The Choir Director : Part 4 Final

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Janet and I told the boys that we were going shopping and we would be back later, so off we went to the nearest mall to find the sluttiest clothes for tonight. I picked out a school girl outfit like I wore when I went to Catholic school only shorter skirt and tighter blouse. The skirt barely covered my ass cheeks and the blouse was tight enough to see my nipples through the white material. I told Janet I was going commando tonight I wanted to be ready for anything tonight. Janet opted for the little girl look sun dress white socks, black shoes, pony tails she said she wanted to look and act like a shy preteen girl no panties or bra for us tonight.

Tom , RJ and Drake were gone when we returned so it was just the three of us. Josh said that he had to make arraignments with the club owner tonight and for us to relax take a nice hot bath and be ready by 9pm . We talked about what might happen to us later and we both agreed that nothing would happen unless we gave it our blessing. As we exchanged stories about our college years in great detail we both became more comfortable with our situation regarding tonight and realizing that we both had similar experiences into what might occur tonight but not with the volume of men especially black men.

Josh and RJ returned about 8:30 and asked how we were , both of us were a little nervous , he said that's OK just go and be yourselves and have a good time. You might want to take this pill to help you relax if you want It's just a muscle relaxant and it would relieve our tension but you will remember everything that happens tonight. I felt better knowing that I might still have some control over events tonight. So Janet and I took the pill as we headed out to the club. Josh loved the school girl outfit he asked me to bend over like I was picking something off the floor and as I did the short skirt allowed my ass and pussy to be completely exposed , he slid a couple of finger into my hot slot and linger on my button for a few moments then raising his finger to his mouth and tongue tasting my juices.

Janet had raised her sun dress to show RJ that she didn't have panties on either. RJ knelt in front of her and plunged his face into Janet's cunt stabbing his tongue as deep as he could . She moaned and grabbed his head for balance lifting her leg over his shoulder allowing greater access. RJ slurped for a minute before she came in his face . RJ 's tongue was in overdrive drinking all of Janet's offering. As her climax abated catching her breath she said that is what I needed to take the edge off I feel ready for anything , both guys smiled. RJ wiped his face as Janet smoothed her skirt then we headed for the club.

I asked just what can we expect tonight ? What do you want to happen ? Josh said what ever you want to do Itís your choice no one will force you to do anything you don't want. I started thinking about what I might want to do as we drove across town . With Janet and RJ in the back seat of his big suv I looked to see Janet with his cock in her mouth engulfing his giant cock in slow even strokes taking him all the way to the back of her throat RJ had his eyes closed and a huge smile on his face enjoying the ride. RJ started to unload in Janet's mouth so she swallowed as fast as she could trying not to spill on his pants. I wanted to suck off Josh too when he said we will be there in a couple of minutes. I was disappointed to say the least but he said there will be plenty of cock tonight for us to enjoy. What ever was in that pill had me ready to suck every cock in the place, Janet too was ready for all of the black cock she could handle.

When we arrived the valet parked the suv while the guys escorted us in . The club was loud with lights flashing to the beat of the music. The club owner Max is a tall very black man about six and a half feet maybe two hundred pounds physically fit. After Josh introduced us we were taken to his office where he had a couple of his buddies waiting there. They were Marc and Leon again tall over six feet around two hundred pounds very fit. Max said that Marc and Leon would join us on stage tonight for the show. I still had not been told what we were supposed to be doing. Max said that we were going to be double penetrated tonight in front of the club members tonight. We were the entertainment.

I said that I needed a drink so I could soak this all in, Janet agreed. Max went to get us a screwdriver with a mint leaf and that he would be right back. Max entered the bar area went to the bartender and asked for the screwdrivers to be made extra strong to cover up the taste of the date rape drug he planned to put in our drinks. The bartender nodded mixed the drinks returned with them and handed them to Max. While he was gone Marc and Leon made small talk to try to put us at ease. They were nice enough but we had just met them. Max returned and gave us our drinks and said drink up ladies these were made especially for you with a sly smile. More small talk and after maybe fifteen minutes Janet and I were laughing and agreeing to everything they said.

Max had taken Josh and RJ aside to explain what they had agreed too do to us. Josh and RJ were going to be on stage with us which hopefully would put at ease being comfortable with them along beside us. By now we were feeling no pain at all and would to have agreed to fuck the entire place. We went back to the bar area while Max got up onstage and said ladies and gentlemen we have special treat for you tonight . Our good friends Linda and Vicki ( our agreed upon fake names) have consented to being DP'D tonight on this stage. Lets give them a big round of applause and bring them up hear now. RJ and Josh grabbed our hands and started towards the stage we were followed by Marc and Leon. A couple for beds suddenly appeared on stage for us to use. The beds were placed side by side giving everyone a better view.

I was feeling great so I did a spin as once I was on the stage showing my wet hot cunt to the entire audience . Cheers came from the crowd so I bent over and leaned on the bed and flipped up my very short skirt, more cheers and whistling got Janet's and my juices flowing now we both are flashing our pussy's to the crowd. Just showing our cunts was not enough I had to have a big black cock in me now. I walked over to Josh and kissed him as I mauled his cock through his trousers . Yanking at his belt trying to get them off. Marc came up from behind me and groped my cunt while Josh removed his shirt and pants. Josh them took my hand and moved me to the bed he lay down first then had me mount him as he slid his BBC in my cunt. Marc now out of his clothes moved behind me spreading my ass cheeks then spitting on my anus then working a finger in.

I now had Josh's big cock in my hot pussy and Marc's finger probing deep in my ass. Spitting again Marc is now trying to get two or more fingers in an attempt to open me up so his black cock in my anus. Josh said to relax you know you want this. Damn he is right I did want this. I stopped moving hoping it would be easier for Marc to enter me. He pushed the head in pass my brown ring then when he got the head then started a big push to get his entire length in. My mouth opened but no sound came out. Josh then grabbed my tits and twisted the nipples to snap me back to the present .

Marc was pounding my ass while Josh was hammering my cunt. It had me loving every stoke they made in both my holes. Time seem to stand still and I hoped this would never end. I open my eyes to see Janet getting the fucking she has also been craving for so long . The crowd was really into it too. Some guys pulled out there cocks for their date to suck or for them to mount all the while watching the action on stage. I could feel myself start to cum slowly at first then building until I could no longer hold back as my cunt convulsed squeezing both cocks and bringing on there own organisms filling my cunt and ass to the brim.

My two studs were temporally out of action however I wasn't ready to quit just yet. So I asked if there were any volunteers to fill my vacant holes , more screaming and yelling so I picked out two more victims to do the deed. As they scrambled on stage removing their clothes on the way I grabbed the first one to get here and threw him on the bed and mounted him slamming all the way to his balls. I fed him my tits as the other guy jammed his cock straight up my ass. Making me gasp in delight as I so enjoyed betting fucked like this. I will worry about this some other time but not now. I was in heaven getting savagely fucked by these two wild men using me anyway they wanted.

Max walked towards me with his huge cock out the front of his pants I motioned him to my mouth and took him down to his balls . By now Janet had been fucked royally and was watching what I was doing while rubbing her pussy frantically trying to cum just by watching me . I'm now lost , all holes filled my eyes glazed over my breathing slow and ragged I'm having the absolute best time of my life , then my pussy gets crazy and starts cumming again squeezing the two cocks while sucking hard on Max's monster . The spasm I had tipped the guys over the edge as they all started cumming at once.

My ass and cunt getting filled again and Max's cock flooding my mouth to overflowing. Having emptied their balls my pussy and ass getting sore I rolled off the bed and sat on the floor. The audience roared and applauded Max came over to me and took my hand to help me stand then walk me buck naked to meet my fans. My fifteen minutes of fame was slowly coming to an end but the memories will stay with me forever. Janet and I gathered our clothes while Josh and RJ went to get the suv. Max said we were welcome back anytime. We went back to the hotel to sleep then get ready to go back home.

When we arrived I was welcomed home by my kids and husband they asked me to tell them about my weekend at the capitol and the competition . So I told them what fun it my daughter said she wants to join the choir too. I told her when you are old enough we will talk.

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