A Chance Meeting

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I kissed and caressed my way down his belly, outlining his six-pack as I went. Finally I reached his navel and the treasure trail that started there. I followed it with my tongue to the piece of equipment the waited below. I took in the aroma of a sweaty, hard cock and savored it. My breathing was hard, as was Ryan’s, and I held my spot above his cock for a minute. I gently pushed the shaft up towards his belly and licked the length of its underside with my tongue, following the vein that ran up it. Ryan’s body thrashed when I did that.

I removed his shorts and socks. A completely naked Ryan lay before me on the bed and I felt like the luckiest man alive. I had him all to myself.

I turned my attention to his balls, which were quite large. As I licked each ball separately I began stroking his precum covered shaft slowly and tenderly. I took each ball into my mouth and lightly bit each one before releasing them. Ryan was begging me to suck his cock. He wanted me to take him into my mouth and make him cum.

I stopped pumping his shaft and moved my hand to the base of his straining arousal. My tongue tasted a bead of precum that had formed on his cock-head. I took the head into my mouth and began to suck on it, lightly at first and then harder. With every downward motion of my head, I sucked farther down his shaft until the head of his cock teased the back of my throat. My tongue worked his cock, teasing it and playing with it, begging the load to come out of it.

Finally, Ryan managed to screamed, “I’m gonna shoot!” between his groans and swearing. Before I knew it, Ryan’s cock twitched in my mouth in the first feeling or climax. The first strip of scalding cum splashed the back of my throat. A second shot of man juice followed it immediately after. I tried not to swallow. I wanted to keep this load for a while.

I let his pulsating penis slip from my mouth, and a third rope of cum poured onto my tongue. The noises Ryan was making were incredible. All I could hear was Ryan screaming “Fuck! Fuck! O Yah! Shit!” I was doing something right. The last strips of juice landed on my face and in my mouth. Ryan settled down, content to lie there for eternity in post orgasmic ecstasy. 

I crawled up beside him and kissed him again. This time, I let his load slip into his mouth and back into mine. We played with it for a few minutes and then I swallowed it all down. Ryan licked what was left of his cum off of my face and swallowed it too.

“That was great! I’m glad we decided to do that.” Ryan exclaimed.

“Oh, but we’re not done yet.” I said.

I moved off of Ryan and flipped him on to his stomach. I moved down to his ass and began to lightly flick at it with my tongue. I gently licked his sphincter and the surrounding area.
Ryan then realized what I was planning on. “Isn’t this going to hurt?” he asked.

“The first little bit will hurt, but after the pain subsides it is the best feeling in the world. It’ll be better than that blowjob you just had.” I responded.

Ryan nodded and relaxed a bit. I moved my tongue up and down his ass crack, each time pressing a little bit harder into his hole. Soon I was tongue fucking his hole. I poured my saliva onto his arse for some lube. Ryan was really relaxed. I pulled off my jeans and grabbed a condom from the pocket. After I put it on, I lied back down near his hole and lubed up my fingers.

“OK Ryan, I’m gonna put one finger in, and after you fell better I’ll put a second and then a third OK? I’m gonna go slow and if you want me to stop I will. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

Ryan nodded and waited for the penetration. I slid one finger slowly into his hole. He groaned and winced a bit but fought the urge to say no. I stopped and waited and then slid it in some more. After 10 minutes and 3 fingers, I said that I thought he was ready.

“Ryan, I’m gonna start now, when I’m pushing in, bear down like you’re taking a crap. That’ll lessen the pain.”

I lubed up my cock in anticipation. Fuck I was hot! I was oozing precum so fast and I thought I would cum just form the excitement.

I pulled Ryan onto all fours and got behind him. I took my cock in my hand and pressed it against his hole. Ryan groaned. I said, “Here it goes,” and pushed in slowly. Ryan yelped in pain and whimpered a bit. I pushed further until my head slid all the way into his arse. Ryan tensed up and then relaxed a bit and I felt his body twitch in pain and pleasure. His muscles in his back rippled. 

I pushed in further and before long I was all the way to my pubes. I paused to let Ryan adjust to the feeling of fullness. Before long he asked me to fuck him. I began to thrust in and out slowly. My breathing was heavy as was his. 

I started to move faster and faster, fuck harder and harder. My cock was throbbing in pleasure. I fucked him for what seemed like hours. Ryan liked it. His grunts told a story of erotica and that just made me hotter for him. He was milking my cock with his hole and I was going to cum soon.

I rolled Ryan over onto his back so I could see the expression on his face. It was so erotic. He wanted me to fuck him. He loved the feeling and he showed it. I leaned over and kissed him as my thrusts became harder and brought me closer to climaxing. The kiss broke and I tried to communicate my nearing orgasm. But I couldn’t between the gasps for air. My cock twitched. My body shook as a mind-shattering orgasm overwhelmed me. I lost control of my body as I pumped my man juice into Ryan’s ass. Shot after shot of stocky offering erupted from my swollen member into the condom. As the last drops of semen were coxed out of my tool, I collapsed onto Ryan. My cock softened and slipped out of Ryan’s hole. I got back up, took off the condom and turned around to throw it in the garbage.

When I looked at Ryan again, he was putting a condom onto his cock and motioning for me to come over. He thought it was only fair that since I had fucked him, he fuck me.

I got onto the bed and grabbed the bottle of lube that was beside the bed, squirted it on his cock and started to rub. As I stroked his cock to spread the lube, he started thrusting up into my fist.

“Whoa! Hold on there, Ryan. Don’t cum yet!” He stopped his thrusting and I removed my hand. I spread some lube on my ass hole and positioned myself above his cock. He grabbed his swollen member and held it upright. I lowered myself onto it. “Fuck,” we both said in unison.

I took as much as I could inside of me. I felt the head of his cock slip through my rosebud and the rest of his slippery shaft follow. The feeling of fullness overwhelmed me. I knew it wouldn’t be long before we both came.

I grasped my penis with a tight fist and began to pump it as I bobbed up and down quickly on Ryan’s arousal. My hand flew along the wet pipe. I was right. Less than three minutes later, Ryan screamed that he was going to come. I was with him. I jumped off of his cock and moved up towards his head.

Ryan yelped as his cock erupted with a shower of semen. I felt it spray onto my back and figured he must have removed the condom. He body was shaking under me. It was so hot. I pointed my member at his face and told him to open up. Just as his mouth opened I shot the first stream of man juice. It landed on his tongue. I shoved my cock into his mouth for the rest of my whole body orgasm. I lost control and groaned loudly as the final semen blew out of my swollen cockhead.

I pulled my cock out of his mouth and looked down at him as he licked a drop of cum off his lips. He had a huge smile on his face. I bent over and kissed him.


After we were dressed and back in the living room, we talked.

“So, you enjoy that?” I asked.

“Hells yah! A guy’s ass is way tighter than a pussy.”

“I think this is a friendship that will last for a long time.”

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