A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure : Part 2

(Part 2 from 2)

I stood up immediately. Becca climbed onto her knees. She stared at me for a moment. Suddenly, she pulled my shorts and boxers down. My fully erect cock smacked her in the face as it was exposed to the fresh air. She laughed.

Becca licked the tip of my cock with her pink moist tongue. I moaned as I kneeled down on the bench, watching her stimulate me. At that moment, Becca pushed my cock into her mouth and began to suck. She wrapped her right hand around my shaft, moving it up and down as she sucked.

As I started to climax, she removed my cock from her mouth and gripped it, preventing me from fully ejaculating. A few drops of cum leaked out of the tip. She licked it up very quickly. I moaned as she drank my juices.

"Now it's time to put that cock in my favorite hole," she said.

She climbed back onto the bench and pulled her miniskirt up, exposing her pussy. I moved towards her and rubbed my cock against her cooch. She giggled as I tickled her sensitive pussy lips.

I took a deep breath, stroked my cock, and shoved it directly into Becca's wet pussy. I was not a fan of condoms so I was truly thankful that Becca was on the pill. I grunted as I pounded her pussy, determined to give her one hell of an orgasm. She moaned as I thrust myself in and out of her. After a few minutes passed, I decided to switch things up.

"Alright, now let's see that fine ass of yours," I remarked.

I pulled out of Becca, flipped her around, and yanked her miniskirt up. I stared longingly at her large ass. I raised my right hand and smacked her right cheek. She squealed in excitement as I spanked her repeatedly.

Finally, I grabbed my cock and shoved it back into Becca's pussy as I took her from behind. She gasped as she felt me enter her again. I began to pound her as hard as I could. Becca moaned loudly as I fucked. She liked it rough, and I knew how to give it to a girl that liked it that way.

As I pounded her, I grabbed her tits and stroked her erect pick nipples. Then I pushed my fingers into her mouth and forced her to suck on the pussy juices that covered my fingers.

Once she had sucked all the cum off of my fingers, I removed them from her mouth and grabbed her blonde hair. I yanked it back and pushed my cock as deep into her pussy as it would go. She screamed as I fucked her even harder and even rougher than I did before.

"Alright," I growled. "Now it's time to switch things up again. On your hands."

"With pleasure," Becca answered.

At that moment, she stood up, leaned forward, and did a handstand. I hovered over her, staring at Becca's goodies. Then I raised my right leg, took a deep breath, and pushed my cock into Becca's pussy. Becca was very good at holding her balance, and I was going to ensure that she maintained that balance.

I held her legs up with my hands as I pushed my cock in and out of her pussy. I raised my right hand and smacked Becca's ass as I plowed her pussy with my cock. Her breathing grew heavier and became more intense as I fucked and spanked her with all of my might.

A few seconds later, I noticed her hands begin to shake. I wanted to cum right on her so I decided to fuck her in a much more comfortable position.

I pulled out of Becca's pussy, lifted her up, and carried her back over to the bench.

I sat down on the bench and waited for Becca to make her move. She turned to face me, lifted her miniskirt, lowered herself onto my cock, and began to bounce up and down. She moaned as my cock rubbed against her sensitive clit. I spanked her ass as she bounced on my lap.

"So where do you wanna cum this time?" Becca asked, breathing heavily.

"Hey, you're the birthday girl!" I moaned. "You get to decide!"

"Well then, I know where I want you to cum," she cooed.

She climbed off of my cock, grabbed it, and placed it into her mouth. She dragged her tongue over my cock, making sure that she pressed down on all of the sensitive areas.

Becca then removed my cock from her mouth and rubbed it between her boobs. She squeezed her boobs together and moved my cock up and down several times. I moaned as I felt the semen rise.

"Now, where should it go?" she asked herself. "Oh, I know!"

Becca spun around, raised her right leg, and slowly inserted my cock back into her pussy. I grabbed her leg and pounded her as fast as I could. Becca rubbed her clitoris as I fucked her pussy. She screamed, and her screams turned me on even more. My breathing increased rapidly as the sensation spiraled to new heights.

I couldn't hold back any longer, and I finally reached the climax. Becca let out a loud scream as I pulled out of her and ejaculated. I groaned loudly as my cum squirted out of my cock and flew onto Becca's miniskirt, ass, and pussy.

Becca collapsed onto the bench as she orgasmed. She breathed heavily, trying to regain her composure. I fell back against the bench, completely spent and fully satisfied.

Becca grabbed her cheerleading top off the ground and used it to wipe my cum off of her ass and miniskirt. She raised the top to her mouth and drank my cum.

"Wow, you really are delicious," she said.

"Well, that's my way of wishing you a happy birthday," I answered.

"You're too sweet," she replied.

Suddenly, we heard a loud boom. We looked up and saw gray storm clouds hovering above us. It was about to rain.

"We should probably get inside," Becca said. "I like getting wet, but not that wet."

Becca slid her cheerleading top back on. I grabbed my shorts and boxers and put them back on.

"Damn it! Where the hell are my panties?" she yelled.

She got up off the bench and began to search for her cheerleader panties. Little did Becca know that I had concealed her panties in my right shorts pocket. I wanted to stare at her ass for a little while longer. After a minute passed, I decided that it was time to give them back.

I tossed Becca's panties behind a tree. A few seconds later, I grabbed them again and held them up.

"Hey, Becca!" I yelled. "I found them! They were right behind the tree!"

"Oh, my God, thank you so much," she said, as she took the bloomers from me and put them in her top. "I was having a really bad day. But it's great to know that I have a guy that will always be there for me when I need it."

"And that's never going to change," I promised. "So you're feeling better I take it?"

"Yes," she replied. "I'm feeling much better now."

"Same here," a mysterious voice said.

I poked my head up. One of Becca's neighbors, Dom Wartmon, was watching us from the other side of the fence. He had a big smile on his face.

"Wish I brought my camera," he said. "Would have loved to add that to my collection of dirty movies."

"You are such a pervert, Mr. Wartmon," Becca remarked.

"And you're quite the screamer," he retorted.

"Told you that you screamed loudly," I replied.

"Alright, let's go inside before the rain hits," she said.

We turned around, walked up the porch steps, and prepared to enter Becca's house.

"Have a good day!" Mr. Wartmon yelled. "Hey, maybe someday I'll get to taste that sweet pussy too! What do you say, Becca?"

"Not gonna happen!" she yelled. "So fuck off!"

"With pleasure," he answered.

Yep. Mr. Wartmon was one strange horny old man.

Becca and I sat down on the couch in her living room.

"Not going to lie," Becca said. "You know how to make a woman feel pretty damn good on her birthday." She gave me a small kiss on my left cheek.

"Oh, crap!" I yelled. "I almost forgot!"

I quickly pulled the small present out of my right shorts pocket and handed it to Becca.

"This is for you," I said.

"Aw, you're so sweet," she exclaimed.

Becca unwrapped the present and stared at the panties that I had gotten her. She immediately noticed the vibrating bullet that was built into them.

"Are these what I think they are?" she asked.

"Yep," I answered. "I got them for you so you could wear them with your cheerleading uniform. But you got kicked off the squad so..."

"It's okay," she remarked. "Here. I don't think I'll be needing these anymore."

She pulled out the panties from her top, rubbed them against her pussy, and tossed them onto my face. I raised the panties to my face and smelled the moist crotch. No matter how many times we fucked, I would never get sick of smelling, inhaling, and tasting the juices that Becca's pussy produced.

Becca slid the vibrating panties on. She moaned as she activated the vibrating bullet that was inside of them.

"Aw, now that's much better," she admitted.

"Yeah, sucks that I'm going to have to get you a new cheerleading uniform," I remarked. "That's why I got you those panties. They fit perfectly with it."

"New uniform?" she asked. "Who said anything about getting rid of my old uniform? Hey, they can kick me off the squad, but they can't make me give back what's rightfully mine."

"But if you hold onto that uniform, couldn't the university expel you?" I asked.

"They could," Becca replied. "But then I would have a lot more time to do more naughty things. Kind of like what we're about to do right now."

At that moment, Becca jumped on me, and we began to make out. As we kissed, the bullet inside of her panties stimulated her pleasure center. I reached for her ass and pulled on the zipper that was there, opening up her panties and giving me full access to her pussy and ass. I pushed the vibrating bullet against her clit, and she screamed as the pleasure increased even more.

Becca's days as a Rasington cheerleader were over. The odds of her winning an appeal were very slim, and she was probably going to get expelled for not returning her uniform. But I still had, and would always have, Saturdays that were filled with cheerleader pleasure.

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