and look in the air vents I seen it was this black women after my mom.

She got mom in the room with this other women she told mom to take her clothes off and mom looked at her nervous saying "what" and this other women left them saying I let you two be.

She told mom ( let me skin you) to take her clothes off and she said get up on the bed and relax this women started unclipping moms belt to her jean short and she started pulling moms Jean shorts down showing mom white underwear asking mom her age and if mom was married and mom said yes I'm married and mom said I'm 22.

She pulled mom jean shorts off and removed moms white underwear mom quickly covered her little fuzzy vagina and asked mom you never had a women before have you and mom replied back saying no.

When she lifted moms blue tank top over her head and unclipped her Bra, mom again covered her boob's "tits" with her other hand and she told mom to get up on the bed again and mom did not so this black women pushed mom on the bed mom fell on it naked.

Mom's friend come back in the room and she seen my mom naked and she said Ah you actually have her in the way you wanted her.

Moms friend told the black women ant you going to take her sneakers off her feet and she said actually your right I will and she did
then my mom was actually fully naked.

When she had mom naked this black women told mom I got you "bare bum" now and she called mom her little baby girl and her white pig.

She got mom were they wanted her she told mom to masturbate. Mom got nervous and said don't tell anyone I'm doing this they said (we wont) then mom started touching her self and started masturbating for this black women she walked over to this dresser and pulled out this long purple this like Penis on this black belt and put it around her hips and she told mom to get on the hands and knees on the bed mom done that then this black women told mom "Ah I finally have you the way I wanted you" on your hands and knees naked in my control kissing moms face.

Then she slid this long purple thing in moms bum and started humming my mom a lot and faster and harder.

She asked mom do you like this all mom was doing was moaning "ah ah ah" and she felt moms vagina and said "your wet"

She was slamming the bed with mom on it so hard the bed was slamming into the wall hard like and mom started screaming out "Oh oh oh"

I herd mom saying "your making me cum oh my god oh my god oh oh oh"

mom cum in this women hands and she actually was eating my moms cum.

She was licking and sucking on my mom feet and sucking mom toes on her feet and told mom I fucked a lot of married women your not the first.

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