Brother Crahses The Party

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

My name is Tim; I’m a 21 year old college student and until about a month ago considered my life and my experiences to be more or less typical. I’m a fairly good looking guy and had never had much problem with girls. My sex life had been pretty typical as well, I had seen and been involved in a couple of wild encounters in my college experience, but really nothing beyond the usual college craziness. I mean guys and girls experiment in college and a little exhibitionism and a threesome or two was hardly shocking. Most of the time, however, my sex life was pretty typical, usually just one on one sex with a steady girlfriend. As it was nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see and experience. 

I had just broken up with Julie my girlfriend of about 6 months and was feeling a little depressed. It was a Friday night and I couldn’t get myself motivated to do anything. I considered doing the usual party scene knowing it wouldn’t be hard to pick up some cutie and bring her back to my apartment for a little get-back-at-the-ex sex, but couldn’t even muster up the energy for that. My roommate had already started his evening, he and his girlfriend had done some happy hour partying and were in his bedroom fucking like bunnies. It was hardly helping my mood, so I decided on the spur of the moment to get in my car and take the 4 hour drive home. I knew my dad and step mom were out of town from talking to them earlier in the week, but figured I could look up some old friends who could help me take my mind off Julie. I had thought about calling home to make sure I wouldn’t be getting in the way of anything my step-sisters might have had planned, but figured the most they might have going would be to have a few friends over and it wouldn’t be a problem. My step-sisters, Meghan and Kelly, were 16 and 17 and, as far as I knew never got themselves in too much trouble so I didn’t think anything more about it.

As I got closer to home I decided to stop at a local neighborhood bar to see if I’d run into anyone I knew. I figured I’d stop their first before going to my parents house, since they had moved a couple towns over since I left for school and by the time I got there I’d have a hard time finding anyone I knew. It turned out that it didn’t really matter since the only people I saw at the bar were people I really didn’t have any desire to see. So I downed a couple of quick, beers, had a couple of meaningless “how have you been” conversations, and hopped in my car for the final twenty minutes to my folks house. As I approached the house I remember thinking how I wished my parents had bought the house when I was still in high school. They had always loved to travel and were frequently out of town on weekends, but having parties was nearly impossible since we had neighbors who would have ratted me out in a minute. The new house, though, was set back from the road about a block and the nearest neighbor was at least half a mile away. Oh the parties I could have had here, I thought. Instead it was wasted on my good girl sisters, I laughed as I took the turn onto the long gravel driveway leading to the house. I noticed that there actually were about ten cars in the parking area in front of the house, and chuckled to myself that maybe my sisters had gotten the idea after all. Nothing I could have thought at that moment, however, could have compared to what I was about to see.

I parked my car with the others, took my bag out of my trunk and headed towards the front door. The house was a U shaped ranch with a courtyard in the middle leading to the front door. As I approached I heard the music coming from the house, I had been planning to hang out by myself and watch some tube, but it was becoming clear to me that my sisters were having a decent size party and I was going to have to socialize with these high school kids a little. So it was with a little annoyance that I put my key in the door and opened it. What I saw was about as far from what I was expecting as is even possible. The living room was full of high school kids in various stages of undress, some of them just standing around drinking beer others engaged in sex all over the couches, chairs and floor. Only about 6 feet in front of me there was a girl getting pounded hard doggy style over the edge of a couch, I had a virtually unobstructed view of this tight pussy getting fucked. I pretty much just stood there with my mouth open taking in the unbelievable scene. At first nobody saw me standing there, with the music, sex and conversation, they definitely didn’t hear me come in, but after a couple of minutes this cute little blonde approached me. She was naked except for a pair of red panties and looked pretty damned good, nice c cup tits, cute ass, and a cute little trimmed bush. For the first time I noticed my cock was hard as a rock.

“Hi there!” she said smiling at me. “I’m Katie nobody told me a cute college boy was coming to the party!” Given what I had seen already I shouldn’t have been surprised, but the girl was hardly shy she gave me a big hug letting her beautiful breast push right up against me, and leaned in to give me a kiss. I may have been shocked but I wasn’t stupid and gave her what she wanted sticking my tongue down her throat and engaging in a hot wet kiss. As we were kissing I heard a loud “Oh my God!” from in front of us and looked up to see that the girl who was getting fucked doggie was my 17 year old sister Kelly. They were apparently switching positions when she saw me standing there kissing her friend. To say it was an awkward moment is a massive understatement.
“Oh my God Timmy! What the fuck are you doing here?” Kelly asked, now standing next to us in the entranceway. 

I laughed out loud and turned it around on her. “What am I doing?” I asked incredulously. “I think I should be the one asking the questions!”
She actually laughed right back and said, “Well yeah I guess your right, but I see you’ve already met Katie” she smiled, “Katie this is my big brother Tim. Well,” she corrected herself, “step-brother technically.”

Katie showed a brief moment of surprise and said to Kelly, “You never told me you had such a hottie for a brother!” She looked at me and giggled, “Looks like we should get him a beer and let him join the party. Or,” she grinned “I could keep him all for myself!” With that they both led me into the kitchen to get a beer walking past several more people having sex. We each grabbed a beer as the girls started to explain themselves.

“Listen Tim,” Kelly said flipping her long brown hair over her shoulder. “I obviously had no clue you were coming home, but now that you’re here you’re not going to tell are you?” She had a quizzical expression on her face like she honestly had no idea what was going to happen next.
“Of course he won’t!” Katie jumped in grabbing my cock through my jeans, “Tim’s just going to join in and have a good time like the rest of us, aren’t you Tim?” She smiled and squeezed. 

Well I may have been shocked, and surprised, but not stupid so I stammered an affirmative response just as Katie was unbuttoning my jeans. It took her all of two seconds to get my 9 inch cock out of my pants as I stepped out of my jeans and boxers. Katie smiled up at me then and said, “MM a big one!” and began to suck me like a kid licking a Popsicle.
“Wow Tim,” Kelly said “I had no clue you had such a big dick!” She laughed.
It occurred to me then that I had never seen her naked before either and with the cute little blonde continuing to give me awesome head, I noticed what an amazing body my sister had. She was brunette, about 5’6” beautiful long legs, a great little ass, perky little b cup tits, and a completely shaved pussy. “Well Kel,” I said. “You’re not so bad yourself!” We both chuckled.

“Hey guys” she said “now that you’re here let’s go in the other room and get back top the party, after all,” she grinned at me “you did interrupt me from a pretty nice fuck!” With that Katie stood up, I took off what was left of my clothes, and the three of us made our way back to the living room where most everybody else was. We noticed one of the couches was unoccupied, so the Kelly and I sat down while Katie took a spot on the floor in front of me obviously intending to continue her expert cocksucking.

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