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Posted by Ashley
these stories make me wet and horny!
Posted by Tolebz
this story is hot pls keep it hot i need to get my cock stiffened
Posted by brittney
i wanna hear some more of this .oh i love wet hair pussy. THEY ARE SO JUICY
Posted by joyce
It is gud bt I wish it were longer
Posted by pinky
it made my pussy wet oh..i wana try .do revert back
Posted by Aspen
I absolutely LOVE Ellen. I'm glad J C Penney didn't drop her as their spweosokman. Ellen said it best, I'm Gay. We all know that Ellen is Lesbian and Gay: She's Lesbian and Happy!!! These groups such as One Million Moms are just bigot old biddy's who are undercover lesbians. It's funny to me. More people are shopping at J C Penney. Guess On Million Moms are really 40,000 Moms with no life.
Posted by Elaine
Hi,Am a 30 year old kenyan femlae identifying as a lesbian. I have been coming out to my family and friends from the beginning of this year. I have never been actively involved in any LGBTI cause but would wish to be however having lack of experience and living in the middle east does not help. I hold a bachelors degree in Accounting but I would love to study and gain some experience in any field to further the cause of LGBTI right anywhere in the world but especially in my country. I have been looking for scholarships for African LGBTI students wishing to study in the US; so far most scholarships are for those who are already studying in the US.My question is, are there any scholarship tailor made for LGBTI African students wishing to study in the US?Your help is highly appreciated.Thanks.RegardsVivian.
Posted by ashley
Worst story ever. It sounds like it was wrritwn by a prepubescent 12 year old who read one of mommy's novels
Posted by Mary
I would let you fuck me if you was here - analsex4.fun
Posted by Support14
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