Wild West Widow : Part 3

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For a week Karen Masters was fucked by a succession of the town's leading men. Grant Masters always gave them first use of the new whore to keep them happy. The widow was certainly a fresh attraction after the experienced prostitutes who'd previously occupied her bed.

Three days with the saloon's owner, Grant Benson, had certainly broken her in. She'd been expertly screwed and taught the tricks of the trade. It's suprising how quickly women can be turned into whores. Karen had never experienced what Grant had done to her and been surprised how she'd responded. He made her orgasm repeatedly and do things she'd never even dreamed about in the very straight forward love making of her husband, who'd never used her mouth or ass.

She was a very a very different woman when Mayor Johnson came to her room with Miss Kitty. Mat Johnson was a big, fat barrel of a man of about 50 who loved eating, drinking and making money. Married to a dried up old harridan, he was a frequent visitor to the Golden Nuggest, where he was given free pussy. Downstairs he'd had a drink with Grant and the boys before going up.

"Bet you taught her some tricks by now," he said to Grant. The whoremaster grinned. "Told her she'd have to pretend with guys that have small dicks like you." The men laughed. "She'll know she's been fucked when I'm finished," said Johnson. "She suck well?" "An expert has taught her, Mat. Suck you dry as a bone." "Well, she'll certainly have a sore cunt after the cock she'll get over the next week. Glad I'm first." "You got the afternoon, Mat. McGinty will be after you."
"Make sure she's well oiled for him," leered Johnson.

Upstairs Karen was being laced into a red corset by Miss Kitty who pulled the laces very tight. "Hard to breath," complained Karen. "You're showing off your goodies. Don't worry. Johnson will soon have it off." Her 36 inch breasts had been thrust out and up, showing her deep cleavage. As she put on her stockings, Karen thought of her son, Sam. She'd only been to see him twice at the house where he was being looked after by a black maid.

He was not happy and questioned his mother about what she was doing. Karen had been evasive and tried to reassure him but the 10 year old was bound to find out. Her plan was to make enough money to pay her husband's creditors but that was a great deal of money and would require a lot of time on her back.

Karen was not an experienced whore, and despite the balling by Benson, she was nervous as Miss Kitty showed Johnson into the room where she stood on high heels in her corset and stockings. "Shit," breathed the Mayor as he saw her and his cock went hard. He'd seen her walking around town in her stylish dresses but seeing her stripped down was something else.

Karen knew she had to stomach the fat pig and forced a smile with her heavily painted face. "Thanks Kitty," said Johnson. "You can bring me a beer in an hour. I'll need it." Kitty left. Johnson was sweating as he went to Karen. "You are the best piece of ass we've had here, he said. He ran a hand up her stockinged thigh and then between her legs to feel her uncovered cleft which was exposed beneeath the flap of her corset. He slid a finger into her, going deep, while his other hand fondled her bust. "Great tits," be breathed, pulling Karen to him and giving her a sloppy whisky tasting kiss. Her stomach heaved at his taste but she controlled herself.

She was being treated like a whore, and would have to deal with him like one. "OK honey," said Karen. "Let me undress for you and you can fuck me." The words coming from her cultured voice surprised Johnson.

He was reminded that this was a classy piece of tail. She'd been instructed by Kitty in how to handle men. Kitty knew that the 'fancy accent' would excite them. Johnson stood watching, seeng her lipstick smeared by his kissing as she rolled the stockings off each long, shapely leg and then undid the laces on the corset. Jonnon was dry mouthed as she exposed her large, jutting breasts and then stepped out of the corset, showing her black bush, generous pussy and tight buttocks.

Karen stood hands on hips as he gazed at her nakededness. Johnson began to quickly pull off his clothes. His body was corpulent and hairy, a big gut above his large cock which was at full mast. He came to Karen and his rough hands cupped her breasts before his head went to slobber in them and suck the nipples. His hands grabbed her buttocks and dug into the firm flesh as he mauled her. "I need a fuck," he said, pushing Karen back onto the bed.

She spread herself for him as he mounted her, the sweating face above her filled with lust. His cock pushed between her thighs and thrust inside her as he grunted. There were no preliminaries. He only knew one way to bang a woman and he proceeded to do that to Karen. He was heavy and it was difficult for her to breath under his bulk. "Every man in town wants to do this," he breathed.

His cock hammered into her. Benson had told her how to speed up a client and Karen squeezed Benson with her pussy muscles. A comibination of that and the wet hole made him quickly lose control and with a great shout he came with several savage thrusts that winded Karen before he rolled off her.

"Shit, you are too juicy," he said. "But don't worry I've got more for you." Karen had to endure three hours of the Mayor. He next wanted a blow job. She washed his thick, unattractive prick and then sucked 'him dry" as Benson had predicted. The Mayor couldn't believe she had such skill. "You must have sucked a lot of dick," he said as she worked on him. "Damn me that's good."

Karen thought of other things as she serviced the shaft, holding it with one hand, licking, kissing, sucking, playing the balls with her tongue taking him deep into her mouth. The stimulation was incredible and Johnson orgasmed with a mighty shout as he poured his bitter seed into Karen's mouth.

"Jeez, that was the best. Never had better," laughed Benson.

Karen didn't believe he could achieve another erection, but he did after playing with her body for a while, telling her about what lay ahead. "You got a few of the officers from the fort coming before you go on stage. Then there's Grant's boys who are really worked up waiting their turns.

You going to have a busy time in the next week, baby." Karen had been concerned about having to take a large number of men but it was Benson's way of ensuring she was ready for the rough trade she'd get from the draws on stage.

Johnson finished by sodomising her. Karen was now much more prepared for anal sex after Benson had busted her butt hole, but it still hurt as the Mayor thrust away, taking his time to enjoy the great ass before unloading. He slapped her semen covered buttocks as he she lay on the bed. "You got one hell of a fanny, honey. One hell of a body. Going to earn you lots of money,"

When he'd gone, Kitty helped Karen get ready for the next man while the sheets were changed by a maid. She had to wash, and redo her make-up and hair. She was a little sore after the Mayor, and Kitty applied some creams and salves.

It was now the turn of Frank McGinty, the railway boss. A hard man in his early 40s, he ruled his empire with an iron fist. Unlike the Mayor, he was six foot tall, all muscle and good looking in a stern sort of way. He'd known Karen's husband who'd not impressed him when he'd tried to negotiate a supply deal with the railway. "A weak piece of shite," he said to Benson. "Deserved what he got.

Cheating bastard owed money everywhere. His woman will have to work her cunt off to pay it back. Seen her around town. Seems she has the assets to earn more than her old man." Benson grinned. "best tits I've seen in a while and a great ride," said the whoremaster. "Shy at first but she certainly enjoys a good fucking." "Well, she'll get that tonight," said McGinty.

The railway boss kept a mistress - a lovely chinese - but frequently whored at the Golden Nugget, where he was known among the girls for his enormous prick - bigger even than Benson. Everyone wondered how the petite Chinese could accomodate him. It has been very painful when he'd taken her virginity and for sometime afterwards, but she'd been enlarged by constant fucking.

McGinty was looking to replace her and Karen could have been a solution but Benson had moved in first before he could act while he was away on urgent business. When Kitty showed him into the room, Karen was again standing in her corset, hands on hips. You wouldn't think she'd just been crudely fucked by the Mayor.

McGinty dismissed Kitty, "Well, madame you have begun your whoring.

I hope you will do better than many in this trade. That stupid husband of yours is to blame for this. How he got such a beautiful woman as you I don't know." Walking to Karen, he ran a hand over her body slowly. "You should be in a top New York house, not this place. Benson will work you until you are down in the cribs below."

"Very well. You will suck me. Take off that corset first," he said, sitting down. Karen obeyed unbuckling herself. "Yes, she would have made a good mistress," he thought. "But I don't want her after Benson has whored her." Naked she stood before him. Kneeling down she unbottoned his trousers and reached inside to take out his enormous cock.

He was gigantic - 12 inches and thick. Karen had thought no one could be bigger than Benson, "Ha, madame, you will not see many larger than mine." Her hand circled the rock hard shaft as she washed him, then began licking and kissing it, going to his gigantic swollen balls with her tongue. It was difficult sucking such a big cock, and Karen could just about get the head in her mouth.

She worked with her tongue and lips, making McGinty respond. "You have good skill, madame," he said. "Did you whore before meeting your husband?" She continued, hands stroking the shaft. McGinty made her work and her jaws aches until she felt him coming. He lost ocntol for the first time, crying out as he ejaculated powerfully, a big jet of sperm nearly choking Karen as it went down her throat and spraying out of her mouth onto her breasts.

McGinty lay back, looking at the fluid spattering Karen. "Good, very good," he said. "Your husband was a cock sucker and so is his wife,"

The references to her husband angered Karen but she could not show it. McGintry undressed to show off his handsome body. Getting into bed with her, he kneaded the firm breasts and ran his hand over her belly to play with her snatch to ensure it was wet for him, toying with clit and probing inside. "You have a magnificent body. It'll be wasted on the riff raff here.

I would have taken you as a mistress if you had not been so quick to accept Benson's offer." Karen looked at him. "Yes, but I was out of town and it is too late now. Everyone knows you are a whore. Pity." He began sucking a nipple while shoving a finger inside Karen's vagina. She gasped at the stimulation, being so sensitive to such stimulation. Within a few minutes she cried out and orgasmed noisily as he played her.

"Well, madame, you appear to be ready for some cock," said McGinty. He gave her the fucking of her life - better than Benson. He knew how to ride a woman and his enormous erection ensured that's Karen's already sensitive pussy soon reacted to the thrusting as she orgasmed, clinging to him. Again and again she came, thinking of nothing but what was between her legs. Sweat ran off her body as he brought her to a fifth climax, gasping for air. After the clumsy Mayor, McGinty was a skilled cocksman. Karen thought he would never come but at last he shouted and unloaded an eruption of hot seed into her belly.

She lay back totally spent, breasts heaving, unable to believe she could have experienced such pleasure. "Well, you certainly seem to enjoy your knew trade, madame," said McGinty. They talked and he spared her nothing of what can happen to a whore. "There are tents near the rail line where some women provide services for a dollar a time to my workers. Women from here have ended there. Be careful it does not happen to you."

The knowledge that she could have found a protector in McGinty ate at Karen. "I could leave here. If you want me..." she said. "It is too late, madame. You have whored and I would not want to have Benson as an enemy. He knows he will make a lot of money from you. The whole town is talking about you and when you'll be on the stage." Karen knew he was right. He took her again and then left. "I wish you well. Heed my words. Get out of this trade before you end in the cribs."

Kitty came to get Karen ready for the next man. "Big enough for you, was he?," she asked, seeing Karen's tired face. "Not many can give a woman what he can. Mr Green certainly won't" Green was the local banker - a thin bald man in his 60s - very horny but capable of doing little in bed. Karen had to suck his shrivelled cock and hand job him for the only orgasm he could achieve, while enduring his pawing and slobbering over her body.

The three men had given her an idea of the different extremes a prostitute faces in her clients. Over the next few days she entertained further men - cronies of Benson or important local worthies. Some gave her a hard fucking, other older ones lacked potency. None came near to matching McGinty. However, Karen did have further orgasms from a couple of the more handsome men. A gambler called Ted Renton and a gunfighter Phil Mason certainly knew how to ride a woman and got her juices running.

Sheriff Ray Coleman still had a strong dick and took his pleasure roughly of Karen. "When you came to my office I wanted to do that," he said as he lay beside her after a blow job and a fuck. "You certainly learn quick. You got the best pair of titties I ever sucked." Benson's men in the bar saw the coming and going and were impatient for their turn.

"I really want to fuck her," said one. "You and the whole town buddy. Don't worry we get her next week," First was Colonel Jim Manners and officers from the fort outside town. They always got the new whore for a day. Until now, the men had come one at a time, now she was to take on eight men, waiting their turns across the corridor.

Karen was tired and a bit sore after six days of fucking, and had only been able to make short visits to her son. Her period was also approaching. "You boys getting a New York lady today," said Colonel Masters as they rode into town. "Real fancy. Not your usual whore. Only dropped her drawers last week so still nice and fresh."

"Hear she's been well fucked by a lot of Benson's buddies already," replied one of the officers. "Yes, but not like the usual ones who've been in houses for years." "Got a kid. They say that's why she's whoring."
"Have another kid by the time she's finished." The soldiers laughed.

The officers were shown into a room across from Karen's bedroom. "Hope you'll be comfortable, gentlemen," said Benson. "Just ring for more food and drink. I'll get Karen." She was waiting in her corset tugging nervously at the garter of her stocking. "You got to go on stage soon, so this will get you used to it," said Kitty. "You go in there, sit on the Colonel's lap and then move around to the other officers before the Colonel brings you back here."

She'd been fucked by four men the previous day, and now there would be eight. Hard soldiers. Benson came in, "OK. Showtime. Big smile. Show off what you've got." Karen walked on her high heels across the corridor followed by Kitty. The room was smoky and smelled of whisky as she entered.

The men looked up and there were whistles, whispered comments and dirty laughter as she appeared. Karen forced a weak smile, hands on hips. "Look at the tits on that," she heard one officer say. "Come here my m'dear. I'm Colonel Manners." She made her way to him. It was her first public show in a corset and she was very aware of the lust engendered in the officers.

The Colonel slid his hand around her waist and pulled her onto his lap. "Well, I understand you are new here." His hand ran up her stocking leg. "Yes," replied Karen. "From New York, eh," he said. His sweaty hand was between her legs and under the flap of the corset. She wore nothing there and his fingers brushed through her pubic hair and rubbbed her snatch.

The others watched, getting hard. He slid a finger into her vagina and she twisted on his lap. "And you have a son?" "He's 10." "Don't look old enough to have a son so old" His finger was exploring deep inside. "Does he know your new career." "No," replied Karen. His other hand was massaging her breasts through the cups of the corset. "Not good for him to know his mother is whoring, but needs must," said the Colonel.

She could feel his hard erection under her bottom. "You must be careful in this trade or he'll be having a little brother," said the Colonel. There was laughter. "Come, madame, unlace yourself, we would like to see your chest." Karen looked at Kitty who nodded. She reached for the lacing and began undoing it. The bodice came loose and the Colonel pulled it away to expose the breasts to whistles.

He took one in his hands and squeezed. "Plenty to suck there, gentlemen." He played with the nipples getting them hard and then put his mouth on one to suck while the others applauded. "Now I'm sure you'd like to meet my officers." Karen went from man to man to be kissed and pawed, her breasts getting a licking and her ass pinched. It was humilating to be treated like this by a room of men and Karen was not happy."Don't think she's too used to this, are you madame?," asked one with his finger in her snatch.

Every part of her sweating body was explored before the Colonel ended it. "Very well gentlemen. Time to bed her." For the next eight hours Karen received a very hard fucking. They all treated her like a whore and took their pleasure roughly, like men queuing at a military brothel. No orgasms this time. She suffered bruising and her breasts were bitten. The officers showed no respect, only interested in their own pleasure. These men had raped women captured in battle and had little compassion. Karen just had to sweat under them as she was pounded front and rear.

Colonel Masters began by giving her the toughest screwing she'd endured, a bastard who enjoyed hurting a woman. "That, madame, is a soldier's fuck," he said before leaving as she lay on the bed. "One day you may well end up at the fort as entertainment for my soldiers." Kitty did her best to alleviate the effects of the gang bang but it would have been difficult even for an experienced whore.

It was intended to get her used to such sex and after it she would be changed into more of a brass bottomed prostitute. She had to be able to go on stage before screaming men and flaunt her body. This was her training to accept humiliating herself. By the time the officers finished she was very sore in both holes and exhausted. The elegant widow who'd arrived in town so recently was no more - she was now a well fucked whore who would be used by many hundreds of men.

To be continued...

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