Vodka at a picnic

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Kotcha was a smashing red head she had long red silky hair she was going to go on a picnic she had called up her long lost friend and soul mate to go with her he said yes to her invite derrick was sexy and she couldn't wait to go on a fun date with him, this was going to be a fun picnic she thought she put two different kinds of vodka on her picnic some cheap red wine and pucker raspberry vodka she put some pretty wine glasses rapped in a towel so they wouldn't get broken she put in her picnic basket some red juicy apples and some lemon cake , some orange jello.

She wore a pretty red lacy dress and satin red shoes her red hair was in a bun . she was suppose to be there at two so she rushed got her stuff together put the food in a basket in her car and rushed to the park she met him there he looked nice and smelled divine , she met him they then walked over to some swings she sat in the swing he pushed her in a swing and then they walked over to a table sat down got out the food and vodka and wine and set on the table.

She got out her pretty wine glasses and he poured the red vodka in a glass and they drank it together sharing the glass of red vodka her red lip stick was on the glass she then put her finger in the glass and licked her red ruby lips , yummy this taste so good licking her fingers and lips and then taking her fingers touching the rim of the glass she then touched her dress she then took and apple out of the picnic basket and ate some of the apple and drank the red wine.

He could smell her cheap perfume as he sat close to her smelling her neck he then got closer smelling her she smelled so good and her red hair tucked into a bun, he then moved closer to her and kissed her on the lips ever so softly she got a little anxious and moved back a little he then kissed her neck and then her lips she moved farther away she was nervous for they hadn't seen each other in a long time.

He decided to wait and not do anymore . she then said lets go look at the lake he said sounds nice so they both got up and walked to the lake sat down on a bench and looked at the lake she then moved over and touched his hand so lightly and held his hand in her hand and said isn't this nice o yes he said I want to do this again sometime she said and he said yes so do I as the sunset over the horizon on a nice warm day both holding hands and enjoying each others company the end.

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