Wife masturbates in car

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My wife enjoy traditional partner sex, and we love to play sex "games" with each other. One of our favorites is car masturbation, while driving. On long trips, if we decide to masturbate while we drive, the passenger gets to masturbate. The driver can encourage, glance over, and even accept stimulation from the passenger - but the driver just drives. He or she isn't allowed to actually masturbate at that time.

Last week on a long trip through a couple of states in the western part of the USA, we had decided that she would get to masturbate while we drove, so she wasn't wearing a bra. It's exciting to plan a car masturbation like that. Over breakfast, we often talk about exactly what we'll do to ourselves in the car. The talk about masturbation, sex, and orgasms is excellent foreplay.

On the day I'm writing about, After an hour or so of small talk and driving on an interstate highway, I asked her to unbutton her blouse and expose a breast. She loves to start this way, either on a highway or (sometimes) while driving through a small town. She got out her left breast (the one nearest me but away from the passenger window - you Brits remember that in the US we drive on the right hand side of the road). She just left the breast exposed for about a quarter of an hour as cars passed us and we passed other cars. Just "leaving the tit out" like this is a stimulating experience for both of us.

She likes to stimulate her nipples as a beginning to self-sex, so she began gently stroking her left nipple, dry, until it was erect. Then she would stimulate the whole breast, gently stroking from base of the breast to tip of the nipple, flicking the nipple several times. I enjoyed glancing over at her and watching her get herself aroused, seeing her naked tit exposed as we passed cars and cars passed us.

After another 15 to 20 minutes of intermittent breast and nipple stimulation, I asked her to expose her right breast too. She wouldn't do it while sitting straight up in her seat, worried that it was too likely that someone would complain to police - but eventually she got excited enough so she didn't care so much, and she slid down in her seat, opened her blouse completely and exposed both breasts, flicking the nipples, sliding her finger tips down them, occasionally pinching or pulling the nipples gently. With prolonged stimulation like this her nipples will ooze small amounts of a clear or slightly milky fluid. She spread this over her breasts.

After another half hour she asked permission to masturbate her clit. I told her that she would have to sit up straight again and that she could stimulate her clit only through her slacks, but she was not allowed to remove her slacks yet. I insisted that she leave her tits fully exposed. She was breathing a little hard, and already had a sexual flush on her chest. Her nipples were fully erect, sticking out over half an inch in length. They had taken up almost all of the erectile skin of her areolae. I knew she would be wet down below, and that her clit would already be erect. She wouldn't remove her blouse yet, but by this time she was so anxious to stimulate her clit that she was willing to sit up straight, exposing her naked tits as we drove. She even arched her back, pushing the aching tits out as she stimulated them. When cars passed close, I allowed her to cover up briefly.

She said she really needed to cum, really had to stimulate her clit right now. She put the back rest of her seat all the way down, slid off her slacks, and pressed her fingers against her vulva. Her cotton bikini panties were already soaked through with her own cum. She spread her thighs and labia so I could see her erect clit through the panties, circled the clit with a finger. I made her keep the panties on for many minutes, allowing stimulation only through the sopping wet cloth. Both tits were now continually exposed. She pleaded to be allowed remove her panties and to masturbate to a good cum, and eventually I agreed.

She slid off the panties, now naked in the passenger seat except for her blouse, which still hung onto her shoulders - but she had no intention of covering her tits now. She was fully concentrated on herself and her own self-love, but she really wanted to expose herself. She used her right hand to stimulate her clit, one finger moving it side to side at first, then moving in a circular way. Her left hand worked on her right tit, giving continuous stimulation to the nipple. She loves this simultaneous stimulation of tit and clit. She talks to herself as she jills off this way ' "I'm naked in the car....my tits are naked and I'm masturbating.....watch my clit, I'm jerking off....jerking myself off.....masturbating in the car......want to watch myself cum......please watch me masturbate now..... people can see me masturbating (though of course they couldn't; we're not into getting caught for public indecency)..... oh, I'm close to cumming....close to making myself cum......gonna cum......"

Her hips were working back and forth, fucking her hand as she masturbated. The knowledge that she was fully naked in the car while she masturbated was too much to control. She tried to hold off, saving the first cum, but she had gone too far. An aching, racking series of spasms of her abdomen, hips, and pelvis and a long "AHHHHHH" ended a very hard orgasm. Her thights came together as the most intense spasms subsided, but involuntary contractions continued for many seconds.

Then she giggled and grinned, still naked in a semi-reclining position. After a rest, she would masturbate to two more orgasms that morning. My cock was aching for relief, but I knew that she would be driving in the afternoon, when I could finally let myself ejaculate in the passenger seat.

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