Birthday Suprise double trouble

(Part 1 from 1)

It seemed to be a normal day, get up, go to work and plan to go out to dinner with my wife after work. She said she was going to plan dinner to be home on time but not get home early so she had time to get ready and not having me rush her because I always do when I am hungry. So my day seemed to drag on at work , it was an uneventful day. Finally I finished the day at work and was heading home. Sent her a text that I was on my way but didnít get a response. I figured she was just getting ready like normal. My wife is a beauty, 40 , 5í6 150 lbs , 36 ddís , beautiful ass, long legs and dark hair. It was my birthday and I just turned 41. Iím not bad 5í11 , 190 keep her pretty happy.

So I finally pull in the driveway and go in the house and it is quiet. Usually I would hear noise from her hair dryer or music. I see a note on the table that just says come upstairs and sit down for a few. As I climb the stairs I start to hear her. She is moaning softly, thinking to myself is she playing by herself when she is supposed to get ready. Anyway I get to our bedroom door and it was closed with a note that said come in and sit down, donít ask questions just do what your told. As I opened the door it was dark with candles burning in our room. I see my wife laying on the bed naked with her long legs spread and a woman going down on her. I was in shock at what I was looking at. In the corner or the room was a chair. My wife glances at me and points to the chair. I sit down and take in the whole situation. This had always been a fantasy of mine for me to see my wife with another woman. I had never expected this as my wife had only kissed other women before this encounter.

Between her legs was an amazing body working on her pussy. This woman had a sexy curve to her ass, shaved pussy, looked like nice d cups and sandy blonde hair. As I am sitting there she never lifted her head from my wifeís pussy. She would reach up and caress my wifeís breasts as her tongue continued to work on her pussy. I could see the look on my wifeís face as she was continually moaning in pleasure as this stranger had complete control of her body. Every once in a while she would pinch my wifeís erect nipples which would cause her to squeal .

I was losing my mind just sitting there with a rock hard cock and watching her moan and squirm the whole time. I finally started to undress so I could at least rub my throbbing cock. Every so often my wife would look over at me and see me rubbing my cock slowly. I could tell she was about to cum as her breathing got heavy and her body started tensing up. Finally she screamed out and pushed this womanís head deep into her pussy as she said ďwatch me cum babyĒ then loudly she yelled Oh My God I am cumming so hard. As her body finally stopped shaking from cumming so hard she looked over at me and motioned me over to the edge of the bed.

She asked me if I enjoyed watching? I just shook my head yes. Her lady friend finally raised her head and I finally saw her face. She was wearing a mask covering her eyes. I couldnít tell who she was. But I could see my wifeís juices on her lips as she moved up her body and started licking and sucking my wife's nipples. My wife reached over and grabbed my cock and pulled me closer. She started licking the head of my cock softly as she used her other hand to run her fingers through this ladies hair. After a little bit my wife finally started taking my cock deeper into her mouth. I am about to burst as I had just watched my wife cum for the first time with another woman. My heart was pounding.

Her friend got up and was beside the bed doing something , I wasnít paying attention due to the action going on with my wife sucking my cock for all she was worth. I reached down and started caressing and softly rubbing her pussy and clit which was soaked from her just cumming. I look over and see her friend putting on a strap on. My wife looked up and said honey donít worry. Kim is going to fuck me first but you get to finish me off tonight. I still didnít know who this lady was.

My wife took my cock from her mouth and turned over and got on her hands and knees. She grabbed my cock and pulled it back into her mouth , taking me balls deep into her mouth and Kim smacked her ass and got behind her and said ďAre you readyĒ. My wife just moaned hmmmm . Kim slowly slid in my wifeís pussy with her strap on a Lil at a time. Finally when she was all the way in Kim said ď Iím going to fuck your wife's pussyĒ I started slowly fucking my wife's mouth while Kim starting pounding in and out of my wifeís pussy. . I was watching her breasts bounce up and down as she was humping my wife.

My wife was continually moaning with Kim fucking her pussy from behind and my fucking her mouth . The strap on must have been rubbing Kimís clit with every stroke into my wifeís pussy because Kim was shuttering every so often with every stroke. About five minutes had went by and I am about to bust when Kim screamed out Iím cumming. That caused her to pause with the strap on deep in my wifeís pussy. When she recovered she started a slow steady rhythm in and out . I couldnít take it no more and I told my wife I am going to cum down your throat. This excited her and she started working harder on my cock and slamming her ass back onto Kim, I grabbed my wifeís head and pulled her deep onto my cock and started dumping load after load of cum into my wifeís throat . Kim pulled the strap on out and while my wife cleaned my cock she started rubbing her clit and eating her pussy and ass out from behind. It only took a couple minute and my wife came a second time. Screaming Oh My Go Oh My God.

She collapsed on the bed and rolled onto her back. I leaned down and gave her a kiss. She said ď Your not done yetĒ She instructed me to eat her pussy. So I knelt down and slowly started working on her pussy slowly. Kim took the strap on off and started licking and sucking my wife's nipples as I just kept lapping up my wifeís juices. Working slowly to let her body calm down a little from her last climax. Then she told Kim. I have never tasted pussy before, so Kim straddled my wifeís face and lowered her pussy down to meet my wifeís lips. I watched as my wife slowly started to taste Kimís dripping pussy. After a minute or two it seemed as my wife was enjoying it as she was working her toughest in and out of Kimís pussy. With Kim sitting above my wife rubbing her breasts as my wife attacked her pussy it didnít take long before my cock was standing tall again.

I stood up and grabbed my wifeís legs and pulled her down to the edge of the bed. Pulling her away from the pussy she was just enjoying. I put the head of my cock between my wifeís lips , her pussy was so wet, then in one motion slowly pushed my cock balls deep into her. My wife gasped. Kim moved back down over my wifeís face and she began eating Kimís pussy while I started working my cock back and forth into her tight wet pussy. I could her moaning into Kimís pussy enjoying each stroke. Kim leaned over into a 69 and started licking my wifeís clit as I kept sliding in and out at a steady rhythm. Every so often I could feel Kim rubbing my balls as I kept pounding that wet pussy. My wife is about to lose it , her pussy is grabbing onto my cock and finally she started yelling fuck yes fuck me lick my clit. A few minute later she came on my cock. When she finished cumming I slowly withdrew my cock from her wet pussy and Kim grabbed my cock and took it into her mouth and licked off my wifeís sweet juices.

My wife told Kim to lay down and my wife climbed between her legs after they shared a kiss. My wife started licking and sucking on Kimís clit. She looked up and said ďI have never tasted a womanís cum. Kim your going to cum for meĒ I was a bit shocked at this new side to my wife. Then she turned her head to me and said ď You want to fuck my assĒ she turns her head and buries it back into Kimís pussy with her ass up in the air . I reach over and slide a condom on and a ill lube and start rubbing my wifeís ass. I put the head of my dick at the entrance and ask her ď are you readyĒ she raised her head just for a moment and said ďfuck meĒ I started pushing into her and it was so tight. Finally I managed to get the head of my dick into her ass . She tried to pull away from me for a minute so I just held her there for a moment and then she started to slowly push her hips back at me so I started to give her another inch and another until finally I have my 7 inch cock balls deep in my wifeís ass , she is moaning so loud into Kimís pussy. Her arms are stretched up Kimís body , her hand are on her breasts and she is pulling and pinching Kimís nipples and she continues sucking on Kimís clit.

I start to slowly fuck my wife's ass every so often smacking her ass cheek. Finally she seems more comfortable and I really start pounding her ass with turns my wife into an animal loose on Kimís pussy and nipples. It didnít take long before Kimís body is jerking and she is yelling ďYes YesĒ then a few moments later Kimís screams out ď Iím cumming. ď Her body is jerking . My wife raises her head and lays it on Kimís belly as I pound her ass. For another five minutes I keep slamming my dick deep into her ass until I feel it boiling up. I pull my cook out , slap her ass as I pull the condom off . I climb up on the bed close to my wifeís face and start stroking my cock fast . Finally she raises her head and I put the tip of my cock to her lips and cum in her mouth and onto her face.

I collapse on the bed , Kim gets up and starts licking and kissing my wife cleaning up my cum off her face . Then they both turn to me and say happy birthday and they grabbed my cock and used their tongues to clean my cock completely . When my cock was clean they come up on both sides of my and put their breasts in my face. For a few minutes I licked and sucked both of their breasts. Then my wife laid down next to means Kim beside her. We all fell asleep naked.

*** To be continued.

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