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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I had been babysitting Joey and Laura for about two years. The Smiths were
my favorite family to work for, since they payed twice as much as my other
employers. Besides, Mr. Smith was a pretty good looking guy and it gave me
food for thought. Even at age 11, Joey still needed a babysitter. Why,
when I was 12 I was watching kids. Still, I was 18, 7 years older than
Joey, so I was able to exert the needed authority over him. Joey's twin
sister, Laura, seemed less in need of a sitter, she was rather mature.

Chapter 1

On new years eve, when the Smiths wouldn't be home until late the next
morning, I figured I could really explore their big house. Kids were in bed
at ten and I was starting to get bored. I walked into the basement and
found a box of old porno rags. I flipped through one took a look at some
of the pictures. There was one with a woman spread legged and her vagina
shaved. She held a vibrator close to the pussy lips. Another picture
showed a woman sitting. Between her legs were two penises, one in her ass
and one in her cunt. A third penis was in front of her face and her tongue
grazed the top. Another magazine showed pictures of nude women performing
sexual acts, oral, anal, vaginal, on one another. The idea of me being
with another woman sexually turned me on a bit, but I dismissed it when I
heard some sounds above. I carefully but quickly returned the magaizines
to their place and slipped upstairs. I could hear talking of some sort
coming from Joey's room. I walked down the hall and peeked slowly opened
the door. There, in his bed, was Joey. He was naked and straddled over a
life size doll. In fact, it was a doll that I remember seeing in Laura's
room. His hand was rubbing his penis, which was larger than I would have
expected to see on an 11 year old. It stuck out from a reasonable thick
bush of pubic hair. Alas, this boy who needs babysitting had the prick of
a man. I watched quietly as he picked up a plastic sandwich baggie and
placed it over his cock and wrapped it around. He then took the wrapped
penis and put it between the doll's legs! He slid up until his pubic hair
touched the cloth crotch of the doll. He then started to fuck it. He
bounced up and down and slid back and forth on it. He rubbed the two small
cloth mounds that make up the doll's fake breasts. I thought about my
first time. I was 16 and was under pressure from my friends to do it.
Turns out, none of them ever had and they called me a slut after I did it
with some guy I met at a party. Funny, I enjoyed it. But because of the
name calling I got, I never went all the way with a guy after that. Joey's
plaything made me think of all I've done to get rid of sexual stress. I've
fingered myself, used objects like bananas, and the like. Joey's use of a
cloth doll made me think of the penis that I had constructed from some
velvet and pillow stuffing when I was 17. I would slide the soft pillow in
and out of me while pretending it was Mel Gibson or someone of the like.
It would get yucky with my lubrication, so I would make another. Each
time, it would be a little bigger and with more stuffing.

"I'm going to come in you baby," moaned Joey. He was bucking his hips
faster and faster until his butt clenched. He was exhausted and placed his
chest against that of the doll. He rolled off after about a minute. The
plastic bag stuck to his cock. He carefully pulled it off, white goo
sticking to the bag and he prick. He picked up a tissue and wiped off his
penis. He pushed the dirty tissue into the baggie and wrapped the plastic
into a a paper bag and put the paper bag into his backpack. He then picked
up the doll and, still nude, came over to the door. I was able to move
into a doorway just in time. He slipped into his sleeping twin's room and
returned without the doll. He went back into his own room, put on his
PJ's, and went to sleep.

I was horney as Hell by this point. I remembered seeing a bowl of fruit in
the kitchen. Lucky me, there was a banana. I took it in my hand and
slipped into the bathroom. I lowered my jeans and panties and sat on the
toilet seat. With my legs spread, I slowly pushed the yellow fruit into my
crack and pumped it while I dreamed of being fucked by a faceless man with
a huge cock. I came quickly. I pulled out the banana and looked at it.
Covered with my female cream. I took a paper towel and wiped if off.
Perfect! I put my pants back on and put the fruit, no worse off than
before, in the fruit bowl.

Chapter 2

I was invited back to sit the next weekend. You know, those post new years
eve parties. Anyhow, I was really excited about going because I now knew
about the porno rags. Besides, the fact that I had fucked myself with a
banana and then put it back where someone, maybe Mr. Smith, would eat it.
Sure enough, the banana was gone (it would have been black and mushy
anyway). At ten, Joey went upstairs to take a bath. Laura had just gone
to bed. When I heard the water stop, a quietly crept upstairs. From
within the bathroom I could hear water gently splashing. I very quietly
opened the door a crack. There, standing in the tub, was Joey. Once
again, he was naked and had that beautiful stiff cock. In his hands was a
bar of soap, which he was lathering. He then lowered the sudsy bar to his
penis and started to rub it, covering it with the rich lather. He coated
his pubic hair with the white suds. When his groin was totally white, he
dropped the soap into the water. He then stroked with his hand along the
slippering rod between his legs. I was turned on. I really wanted a fuck.
So I did the amazing. I shouldn't have. He was only 11. I stepped

"You know, you don't need to fuck your hand when you have a real woman in
the house," I said in calm voice. Very natural. He quickly dropped down
into the tub and covered himself with his hands.

"Don't worry... I won't tell. Well, that is if you help me." He looked
confused. To demonstrate my point, I kicked the door closed. Quietly
enough so as not to wake Laura. I then pulled off my sweater and tossed in
near the door. I slowly opened my top and tossed it along with the
sweater. Joey was looking at my chest, covered with a bra. I'm neither
big nor small. I unsnapped my jeans and pulled then down. Here I was,
standing in front of an 11 year old boy wearing only my bra and panties. I
must have been crazy.

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