Baby Ohh

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Mia was my best friend. I'd met her in high school and after we left there at 18, we went to seperate colleges. Today, I was meeting up for her for the first time in almost four years and made a special effort to look pretty. My auburn hair was tied up gracefully and I was wearing my favorite bright blue minidress with matching blue ribbon high heels.

I heard the beep of an old truck outside my window and I ran outside the front door to see. Sure as everything, it was the same figure sitting, relaxed, in a rusting red Chevy truck, mousey brown hair, shaved on one side of her head and a lazy but beautifully stunning smile on her face.

"Becki!" Mia shouted, hugging me through the window. She had not made as much of an effort as I had. She was wearing a cropped, red checked shirt, shorts that were so small you could see her lacy thong out the back and Ugg boots on her tiny, size 3 feet.

"Get in then!" Mia demanded happily.

"Sure!" I grinned at her. "One of your buttons in"

I leaned over to fix the button which was hanging off and as I did, Mia pulled my hair down so it surrounded my shoulders in a cascade of bronzy, brown. I narrowed my eyes at her and she ripped open her shirt. She hadn't been wearing a bra so all I could see were her huge boobs, pale and beautiful with huge hardening nipples in the centres. While I stared, I noticed she had stripped me down to my bra and thong.

She kissed me, pressing me back into the window. As I licked the insides of her mouth, I felt my pussy tingling and wetness seeping out onto the seat. Mia noticed and pulled off her shorts and thong and kissed me harder before I had a chance to realise what was happening. With her tiny feet she worked off my panties and I felt a delicious pand as the wirey hair of her pussy touched my neatly shaved one. I decided that I wanted to go all the way. But Mia was one step ahead.

Once all our clothes had been removed, Mia took out a dildo from her rucksack and stuck it.

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