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Black women who likes married women reviews

Posted by Lamis
to my partner that she didn't like me and the way I looekd at her,that I probably broke many girls' hearts Her mother told her it's only a phase and when we were supposed to hang out at her place,her mother told her she didn't want me in the house I don't know what to do,since I promised her to be there for her I feel bad and I want to hold her in my arms,but we agreed to see if she's really bi before being serious I really need help,because when she cries I want to wash her tears away and make her smile,but if we can't see each other,then how am I supposed to show her how much I love her? I really need advices,because my partner had a bad experience in her previous relationship I promised myself to follow her pace,but since I don't have any experience in real love please help me PS: I told everyone around me I'm bi and most of them accepted me,so I want everyone to know,but I'll have to wait because my sweety wants to be low-profile,for now. Thanks for listening err reading my rant,it's been on my mind for a while and when I realized that I might have found the one for me,I wanted to know how to pleasure her,and since everyone gives good advices here I wanted to try
Posted by Bill
seems kind of predatory. If that was a guy doing the same thing I don't think it'd be so sexy to everyone. Not my kind of lez story. I seems just as dark or evil as if it were a guy. If this is true I hope everyone gets what's coming to them
Posted by Mike
Overall, the content of the story was ok. However the grammar and jumping around made it very difficult to read.
Posted by Krystalanne
I saw my mom get her pussy ate by another woman it was my best friend she seduced my mom and fuck her
Posted by Daníl
This is a hard story. Could use a little anything but very hot. Loved it.
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