son in the army

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I have a 19 year old son that is in the army and he came home for Christmas. Well I went and picked him up at the airport on Wednesday. I wore the sexiest outfit that I have. Underneath I only had on a bra that pushes my tits up real nice, one of those under wire kind, and the part that goes over my nipples is real thin lace.

I drove out there with the window open because I was so nervous and didn't want to be all sweaty, worked out real nice, my nipples were sticking straight out and were quit visible through my knit top. When David saw me he kind of took a double take, I don't think he ever saw me in that way before.

On the way home I let my skirt ride up so he could see my legs almost all the way up to my crotch. I asked him to tell me some of the things that he has been doing and at first he started talking about trying to surf. Then he told me about how some of his army buddies had taken him to a strip bar and there was this one girl that was just beautiful. He said that she kind of reminded him of me. She was about 5' 8" tall and had the nicest tits that he had seen in along time, ever in fact. He said that they were not to big but just big enough to be able to have a hand full and still have the nipple sticking out.

I asked how he knew that and he told me that she had let him feel them. I thought that those girls weren't supposed to let any one touch them, I said. He said that after she got off of the stage she came over to him and asked if he wanted a private dance and when he said sure she took him by the hand to a corner way in the back of the place and had him sit down.

As she was taking off her clothes and dancing for him she kept feeling his legs and by the time that she was nude he had a very hard cock. She rubbed it through his pants and then stood up and squeezed her tits together and moved her tits to his face. So close that all he had to do was open his mouth and she put her nipples in. He then reached up and felt her breasts. She moved back and bent down and told him that for $20.00 she would give him a blow job right there. He said he couldn't get his wallet out fast enough.

He told me how she sucked him off right there in the place, making him cum and that she swallowed all of his cum. I was getting so hot just listening to him. When we finally got home and in the house he took his stuff to his room and then came out and picked up the phone. Whoever he called told him to come right over. I was disappointed but I know he hasn't seen his friends for a long time. He asked to use the car and I asked what time he thought he might be home. He didn't know and then he left. I was so disappointed that he didn't really even notice how hot he had made me.

I went in a took a nice hot bubble bath and just relaxed thinking about what to do next. My pussy was aching for a man and I rubbed my clit until I had an orgasm right there in the tub. After I got out I decided that if he came home I would be ready for him. I put on a large t-shirt that I had cut down the front to the middle of my chest, nothing underneath.

I poured myself a rum and coke and went into the living room and started watching a movie. The rum and coke was so good that I had it drank before I knew it, so I made myself another, only making it a little stronger. After three of them I was getting a little drunk and I must have passed out or at least just fell asleep on the couch watching some movie.

I woke up to him coming in at around 3 in the morning. I acted like I was sleeping and didn't let him know that I was really awake. My shirt was pulled up and my pussy was uncovered and my hand was up under my shirt holding one of my breasts. He came in and quietly turned off the TV. Trying to keep my eyes closed I looked at him and he came over to the couch and looked down at me. Looking at my naked bottom half I saw him start to rub his cock through his pants. He bent down and looked at my pussy up real close. I shifted my body and let my legs fall open further.

At first he jumped back a little and then he moved back in real close to me. I swear I could feel his breath on my pussy. He reached up and lightly touched my pussy lips. I moaned and spread my legs wider for him. I tried to see what he was doing but I didn't want him to know that I was awake. I could only see the top of his head. He was sniffing at my pussy and I am sure glad that I had just taken a bubble bath and had put some perfume on my pussy. I felt him spread my lips apart with his finger and then he lightly touched my clit. I moaned again and moved my hips towards his fingers.

Then I felt his tongue on my clit and he was gently licking my pussy. I moaned again and he backed off. He must have thought that I was waking up and he stopped and stood up. He was rubbing his cock and god I needed him. He left and went to the bathroom. I could hear him pissing. Then he went into his room. I thought shit I should have grabbed his head and plunged his face into my pussy. I reached down and felt how wet I was, I just have to him, I thought.

I got up and went to his door, all was quiet, shit, and I just blue my chance for tonight. So I went to bed, and just laid there trying to think about what to do next. Finally after an hour or so I fell asleep. When I woke up it was 7:00 and the house was quiet. I went out to the kitchen to make coffee wearing only the t shirt with the cut down the front, nothing under it. After the coffee was done I poured me some and went out to get the paper. I sat down and started reading it, but could not stop thinking if this was really the right thing to do or not. You know trying to get David to have sex with me.

My daughter was at her dad's for Christmas and we were alone in the house. David came out of his room and said good morning, went to the bathroom and I could hear him pissing again. I wish I could be holding his cock while he does it. When he came out he went to get a cup off coffee and I made sure that the shirt was placed so he could see my pussy if he looked. He asked for some of the paper and then sat across from me. I tried to act like I was just reading but every once in a while I would look over at him and when I did he was looking at me. He would just smile and then look back at the paper. He had a robe on and shit I hadn't even noticed but he was naked under it and it had fallen open enough for me to see his cock and balls. I think maybe he does want me to do this thing with him.

I asked him what he had planned for the day and he said nothing much, just sit around the house with me and talk about what we have both been doing. I got up and went over to him. I bent down and kissed him on the forehead and told him that I love him and am glad that he came home for Christmas. The shirt is loose enough that he could see right down to my tits.

I ask if he wanted some breakfast and he said sure, bacon eggs and some of my great home fried potatoes. I told him to come into the kitchen so we could talk while I fixed them. He followed me into the kitchen and sat at the table. I bent down from my waist with my ass facing him to get a pan from under the stove. I just know that he could see my bare ass while I was bent over. I started telling him how much I think that sex doesn't have to be a thing where the two people get all hung up on each other, and he agreed. That I can have sex with someone and not have to get all upset if they only happen to want to have sex with me. He asked me if I like to give head and I told him that oral sex is one sure way to make sure that my partner enjoys him self and that when it is done to me I always get off.

While we were talking I started putting plates and silver ware on the table and I made sure to bend over to let him see down my shirt as much as possible and to keep bending over to let him see plenty of my ass and pussy. I told him that I hadn't been laid or given anyone head for the last two months and that I was starting to get to the point that I was going to have to go find myself a man. He just kind of smiled at that. After we finished with breakfast he got up and took our plates and the silver to the sink and started washing them. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him, squeezing my tits into his back. I stood behind him and started rubbing his back. I told him that I could sure use a back rub too. He finished the dishes and told me that he would be more than happy to give me a back rub.

I took him by the hand and led him to my room and laid down on the bed on my stomach. I told him to get some baby oil from my bathroom. While he was in the bathroom I took off the shirt and laid down on my stomach and pulled the sheet up over my ass. At first he poured a little oil on my back and stood beside the bed rubbing it in. I told him to get up on the bed and straddle me so he could give me a better rub down. He crawled up on the bed and placed his legs on either side of mine. I told him to put more oil on me and when he only poured a little more on my back I told him more and put some all the way down and into the crack of my butt.

He had to get up a little and pull the sheet down to get to my ass and when he did he spread his robe. He then poured oil down on my ass and it ran into the crack of my ass. He bent forward and started rubbing my back, I could feel his scrotum rubbing the cheeks of my ass so I raised myself up as much as possible to feel more of him. He let his cock slide between my cheeks and I could feel him growing and wow did he feel good. He worked the oil into my back and down on the sides. I felt him touching the sides of my tits.

I leaned up on my elbows a little when his hands were at my sides and he moved his hands around and rubbed my tits. He started pinching my nipples and squeezing my tits. His cock was real hard by now. I pushed my ass up to meet him and moved it back and forth. As he rubbed the oil into my tits I kept squeezing his cock with my ass cheeks and he told me that he was getting really turned on. I told him that I was too and that if he wanted he could slide into me. He reached down and guided his cock into my pussy. He felt so good. I pushed my ass back to meet his forward thrust and he slid all the way into my pussy. I told him to get his legs between mine and after he did I told him to let me get up on my knees.

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