A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure : Part 2

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Weekdays were the definition of dull, boring, and uneventful. There were classes, there was homework, there was having to stay sober, and there was very little free time. However, as dull and tedious as those weekdays were, they also made my Saturdays even better. Especially since I got to spend all of my Saturdays with my amazing girlfriend, Becca.

Becca was a cheerleader at Rasington University, and she was very good at what she did. She always looked sexy in her skimpy blue and gold cheerleader uniform. Her white top always covered her double D's, but they couldn't hide the size of her boobs or conceal how perky her tits really were. Her naturally tan legs were long and alluring. Her dark blue miniskirt was so short that a small gust of wind was enough to make it fly up and give me a hardon. Her ass was so big that her cheeks stuck out of any short clothing that she was wearing. And being able to see the outline of her moist pussy lips underneath her thin blue cheerleader panties was literally the cherry on top of it all.

We first hooked up last month, and it was arguably the greatest day of my life. No college girl was more fascinating, and no babe had a body as hot as hers. Most guys would want to tap as much pussy as they could, but I was perfectly happy getting to date, have fun with, and fuck Rasington's most popular cheerleader in many different ways.

In the mornings, I would go over to her house, and we would do some very naughty things. Most of the time, we would fuck. Sometimes, I would even film us while we got it on.

In the afternoons and/or late evenings, I would head over to the games and film the action while Becca would cheer. For a significant portion of the game, my camera would be on the players. However, an even larger portion of my camera time was devoted to the cheerleaders. And those women knew how to put on quite a show. The perfect tits, the perfect asses, the perfect crotch shots, just absolute perfection.

Finally, my Saturday nights would end with Becca and I going out to a party, going skinny dipping, or having a private post-game "celebration."

While I always enjoyed Saturdays, this upcoming Saturday was a very special Saturday. It was Becca's birthday, and I was going to give her the best present that she ever received.

Becca's horniness knew no boundaries, and she loved, and I mean loved, to get off in public. Therefore, I planned to get her something that she could use to satisfy herself at any given place and at any given moment. Vibrating cheerleader panties.

It took a lot of research, and it cost me more money than it would for black colored panties, but I eventually found the right kind of vibrating panties. The panties that I planned to give Becca were the exact same color, texture, and size as her cheerleader bloomers. She could wear them anywhere and get aroused at anytime, and only she would know it. Well, that is, as long as she controlled her screaming. And Becca sure knew how to scream.

The panties had a vibrating bullet that could be properly inserted into an anus or pussy. They also had a thin zipper, allowing anyone to have easy access to her pussy and ass.

Yes, Becca would love this present. Saturdays were filled with pleasure, and nothing gave me more pleasure than giving lots of it to Becca.

Eventually, the big Saturday arrived. The day of Becca's birthday. I planned to go over to her house and give Becca her present before we headed over to the game together.

The Rasington Roosters were playing one of the worst teams in the country, the Manhattan Marauders. That meant my school's football team had a chance of losing the game by only 10 points instead of the usual 20 points.

I left my apartment around Noon that day and drove over to Becca's house. Living less than five minutes away from my girlfriend was something that I did not take for granted.

I pulled my vehicle into her driveway, climbed out of the car, and locked up my vehicle. I headed towards the porch, ran up the steps, and approached the front door. Becca gave me a set of spare keys to her house so I didn't have to knock on the door or ring the doorbell and wait for her to answer.

The anticipation and eagerness was building up inside of me. I couldn't wait to give Becca her present and watch her get aroused more than she had ever been aroused before.

I entered her house, closed the front door, walked up the stairs, and reached her bedroom. I opened the bedroom door and peeked into Becca's room. However, she wasn't there.

"Becca!" I called. "Becca, where are you?"

I went around the house and checked each and every room, but I couldn't find her. At that moment, I decided to go outside and see if she was in the backyard.

As it turned out, Becca was in the backyard. She was sitting on the porch steps by the back door of the house. She was wearing her cheerleader uniform, and she looked absolutely gorgeous. I walked over to her and prepared to greet her. Much to my surprise, she way crying. I sat down on the porch steps beside her and attempted to comfort her.

"Becca, what's wrong?" I asked. "Why are you crying?"

"I got... I got... kicked off the squad!" she cried.

"What?" I asked. "I don't get it! You're incredible at cheerleading! Why would they kick you off?"

"Well, apparently, eating out a girl in the locker room is frowned upon in college," she sobbed.

"What?" I yelled. "That's ridiculous! It's a women's locker room! You should be able to do..."

"Actually, it was in the guys' locker room," she confessed.

"Oh," I said. "But hey, that's still wrong! I mean, it makes no sense why..."

"I know!" she cried. "It's just not fair!" She buried her face in her hands and continued to cry.

I was stunned by this sudden turn of events. I did not expect this at all. My favorite cheerleader was no longer going to be a cheerleader. Suddenly, I had an idea.

"Well, surely, you can appeal!" I suggested. "Take it to the committee! Seriously! Maybe..."

"I filed an appeal earlier this year," she confessed. "Unfortunately, I got in trouble for this kind of thing already! A few weeks ago, I partied in my cheerleader uniform and posted pics of it online. Got probation because it was off campus. But this incident was on campus! So now there's no way the committee will hear me out!"

Becca's sobbing grew louder as she realized how screwed she really was.

Fuck. This was tough. I wasn't very good at offering comforting words, but I had to at least try.

"Look, I know it's tough, but perhaps I can find a way to make things better," I suggested.

"I agree," she replied, and she suddenly stopped crying. "And I think I know how we can turn things around."

"How?" I asked.

"Well, I will say this," she answered. "It's going to take something really big to fix this."

As she said those words, she raised her right hand, reached down my shorts, searched through my boxers, and grabbed my cock. She gripped it and began to stroke it with her right hand.

"Something really... really big," she emphasized.

Instinctively, I pulled her hand out of my boxers and shorts.

"Becca, we're outside! And in public!" I cried.

"I know," she said. "That's what makes this so exciting. Besides, it's not like this is the first time we did something like this outdoors."

"Yeah but not in broad daylight!" I yelled. "Where the entire neighborhood has a clear view of us!"

"Eh, nothing the Internet hasn't seen already," she remarked.

"Wait, what?" I yelled in shock.

"Yeah, you'd be surprised how much money you can get just by showing off your gifts," Becca answered. She gave me a dirty wink.

"Hmm, sounds like someone has been a naughty cheerleader," I remarked. "And you know what happens to naughty cheerleaders? They get disciplined!"

At that moment, I jumped to my feet, picked Becca up, and carried her over to a bench in her backyard. I was already hard, and I couldn't wait to ram my hard cock into my favorite holes.

I dropped her onto the bench. Her miniskirt flew up immediately, exposing her crotch and the thin blue cotton panties that separated me from her ever-welcoming pussy.

I raised Becca's legs up into the air. With a swift motion, I grabbed her panties and pulled them up and off of her legs. Her pussy was pink and shaven, and it looked truly delicious.

I tossed Becca's panties aside, lowered my mouth to her couch, and began to suck on her moist pink pussy. Becca placed her hands in my hair and moaned as I sampled her delicious pie.

I stretched her pussy lips with my fingers and began to suck on her clit. As she moaned, I began to insert each of the fingers on my right hand into her tunnel of pleasure. I moved my fingers up and down, rubbing the walls of her pussy as I pleasured her.

As the sound of Becca's moaning and arousal increased, the pace of my finger fucking also picked up. Determined to help her reach her climax, I bit down on her clitoris and pressed my tongue directly onto her pink lips.

Becca screamed, and her cum squirted out of her pussy and into my mouth. I licked it all up, moaning as I drank from her moist succulent cooch. After a few seconds, she pushed my head away.

"Okay, you greedy boy, now it's my turn!" she declared. "After all, I am the birthday girl."

Becca reached for her top and pulled it off of her, revealing her double D sized breasts. She leaned forward and rubbed them in my face, allowing me to feel them against my mouth and tongue.

"Up!" she commanded. "Stand up!"

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