A Wild Ride on the Gulf

(Part 1 from 1)

A couple years back I was in Florida for a week practicing sailing on my high performance catamaran. It's a single-handed race boat and the flat, warm water on the Gulf is a great place for practice. I would go out around mid afternoon when some breezes would develop and sail on the open water and then into the harbor entrance where the wind speed is a bit higher. Normally I'd be wearing tight fitting sailing gear that's similar biker clothes but without all the colors. It's not really a fetish kind of thing, but keeps one from getting tangled up with all kinds of lines and shackles and things on the boat. On the other hand, it does make a nice bulge and shows off my butt nicely. The ladies like that and sometimes even a guy.

One day after a sail I was pulling my boat out of the water and from behind I heard, "Hey that is some fast boat brother!" Turning around I saw a tall black man, about my age (late 20's) with a brilliant white smile and friendly eyes. From his accent I placed him as Jamaican. "Thanks, it can be a handful." "Yea, I'll bet, but I was watching you and you seem to know how to handle it." He had a sailboat moored at the transient dock and we chatted for a while as I put my boat away. I was getting the distinct impression he was checking me out as I moved around the boat, bending over and so on. I was still wearing my sailing gear and gave him opportunity to look. He had a pleasant way about him and while he had loose fitting shirt and shorts, he had an impressive figure.

"I was just walking up the road to a liquor store for some rum," he said. He was talking about a store at least a mile away. "The store right there has liquor," I said, pointing across the parking lot. "Ah, but not the right kind of rum for me, man." He explained with that accent, describing his favorite concoction. I offered to give him a lift if he wanted to wait and he quickly accepted. "Just let me get out of this wet stuff," I said. I pulled off the top then the leggings, leaving me in small Speedos I usually wear underneath. "He's definitely interested," I thought as I could see his eyes move to my crotch then my ass. I slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt and sandals. "Let's go!"

We continued to talk about sailing and rum drinks and his slow cruise up the Florida coast while driving to the store and he offered to make me one of his specials. I readily accepted. I had no plans at all for the rest of the day and my new friend Robert was getting more interesting by the minute. We walked over to his boat, "Whoa," I said - a very well appointed 40 footer at least. This was no cheap tramp cruiser. This guy had some dough.

"This is a great drink," I said after finishing round one and feeling a buzz. "And strong. I like rum but it can really knock me out." "So let's get knocked out, brother!" He put on some reggae (what else?) and pulled off his shirt and shorts, leaving only white spandex boxer briefs. He didn't have a hair on his body except some unruly locks - not long but a little wild. His skin was darker than most blacks, and had a slight shine to it. I must have looked funny as I saw the outline of his very dark cock in the thin material. Completely soft it was hanging down his leg at least 8 inches! And his balls made a nice bulge all by themselves. After looking this all over I glanced up at him and he was flashing that big smile at me. He started to sway to the music and said, "So, shall we make this all happen, my white brother?" "Yea, mahn!" I breathed back.

He pulled on my shirt, lifting it over my head. I stood up and pulled my shorts off, leaving my small Speedo. His "ahh" indicated he like what he saw. But still being sweaty from the sailing workout I suggested a quick swim. Robert liked the idea and led the way. The boat was at the end of the quiet dock, near open water of the harbor. He dove in and I followed. We played around for a bit in the warm water. His hands were soon running over my body to my thighs, over my hardening cock and to my butt. I did the same but honestly couldn't wait to feel the outline of his huge dick. Still soft, it was as thick and long as mine was hard.

Getting back on the boat we hosed off with fresh water and his black cock was totally visible as he did. My fairly hard cock was bulging against my suit and would certainly have popped out and poked up to my belly button if not tucked away. In the cabin Robert made some more drinks as I stood beside him, unable to keep my hands from moving over his cock outline.

Moving our hands over each other and sipping our drinks I finally said, "God you're big, Robert." "I am, man," he agreed, "and it gets bigger. Do you want to make my thick black cock bigger?" He was into mentioning our color differences because it seemed to turn him on and that was turning me on. Rather than answer I sat down and slid his briefs off so he was nude, standing in front of me. His long cock was hardening but still hanging down, beginning to point toward me. The size was unbelievable. I thought I had been with large men before but nothing like this.

My hands cupped his balls and I leaned over, wrapping my tongue around the tip of his uncut cock. I let my tongue explore the skin and the head poking through. Then licked it up and down and finally took it in my mouth. I like the softness of a man's cock but Robert's cock skin was also so smooth that it was really sumptuous to suck. My hands moved up to feel it all over as I alternately stroked it and looked at it and sucked it. I was trying to see how far I could swallow it. Not fully hard I could get a lot in my mouth. But getting harder I couldn't manage much as it swelled. His cock head fully emerged from the hood as I sucked as he was moaning. I guess he liked it.

Robert liked to talk as I adored his weapon: He liked to watch me move on the boat because my butt looked good. He liked to see white guys in tiny Speedos. He especially liked how mine held my ass and just a bit of crack showed. The sight of his hard black dick moving in and out of my mouth was really sexy. This went on for a while as his cock was fully hard - easily 10 inches - and his balls swayed back and forth as he slowly fucked my mouth.

He had made the sofa in the center of the cabin into a large bed and he got onto it, calling me over. As I did he guided my head back to his cock. And I was more than happy to oblige. I love sucking cock but this was a very special cock and I wanted to enjoy every moment of it. He reached down and started to feel me up as I played with his huge penis and balls. His hands reached inside my pouch and stoked my rock hard cock, and pulled it out so it poked my belly. He reached down to my balls and played with them a bit, rolling them around and commenting that he like the shaving I obviously did. I was all shaved and happily there was no stubble, having gone through the ritual earlier that day. He had no hair, as I mentioned, except just a couple small tufts above his cock.

His hand slid past my balls inside my Speedo, making their way to my hole. I spread my legs some to let him get at it. Very smooth, he commented as he felt around the ring and slowly worked a finger in. I was totally turned on by all this. I was trying to pay attention to his cock but his finger was feeling wonderfully distracting. Finally I took his cock out of my mouth and held it against my face as he slid his finger in and out. "That feels so good Robert," I barely whispered. "Ooo yea," he responded, then he moved down to my crotch and slid my Speedos off. I think he really liked them but wanted to get full access to me and I was happy to give it to him.

He swallowed my cock whole and I gasped at this, now just laying back and letting him do me. He was able to take my whole cock in without effort as he kept sliding a finger in me. I could have cum right away but he moved off and proceeded to give me a thorough rimming.

Wet, noisy and pushing his tongue in. Two, then three fingers replaced his tongue after a while. Obviously he was taking his time getting me totally ready to take his huge cock. It's hard to describe how much I wanted it, not sure if it was total lust, the beauty of this man, or his smooth, relaxed but determined manner. Or just the anticipation of being laid with the biggest cock I ever had. He was still talking, saying sexy things and I was just so buzzed and distracted by it all, it was all I could do to just keep saying, "Yeah, oh yeah," like some mindless porno actor.

The moment of truth came and he rolled a lubed condom onto his cock and then laid back on the bed. His enormous penis was fully hard and sticking up. Robert motioned me over, wanting me to sit on his cock and do the cowgirl ride thing for him. I moved over to him on my knees and straddled his waist, feeling his hardness brush against my legs then my cheeks, into my crack and finally against my well prepared, wet hole. I got the impression he wanted a show so I did my best stripper pole dance routine, moving my hips forward and back as the tip slid up and down my crack. I made sure my hips gave a nice show, with my hard cock thrusting forward as I did. Robert must have liked this as he reached out and let it slide through his fingertips as I gyrated. Then I reached behind and held his cock against my hole with both hands and whispered "Oh, I want your cock."

As I pushed down on it at first I was looking at him and our eyes met. But as I felt the head of his dick enter me, my eyes glazed over and I heard myself moan. I continued to gyrate and each move brought his cock farther up my ass. Aside from the pleasure of it I was glad Robert spent so much time getting my ass-pussy ready. It hurt a bit but mostly I was able to smoothly slide down over his hard black cock. After a minute or two and it was in a few inches, I got over the initial intense feeling of pressure and pleasure that made my penis tingle and I took my hands away from his cock.

I started to sway to the music and tried to continue with my pole dancer imitation, feeling up my body, stroking my cock and balls, all the time sliding more of his cock into me. He started to talk more and move with me so we were both starting to fuck each other. It was all very erotic and sexy. This went on for a while and his cock was all the way up me and i made a point of sliding up and down the entire length, making the whole long motion look as sexy as I could. Which wasn't too hard, considering how turned on I was. The feeling was just awesome and I remember thinking, "size does matter."

Robert sat up and said, "Mmm, now it's my turn to fuck you properly, my white lover." He lifted me up and we spun around so now i was on my back, legs spread and he was lying on top. His cock was inside me the whole time. I felt his balls hang down and brush against my cheeks as he pushed his cock all the way in me so that I then felt his lower stomach right up against my balls. I spread my legs far apart to let him push is as much as he wanted and I turned my butt up a bit to get even more. Then he started sliding in and out, fucking my ass and while I matched his motions as he slid in, I enjoyed the sensation of this big black man fucking me with his huge cock.

Now I started to do all the talking as he fucked me and I described the feeling of having his cock in me: Your big cock feels so good sliding up my ass. I wish I could see your huge black dick sliding up my white hole (he liked that one a lot). I feel like such a whore with you fucking me so hard. Your balls are slapping against my ass and it feels so sexy. Oh, I want you to cum inside. When you push in it rubs against my cock and will make me cum.

I knew I would be sore from Robert fucking me but he was moaning and sighing as he did and I was getting closer each time he pushed into me and rubbed against my rock hard cock. All of a sudden I exploded and came all over my stomach, moaning loudly as I did. "Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Your cock feels so good fucking me. I want to feel you cum too." Soon he did start to cum and he pushed in a little too hard but I wrapped my legs around him and held on as he did.

He came a long time and each time he rammed his cock into my ass but as his orgasm subsided his ramming got easier and finally he let out a long moan and he collapsed on me and we stayed there for a while. I was expecting his cock to soften and slide out but it didn't. This kind of made me feel like I gave him a good time and I started to enjoy the idea that five minutes after cumming in me he was still between my legs and his cock was still hard and inside me.

We talked a bit about how good it was. I was thinking it was one of my all time greatest fucks but it was getting a little uncomfortable. "Robert, I can't believe I'm saying this, but could you take your cock out now?" We laughed and he admitted he was enjoying lying there with it still in me. "Man, I take it as a compliment that you let me stay in so long." Which was a nice thing to say and as he slid his cock out I was thinking I wanted him to slide it back in. Well maybe again later.

Robert and I had been at it for some time and the sun was going down. We jumped in the water again, this time nude, and washed off all the evidence of our sex acts. Back on the boat we hung around a bit more. I was back in my Speedo because Robert liked to see me in it and he got his shorts and shirt back on. We went to dinner and after I slept with him on his boat. We had made love again that night which was just as exciting but in the morning I had been so thoroughly fucked that I just stroked and sucked him off while he did me. That was cool because I experienced his cumming up close in my mouth and face rather than in a condom inside me.

He had to move on up the coast after a couple days but we spent more fun time together before he did. We kept in touch and a month or two later he was heading back to Key West and I made a special trip to meet him for a day. He had a new friend named Alea who was making the trip back with him. She seemed to enjoy the idea of two men getting it on with her. I sure did. And Robert had no trouble satisfying both of us. That was the last I saw Robert, though we have stayed in touch off and on. Maybe someday we'll make it happen again.

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