Abby Learns Alot at the Party

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Abby notice then that her friend did look a little disheveled and she figured that her friend had been making out with Rob. She chuckled to herself and then looked at Rob. She hardly blamed her friend. Rob was every bit as cute as her date, although not the same type at all. Where Mark was lean but muscular and played baseball, Rob was bigger and played football. All in all she though both she and her friend had done well.

After they had been there a while longer Abby noticed just how many people were there. All in all she guessed there were at least 50 kids, and she noticed that a lot of them had already started making out. She was sitting on a couch with mark and he leaned in to kiss her. She didn’t resist instead going with it and really enjoying his affections. Melissa and Rob were in the same room on a loveseat right next to them and she noticed between kisses that they were making out as well. What she saw next, however, shocked her. As she looked around the room she noticed a girl kneeling on the floor in front of a boy and, much to Abby’s surprise, she put his penis in her mouth.

Abby sat up startled and Mark asked her what was wrong.

“Um nothing,” she stammered “I, um just didn’t think anybody would do anything like that like in front of everybody”
Mark smiled as he noticed what she saw. “Oh never saw anything like that huh?”
“No,” Abby replied “Never” She was still nervous but couldn’t take her eyes off the blatantly sexual couple. As she watched Melissa noticed what was going on.

“Everything ok Abs?” Melissa asked knowing that that this moment was going to happen eventually. She also noticed that others were getting into the act including a couple that had started to fuck doggy on the floor not 8 feet from them.
“Oh my God Mel!” Abby exclaimed “Did you know about this stuff?”

Melissa laughed and flipped her hair over her shoulder. “Yeah that’s what happens at these parties, they’re sex parties. I was afraid if I told you wouldn’t want to come”

By this point Mark was rubbing Abby’s bare leg moving further and further up, and kissing her neck. She looked slightly nervous but didn’t stop him.
“I don’t know Mel,” she said “maybe I wouldn’t have, but I wish you had told me.”

“I’m sorry Abby but its so fun you should try, besides it looks like you are enjoying what mark is doing to you!” Pointing at Abby’s now hard nipples poking through her shirt. “You should just go for it” With that she turned her attention to her own man passionately kissing him as he pulled off her shirt.

Abby was stunned, and didn’t know what to do. It was true she did like what Mark was doing but she hadn’t even thought much about sex, figuring she would do it when she was older, but here she was surrounded by it. She looked around and saw more and more people engaged in some kind of sexual activity. The doggy fucking couple really surprised her as the girl now was sucking another boy while the one was still doing her from behind. For an instant she got even more scared, but then something snapped inside her and she decided to just go with it. These were the popular kids after all and if they did it why shouldn’t she. With that she gave herself over completely to Mark’s ministrations.

Mark noticed the change immediately and began to get more aggressive and worked his hand up her skirt and slipped his hand under her panties feeling her hot pussy for the first time. He knew he had gotten to her when he felt how wet she already was.

“MM like that huh Abby?” he whispered in her ear “does it feel good?”
“Yes” she stammered “I like it.”
Mark figured it was time and began to pull her panties off expecting some reluctance, but getting none. She even helped him by stepping out of them. Not waiting a minute he lowered himself and began to lick her virgin pussy. 

“Oh God!” Abby cried as he began to lap her slit “That feels so good! I can’t believe this!”

Melissa looked up at this point, having begun a blow job on Rob, and noticed her friend enjoying Mark’s pussy licking. She smiled at her friend. “That’s awesome Abby!” she said “you just gotta go with it!” She got up then for a moment and began to strip.

Rob, noticing that Melissa had taken her mouth off his prick decided to find another place for it and offered it to Abby’s mouth as she was still being licked by Mark.

Without thinking, almost instinctually, she began to lick it like she had seen her friend and the other girls at the party do.
“Hey!” Melissa laughed noticing the scene. “Get your own cock girl!” 

Abby laughed with her friend, “I can’t believe I’m doing this! Tell me what to do Mel!”
Melissa decided that this was too hot to resist and began to give her friend tips on sucking her boyfriend’s cock, within just a few minutes Abby was sucking like a pro.

Word had gotten around the party that Abby was getting her initiation and a small group began to gather around, both enjoying their own sexual activities and watching Abby. Abby was enjoying all the new feelings in her body and was only half watching as she saw her friend, who was bent over towards her, get surprised by a naked boy who just came up behind her and put his cock in her.

“Wow Melissa!” She cried “You’re doing it! You’re having sex!”

“Yeah” Melissa laughed bending further now allowing easier penetration “I’m getting fucked alright!” Then grinning at her friend “You should try it now mark sure seems ready!” she looked At Mark now standing and stroking his cock, a condom in his other hand.

“Yeah baby” Mark said to his cock sucking date “It’s time do you want it?”

All hesitation was gone now for Abby as she continued to suck, surprising herself by enjoying it so much. “Yeah Mark” She said lustily “Fuck me now, fuck my virgin pussy” Inside of her overloaded brain Abby realized what she was saying. It was like someone else talking, she had never used words like that before, but then she had never felt this state of raw lust before either.

The small crowd noticed what was happening as this cute little virgin girl was about to get fucked and began to chant “Fuck her fuck her fuck her!” Both guys and girls getting into the pure sexuality of the moment.

Mark needed no further encouragement, rolled on the condom and positioned his big hard tool at the entrance to her virgin cunt. Very slowly he began to push.
Abby looked around her as she felt his invading member, fucking was going on everywhere including her friend who was now getting pounded hard. Abby was still sucking Mark’s prick as she felt Mark start to slowly push more and more of his cock inside her, not stopping till he reached her cherry.
“Ok baby” he whispered gently to her “It’s going to hurt now, but” he continued “only for a minute” With that he pushed the rest of his cock through her hymen and rested when he was in her to his balls.

A tear ran out of the corner of Abby’s eye as she felt the sharp pain, but as eh felt him all the way inside she realized the pain was gone. He was in her and she wanted it now, wanted to feel what it was like to get fucked.

Mark started pleasing her with long slow strokes as she continued to suck Rob’s cock. Rob was so turned on by seeing this hot little girl getting popped that he cried out “I’m cumming baby! Here it comes!”

Abby was unprepared as he came wave after wave into her tiny mouth gagging slightly. Mark saw the her trying to lap up his friend’s cum and just kept increasing speed, slamming harder and harder into her tight pussy.

She felt her body tense and looked up at Melissa, who was still getting fucked herself, silently inquiring of her friend what was happening to her.
“You’re cumming Abs!” Melissa grunted noticing her friend’s expression “Doesn’t it feel great?”
“Oh god yea” Abby cried “god I love it keep fucking me harder Mark!”

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