How it All Started

(Part 1 from 1)

When did it all start? Well I remember it as clear as if it was yesterday. It was 5 years ago last week. An email came to my wife’s account from an address I didn’t recognize,. It was short and to the point; “I know you miss this black cock and can’t wait to get some more” it had a picture of what appeared to be my wife on our couch with a huge black cock inches from you face with cum on her face and dripping out of her mouth.

At first I just assumed it was spam or something like that. But as I looked at it closer and studied it over the next couple of days I noticed a stain that is on our brown couch that is also in the picture. The picture was not very good quality but it sure looked like her and our wedding ring was visible. So of course I “knew” it was her.

So finally a few days later I told her to come and look at this picture of her that came through the email. She sounded shocked and very convincing that it was not her and that somebody had doctored the picture to look like her. Of course I was pissed and we yelled at each other and the whole nine yards, and eventually it blew over.

But after sometime I started to surf the internet looking for pictures of white wives with black guys “hoping?” to find a picture of her. Of course I never did. But what I did find was that “cuckolding” was a very real thing. And especially interracial cuckolding. As I surfed I started to love watching real wives getting fucked by big black cocks, and loved it even more when the husband were there watching and filming.

I started fantasizing about my wife getting fucked silly by a BBC while I watched. Now we have always had a very healthy sex life, and while I am not very big, only 6.5” I always made sure I was very good at eating her bald pussy and satisfying her first, and that actually seemed to make her cum even stronger when I fucked her after eating her.

But I couldn’t help thinking that she really deserved a big cock that could touch the places I couldn’t. We also would try new things. And my favorite was when she would start to finger my ass while giving me a blow job. She would drive me crazy when she did that. And of course you can guess what I started to think about. If her finger feels so good why wouldn’t a cock. Specifically a big black cock.

So as the next couple of years went by there was never anymore emails or pictures of my wife with a black cock in her mouth. But that didn’t stop me from loving the idea of it. And from using her dildo on my ass, which I started shaving. And of course then I would start to wear some of her panties while she was away.

I progressed to videoing myself fucking my ass wearing her sexy panties and I got so into it that I got to the point I could fuck myself and cum without even touching my small cock. Now I know you are all saying “bull shit, this is a made up story” but I have posted those videos on xtube and a few other sites under the name “fukmyshavedhole”. So if you are so inclined have a peak.

As far as married life and our sex life everything is going the same, sex 3-4 times a week and we both seemed satisfied. And then I found out why she was satisfied. It was during the week about a year ago and I decided to take off work early and got home about 2 pm. I noticed my wife’s car was in the garage and though she must be sick.

So as I walked in the back door and headed up the steps I could hear voices. I slowed down as I got close to the living room. And what I saw stopped me dead in my tracks. There she was spread eagle on the couch with a black guy standing between her legs, He had his huge hard cock in his hand and he was slapping her pussy with it, teasing it really. It must have been 10” or 11” long and thick as fuck.

He was talking to her asking her if she need his BBC inside that sweet pussy. She practically begged him for it, but he just kept teasing her, giving her a few inches then pulling it out, this went on for a few minutes before she said, “please give me all that Black Cock baby, I need to get fucked so bad” at which point he slammed all of his black cock deep in her pussy. I will never forget the site or sound she made, it was the sexiest thing I ever saw or heard, she moaned like and animal. He pulled almost all the way out and slammed it back in, with long deep slow strokes.

After his fifth stroke she was screaming and yelling, “I am cumming!!!! Fuck me daddy!! Oh GOD I love your black cock! He proceeded to fuck my wife’s pussy with those long deep strokes at a faster pace and he never let up. She was in heaven! I was so caught up in what was happening I didn’t even realize my cock was rock hard in my pants, and I was rubbing my small hard cock through my jeans. What I was seeing was a complete turn on, and then my wife started dirty talking like she never had with me. And her pussy was leaking her cum out onto his huge black cock. “give me that big cock, fuck this white pussy good!

I love how you fuck me so deep, my husband it so small compared to your cock! I need to get fucked like this all the time, fuck me baby!!!! And then he started in, telling her that he bet your husband would love to see her get fucked by his cock, that he would love to clean out her pussy after he came inside her, and “ I bet he would even clean off my cock if you told him too, you would like that wouldn’t you? You would love seeing your husband sucking on my black cock” at which point she started cumming again yelling that she would love to see it.

He then said he was going to cum in her pussy and that he wanted her to make your husband clean her out when got home from work. He pulled is cock all the way out and slammed it back in and held it there while he came for what seemed like 2 minutes. My wife wrapped her legs around him started kissing him deep and moaning! It was so hot I came in my pants! Of course I started feeling guilty and slowly backed out without being seen. I got back in my truck and drove off slowly. As I sat down the street waiting. I was shocked, amazed, mad and turned on all at the same time.

What I had just seen had got me so turned on I couldn’t believe it. My wife LOVED Black Cock! And I loved her loving it. I then saw him walking around the corner and get in his car and drive off. As I sat there going over in my mind what I had seen, I started to get hard again, while the cum was still wet in my underwear. I waited 15 minutes and drove back home.

I called in the back door I was home and yelled are you sick? She called back no, I am waiting on you and why are you home early? She sounded nervous thinking she had just dogged a bullet by me coming home this early. As walked in the leaving room I could see the wet stain left by her fuck session, she called from the bedroom and told me too get in there she had a surprise.

As I walked in she had her legs spread, with a pillow under her head and said she was so horny she came home early to surprise me with a before dinner snack. She told me she needed her pussy eaten real good. I walked over and noticed how open and wet her pussy was, could I do it? Could I eat another man’s cum from my wife’s pussy? As I got down on my knees on the floor I saw how well fucked her pussy was and I could see the cum dripping out. I commented how wet she was, she said “ quit talking and eat my pussy good baby” I dove right in!

My cock was rock hard as I proceeded to eat her well fucked pussy, she asked me if she tasted good, and I mumbled how much I loved eating her pussy, she talked to me like she never had before telling me to eat her all the way out, from her ass all the way to her clit, I couldn’t believe how much I loved this. I was eating the cum of a big black cock from her pussy. I stopped took off my pants and when she saw how hard I was and that there was cum in my underwear she gasped and asked me if I actually came from eating her pussy? I said she had never tasted soo good and I loved it!

I got on top of her and rammed my cock down her pussy, it was so loose and wet but felt great. She grabbed my head and said in my ear, that my cock was so small she could barely feel it but she loved it anyway, too fuck her as deep and hard as I could, she said she loved me and wanted me to cum in her pussy and then she would sit on my face and make me eat my own cum! I came instantly! It was the best orgasm of my life! I grunted and pumped away for all I was worth. When I finished she rolled me over straddled my face in a 69position and ground her pussy on my face.

She ordered me to eat her pussy, to lick all my cum out, I loved it, I loved it so much I could feel myself getting hard again, this had never happened this quickly. She noticed this and said I must like my own cum and called me a cum slut! I got rock hard!! Eat that cum she said, get it all baby. I was hoping she would start sucking my cock but she never even touched my cock or my balls. “I bet I can make you cum without even touching your little cock baby” she said. At this point she reached back, stuck her fingers in her pussy and pulled out some cum. “spread those legs baby, lets see if you lie cum in your ass.

Without thinking I spread my legs and lifted my ass cheeks. She took her wet fingers covered cum on without any hesitation shoved 2 fingers up my ass all the way. I loved it as she told me to eat her pussy while she drove those fingers deep up my ass. As my cock harder she noticed I was leaking pre-cum and said “ oh you are loving this, you little slut, I am going to finger fuck your ass and make you cum!

She stuck a 3rd finger in my ass and start fucking me good as she ground her pussy on my face she told me she was going to cum and wanted me to cum with her. I couldn’t believe it but I started to spurt cum from my small hard cock just from her fucking me, she moaning that she was cumming and started to call me her little slut, asking me if I like getting fucked in my ass like a slut!

I said I loved it and told her to fuck me good. With the last plunge of her fingers I exploded and felt like I was in heaven!! She was cumming right along with me. It seemed like it lasted forever. As she rolled off of me we both just laid there for a few minutes and at the same time said”wow” and laughed. I asked her what got into her?

She said she wasn’t positive but she loved it and asked me if I did. Of course I did and told her so, even though it was kind of humiliating at first but I liked it anyway. She said she had never been so turned on as me eating cum from her pussy and then fucking my ass and treating my cock like it wasn’t even there. I wondered if it was the thought of me eating my own cum or her Huge Cocked lover’s cum?

I then went out on a limb and said “we have to do this more often” and she replied “I hope to have many more days like today, the thought of you getting fucked in the ass and cumming without ever touching your cock was amazing”. I couldn’t agree more but didn’t say so. So from what she said, I knew she meant that she would get much more of that Big Black Cock in her! And I had to find out a way to see that again.

More to come!

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