1969 : Part one

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The late 1960s is famous for the many new freedoms given to females. Even the lead in sexual adventure became a domain for many. But having to “start sometime” meant that there was a carryover of a proper, polite, perhaps even docile, generation. That generation was raised one way, and instantly allowed to become the “other” way. Taking the restrictions off of that group was the ultimate in human dynamics.

In her mind, Melissa had it all. She even had the freedom to explore cross cultural experiences. For instance, in the USA, suddenly, sexual encounters with another race became accepted by a growing fraction of the population. Still, such encounters were rare enough to have the extra thrill of rule violation still associated with them. And that thrill of violation was most enjoyed by those girls who were raised under the oldest, most restrictive, rules.

Melissa was one of the women who made that transition during those late 60s. She had the extra liberal benefit of working at a major university. There you had the ivory tower mandate to push the experiences to the extreme. Perfectly acceptable in that isolated world. Her job, as a lab manager, required her to encounter humans from all parts of the world. Every post doctorate fellow or full professor from outside the USA was quite different from any person who Melissa might have met in her own native land of Ohio.

Melissa was now 26. Her own masters was in the bio-sciences. She felt that the lab manager position allowed her to truly use much of her own education and experience, while being directly involved in the continuing education of a great number of formal visitors to the USA. Interspersed throughout her large PU agronomy department were representatives from Australia, Indonesia, China, Brazil, Nigeria and many other countries where food production was or was going to be critical in the coming years.

Physically, Melissa was a little bright star. Only 5 foot, 2 inches tall and 104 pounds in weight, she was in absolute top condition. Her conditioning was done with small weights and an early form of aerobics class. She thought that a lean panther type look was attractive. All the males around her were in total agreement with her Measurements? 34C-22-34 does not do her justice. With the total fitness and small stature, she took on a gymnast look. She did, in fact, have a gymnastic background. Now she had the ample assets that would be “too much” for a competing gymnast.

She had done her proper Midwest USA thing, and married her sweetheart. Tom was from the same area of Ohio as Melissa. He attended that same university now, and had obtained his bachelor’s degree in engineering back in Ohio. While Melissa worked full time, he had gotten his own Masters and was well on his way to a PhD in mechanical engineering. They had attempted the new lifestyles, even the early swinging. That was satisfactory for him. It never worked out for Melissa.

True to his own liberal pledge, he had gone out of his way to compensate for her lack of swinging reward by telling her that she could pick up a guy any time. He didn’t even want her to necessarily tell him when such an event occurred. Rather, she could wait until there was something good to report, to wait for big developments, and to “surprise” him...
She heard him, but took little of it seriously. She was not pushy and did not really believe that she had any social contact outside of their marriage and her, already established, friendships. Thus, she expected nothing from such a fantasy. That remained that way, for many months after his “permission” was given. Not that the newly freed professional woman needed permission

Then, late in the Spring, Tom found out that he was going to be required to make a sort of mini sabbatical that summer, that he must attend another university three states away that entire summer. It would be a concentrated engineering study that would require his full attention 12 to 16 hours a day for 8 weeks At the graduate and post graduate level, this sort of requirement was not unusual. But that would leave Melissa alone on campus.

She, in a blah fashion, said that she would make the best of it. Tom said, “Hey, here’s your chance to score.” It was said only as a lark. He just thought that he would temper the bad news with a little jest. Melissa’s response was, “Oh, yeah, sure. I will go right out and get me a harem of men ” In truth, he would be totally consumed by his studies, and she thought that she would be bored all summer on a very hot campus.

As the Spring went on, Melissa met the incoming post doc students. One, who she considered a very sophisticated professor, was from Nigeria. Suave. Slim. 6 foot 6 inches in height. Muscular. She had a hard time ignoring what was obviously attractive to her. Over the next few weeks, she would be slowly introduced to his dry humor and his story telling. He loved telling stories about events in his home country Nigeria. First the stories were of a general daily life there.

Later, after he had her attention, he began to include details about relationships between men and women in Nigeria. He detailed the strange combination of Christian and Islamic interpretations.
That a woman who had sex freely was a Jezebel. That there were some interesting rituals that involved any woman who violated her marriage. Those implications were purposeful temptations for Melissa. It was to have her inquire about what rituals might be like for such a Jezebel.

Through the shelves and across lab benches, this discussion went on over the days and weeks preceding the summer time. And it grew in detail. He was very happy to tell of the Jezebel being purposefully fucked by many large men, over and over again, to insure that her vagina became large and loose. This was so that her boyfriend, fiancee or husband would not be able to fit her. Certainly, the practice demonstrated the real domination of the Nigerian male during that time period. The woman was being used to demonstrate large penises, and demonstrate them well. The goal was that she would then only be able to fuck with the largest of men. That allowed the large men to control the possibility of any sex that this Jezebel might be able to have in the future.

As free as Melissa was to make her choice, this sexual work over of a nasty girl intrigued her. She would quiz “Martin” further on the technique. He would give an ever increasing amount of detail. Till, finally, one day, he admitted that he had participated in such a practice. In fact, he
told Melissa that he had done so “5 times”. She feigned shock; but, she really had suspected his involvement earlier within the discussions. Martin said that he could even produce photos from one girl’s repeated fuckings. “Are you in some of those pictures?” He replied,“Yes, of course.”
No shame. Perhaps pride was in his voice. Melissa taunted, “Really? Well, you may just have to show me. Can you actually do that?” “Yes, but you are married, and I have already said so many things that are, I am sure, offensive.” Now, he was the one faking concern. Fairly late into the topic to worry. But he did let her know that he acknowledged his violation of her status.
Then, in an interesting move, he acknowledged her own sin, “If you are so very interested, you might be a white Jezebel ” Melissa, with her 1960s USA liberalism in effect, responded, “Might be.”

Martin took her comment as an extreme “go ahead”. The next day, he brought a little brown photo album into the lab. When the other grad students were gone at lunchtime, he brought it out for Melissa to see. It started sweet enough, showing a very cute 19 year old Nigerian woman in a nice brightly colored dress. Nice hairdo, nice makeup, very upscale... Then, when the album was turned to the second page, she was nude and leaning against a tree. Very provocative in her pose, she looked trim and balanced. A nice hour glass figure. Smooth caramel skin, a long waist and longer legs. Melissa thought that she looked, “very attractive ”

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