A Drive to Remember

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*** A true tale about how one couples normal day trip turned into a very sexy adventure.

Itís another typical hot July day in Houston. We have just finished packing our bags for the trip to Austin and we are now picking out the outfits we plan on traveling in. So what are you going to wear baby, I ask. My wife Ania replyís; I was thinking about wearing that short brown button up skirt you like so much, maybe with my new high heels, what do you think? With a grin spreading across my face and my imagination already starting to run wild at the thought, I say; MmmmÖ that sounds hot baby, you know I love you in that outfit. I think you should wear the skirt with no bra or panties underneath, that would be so fucking sexy! Knowing how much the idea is turning me on (which is pretty obvious at this point by the outline of my cock growing in my jeans) she shootís me a very devilish smile and reaches back to unsnap her bra. Her bra falls to the floor leaving her perfect tits and erect nipples exposed to me, and then she slowly slideís her panties to the floor. I see that she shaved today, and her completely bald pussy has me fighting myself to keep from pouncing on her and ravaging her body right there on the closet floor. My cock is no longer growing; itís standing at full, rock hard attention and is threatening to burst through the seams in my pants.

The highway is packed on this portion of 290 leaving the city. I cuss out loud at one jackass in an old ford pickup as he cuts in front of me with no blinkers, forcing me to slam on the breaks. Ania shakeís her head and mumbleís; I hope its not going to be like this the whole way there. I turn my head to her and tell her that itís only because its rush hour, itíll get better when we get further from the city. I admire her body in that sexy outfit for a second and then turn my attention back to the traffic all around us. Do you like my outfit today baby, she askís in a seductive tone, smiling to herself already knowing the answer to her question. Hell yes baby! I reply without hesitation. I just wish this damn traffic would lighten up enough for me to stare a little more, I say giggling mischievously. Does it make you feel sexy to strut around in public in such a sexy little skirt, I ask. It makes me feel super sexy baby, she answers.

Earlier in that gas station I dropped my bottle of coke and it rolled under the magazine stand, you were in the bathroom and I didnít see anyone else around, so I got down on my hands and knees and reached under and grabbed it. When I stood up and turned around there was a handsome young guy standing there wide eyed with a pretty impressive hard on showing in his pants. He looked like he was only about 22 years old and I can only imagine what he was thinking. He must have turned the corner expecting to just pick a magazine, and instead heís confronted by me on my hands and knees, my ass and pussy in the air like an open invitation for his young cock. Totally caught off guard by her story, it takes me a second to speak; really! Damn baby, some lucky boy is going to be stroking his cock tonight, picturing your little surprise this morning. My cock is rock hard again, imaging my wife getting fucked doggie style by this young stud while I am in the bathroom oblivious to whatís happening outside. I look over at her smiling and ask; did that make you wet baby, having that young stud behind you like that? She doesnít respond with words, she simply grabís my hand and guideís it between her legs. I slip a finger into her pussy and I have my answer, my wifeís hot juicy pussy says more then words ever could.

After nearly an hour and a half, the highway is finally empty, except for the occasional eighteen wheeler. I have the cruise control set on 75 mpr and we are enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding us. We always enjoy taking this route to Austin when we drive out there to visit our friends. Iíve been sneaking glances at Ania for the last 20 miles or so and I notice her body language has been different ever since she told me the story about the young guy in the gas station. She must have crossed and uncrossed her legs at least twenty times since then and I can see her fingers being very fidgety down by her outer thighs, the look on her face, I can tell she is in deep thought about something. I look at her and ask; everything ok baby? You look like youíve been thinking pretty hard about something ever since we left Houston. Is it about the guy in the gas station? I see her face start to blush and one side of her mouth turns up in a small naughty smile. She turns her body towards me and sayís; itís all Iíve been able to think about. Iíve always been turned on a little at the thought of being naked and exposed in front of men in public like that. And now that itís happenedÖ

When I think about it itís all I can do to keep myself from spreading my legs and starting to play with my self right here in the passenger seat. I am really turned on to see her in such a way, Iíve been hard ever since she told me the story, and now Iím also fighting myself not to pull my cock out and start jerking off while Iím driving. I start to rub her leg, down to her inner thigh, itís hot to the touch, she spreads her legs apart exposing her pretty shaved pussy and I can see how wet she is. She looks at me with anxious eyes and I say; Go ahead baby play with your pussy. She slideís two fingers in and letís out a quiet moan. Her eyes close and she startís rubbing her tits. I say; thatís it baby, make your self cum while I watch. I suddenly see an eighteen wheeler up ahead and I have an idea.

Aniasís moaning has become louder and I can tell she is approaching pure ecstasy, her hips are starting to gyrate and her face sayís it all. She opens her eyes for a moment and realizes that I am about to pass an eighteen wheeler on our ride hand side. Startled, she quickly stops playing with herself and starts pulling her skirt down, then she sayís; baby, you should have told me you were about to pass someone. I give her a wide smile and reply; Iím not going to pass him sweetie, heís going to watch. Nervously, she looks at me, then back at the truck and sayís; heís going to watch? Are you crazy? You donít even know who the driver is; it could be some little old man. I laugh and say; well letís find out then, donít be nervous baby, just let yourself go, it will be just like the guy in the gas station. I accelerate until Iím side by side with the trucks cab. We see the driver now, he looks to be in his late 20s and quite handsome.

He looks over at us and catches Ania staring at him; he gives her a smile and winks. I set the cruise control to match his speed and say; just go with it baby. Her body shakes nervously as I reach over and unbutton her skirt all the way down and spread it open. Her tits bounce as I hit a small bump and she spreads her legs wide and starts rubbing herself again. I roll her window down and it catches his attention. His eyes go wide as he realizes whatís happening. My sexy little wife is fully exposed to him. With her legs spread wide; she starts playing with her pussy and rubbing her bare tits, lightly pinching her nipples as her hips gyrate with pleasure. His left hand leaves the wheel and I see his shoulder start to move, itís obvious heís rubbing his hard cock. She makes eye contact with him and she rollís her tongue over her lips before playfully biting her lower lip. Ania can tell by the way his arms moving now, that heís no longer just rubbing his cock, now heís got it out and heís stroking it while he watches her. My cock feels like its about to explode, I unzip my pants and slide my hand down into them, I struggle to keep the truck steady for a second as I start stroking myself.

I watch as Ania slideís fingers in and out of her pussy while she rubs her clit, her eyes fixed on him all the time while he strokes his cock faster and faster. I can tell she is ready to explode, and she can tell that he is also. His head jerks back and his jaw drops as he lets out an inaudible moan and she knows that heís cumming. This pushes her over the edge and she explodes in ecstasy, cumming so hard she nearly kicks the windshield.

She stares at him with wild eyes and he stares back with the same. They are both completely blown away by what has just happened. Sheís just had a mind numbing sexual interaction with a complete stranger, with no body contact or words at all. Ania knows he will never forget this, and neither will she.

He winks at her and she blowís him a kiss, he smiles, then slows down and turns onto an off ramp. Heís gone in an instant, and my wife stretches her arms and back, letting out a satisfied sigh. She turns to me and says; that was amazing, I canít believe we just did that. It felt so naughty to have him stroke his cock while he watched me like that; I loved every second of it. Still stroking my hard cock in my pants I tell her; you were so fucking hot baby. I was half tempted to try and get him to pull over so he could shove his cock in you right in front of me! She bites her lip and sayís; oh baby! You are such a naughty boy; I think itís time you get to have a little fun too.

With that, she gets up on her knees and bends down over my lap with her skirt still open and her ass up for anyone who drives by to see. She reaches into my pants and pulls my cock out, wraps her juicy wet lips around it, and starts sucking me up and down while she jerks the shaft of my cock with her hand. I donít last long. I cum in her mouth hard enough to nearly make me loose control of the truck again. She takes it all, swallowing my full load. She pulls me out of her mouth, a string of saliva still connecting her bottom lip to the head of my glistening wet cock. She smiles at me and sayís; baby, this has definitely been a drive to remember.

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