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After graduating high school, me and my best friend of 7 years got our acceptance letters to our dream college and knew we wanted to dorm together. I was so excited that I would have a familiar face, and a beautiful one at that. Melissa was shorter than I am, standing at 5 foot 2 where I am 5 foot 8. Her features were common but impressive. Pale skin, brown eyes, black and red streaked hair, D cup, slightly thick...perfection. I was the opposite. Thin, olive toned, light brown hair with C cups and hazel eyes. But despite our physical differences, we were the same mentally. Melissa was open about her lesbian sexuality, whereas I have only slept with men. Little did I know, that was about to change.

I was nervous those first few nights on campus. I had never stayed away from home before. I come from a close Italian family, so I was home sick. Thankfully, My best friend was there to make me feel better.

Melissa and I were studying one night, when I noticed for the first time how great her breasts looked without a bra under her white tank top, despite their large size, they were incredibly perky. I couldn't stop staring at the way they moved as she breathed in and out. When she caught me looking, she laughed softly and continued to read. I could feel myself blushing. No longer being able to focus on studying, I closed my book and went to my bed, which was bottom bunk. I could feel her eyes on me as I got up from the couch. I got the chills but didn't know why. I was never nervous like this before.

She closed her book too, set it down on the couch, and walked over to where I was laying. She sat down next to me, placed her hand on my leg, and smiled warmly.

"Are you okay Sam? I've noticed you haven't really been yourself since we got here." Said Melissa.

"Yeah, I guess I'm just a little home sick. I don't really know what to do to feel better." I said. At this point, My heart was racing, because her hand was now caressing the length of my inner thigh. I could feel myself getting moist, and I knew my body temperature was rising.
"I could do something for you if you want. Something that might take your mind off of all of this." Melissa said with a smile.

"Like what?" I asked, getting more and more nervous by the second.
"Promise you won't freak out?"
"Just say it, Meli. You know I never judge you."

"I want you to listen to my instructions very carefully Samantha. I want you to kiss me."

I hesitated for a moment, but before I knew it, I was on her soft pink lips, feeling her warm tongue begging for entrance to my mouth, and I gladly let her slip it in. The kiss got rougher. She took me by surprise when she sucked my lower lip into her mouth and nibbled it lightly. Once I recovered from the shock of that, I realized her hand had left my thigh and traveled up to the hem of my shirt. She took my shirt off, pressed me against the wall, and began to kiss her way down to my neck, nibbling and licking it on either side.

I found myself moaning with pleasure and absentmindedly touching her breast through her shirt. She removed her own shirt for me, then started kissing my nipple lightly, while beginning to play with the other one in between her fingers. I felt my body relax and tighten at the same time. I wasn't even thinking. Just feeling her light tongue flicking movements sync up with her pinching and subtle twisting of my nipples made me mimic the same motion with my fingers on her breasts, occasionally stopping to play with her long hair.

As she neared my shorts, I stopped her.
"Meli, we can't. We're best friends and this is getting weird. I don't want to fuck up our friendship."
"Sam, stop. I've wanted to do this to you forever. This won't ruin anything. I'm just gonna eat your pussy tonight. I want to make my best friend cum so that you can get back to being yourself."

Before I could protest any further, my shorts were being ripped off and I was laying there, in front of my best friend, completely naked, legs spread, freshly shaved pussy out and dripping in her face. She looked me in the eye, smiled, and covered my eyes with my shorts.

"No peeking!" she exclaimed. And that's when I felt her warm breath on my pussy lips. I held my breath in anticipation, and almost came instantly when I felt her tongue gently slide up and down my clit. She slowly began to softly slide her tongue up and down my pussy, increasing with pressure and speed. My breathing began to hasten as I got louder. My hips started rocking against her face and she slid a finger inside me. I felt myself gush again and again as she went faster, harder, deeper. As I had my finishing orgasm, she shoved her fingers into my mouth. Tasting myself made me want her juices in my mouth. I've never eaten pussy before, but I knew I wanted to learn.

I knew I caught her off guard when i ripped my shorts off from my eyes and sat up to grab her. She was in silent shock as I dominated, pushing her in my spot and removing her shorts. Her pussy was gorgeous. The lips were perfectly symmetrical. So pink and hair free. Her scent intoxicating. Her juices were calling to me. I had no idea what i was doing, but i was going for it. I placed my tongue and the bottom of her pussy and slid up slowly towards the clit, flicking my tongue at the end of the clit to make her legs twitch. I repeated that move, gaining speed and pressure as I went. When she gushed into my mouth, I lost it. I just started fingering her and licking any and everywhere. She was riding my face, and I took that as praise for my first ever pussy licking.

She woke up in my arms, I in hers, and we made each other cum the rest of those four years. And still do on occasion to this day.

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