Sister in law lust

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100% fiction!

My sister In law, Catherine, is what can only be described as stunning! Physically she couldn't be improved although if you spoke to her you would think she is bland and boring along with shy and retiring.

How wrong you would he!

I'd always thought she was lovely looking and also that she was really difficult to get a conversation out of as she just doesn't have a sense of humour or a great personality.

One day we all went to the beach for the afternoon and I have to admit that when Catherine stripped to her bikini I nearly choked! It was an instant WOW! I got to see her in all her glory apart from a couple of small pieces of cloth covering her nipples and ass.

You see, Catherine is 5ft8, size 10, shoulder length blonde hair and an impressive set of tits that are 36dd. I was in instant awe! ........... and I could see by the way she kept looking at me she knew I was checking her out and watching her every move. Every now and then she would catch my eyes and hold the stare for what seemed like an age and every couple of times she would follow my gaze and smile discreetly.........I couldn't believe the signals she was giving me by doing this but appreciated them all the same.

Anyway, the next day I was home alone when I got a text off Catherine asking if I was ok and if I had recovered from the day before?

Me being coy and slightly naive text back asking what she meant! She instantly replied that I seemed flustered and seemed to have to keep adjusting my shorts! I didn't even realise she had noticed me constantly having to hide my hard on!

I thought for a few seconds then replied that it was a wonder I didn't pop out as she was obviously teasing every man on the beach!

Her reply was " not every man, just you"!

I immediately text her back saying I appreciated the tease and told her she looked really nice, although I was still being guarded incase this was some ploy or something! Well I needn't have worried about that!

She text me back saying she was so hot watching me look her up and down and knowing it had gobble squirming so she had carried on cos it really turned her on!

I was gobsmacked by this but thought I'd try my luck and push her a bit. I text her back saying " it's a shame you had to keep your bikini top on as an even tan is better" but I made sure to put haha at the end.

She instantly asked me "would you like to see now"?

I replied "Damn right I would but you wouldn't dare"!

"Take a picture of your knob and show me and I will" was her reply!

I had to give this some thought but really wanted to see her tilts so I dropped my pants and took a photo and sent it to her.

Instantly she replied one word! " wow"!

"My turn" I said.

Within seconds I got a picture message from her and when I opened it I wasn't disappointed. There was a fantastic picture of her tits! I grew instantly hard and told her what she had done to me.

Again she said show me so I did. I must add that I'm the proud owner of a 9 inch cock with a real large girth.

She text back " god, I'm so wet".

This was killing me so I said " well, why don't you have some release"?

Her reply was " I already started" with a smiley face on.

Well that was it I started wanking over her photo and told her too. She text back "I wish I could watch"!

I told her she could anytime if I could watch her.

She replied " come to my house right now and you can"

I asked if she was being serious and she said yes but yo go now

Within 5 minutes I was knocking on her door!

Catherine answered the door wearing small shorts and a tshirt but looking ruffled and flushed. I stepped in and closed the door.

I leaned in to kiss her but she said "no your ere to look and not touch" and walked away towards her sofa and sat down.

She patted the seat beside her so I sat down next to her!

Catherine then blew my mind! She reached into her shorts and whilst looking straight at me started to rub her pussy.

I was in heaven and couldn't take my eyes off her.

She then turned and said" come on, I wanna watch too"!

So I pulled by bottoms down slightly and pulled out my cock. It was bulging and stood hard as rock.bishop slowly started to move my hand up and down and she started to rub her pussy once again.

After a minute or so she stood up and dropped her shorts and pulled off her t-shirt. I was ready to luck her there and then but she just sat beside me and started to finger her soaking wet hole again.

I thought I'd try my luck again and moved my hand to her thigh. This time she didn't stop me but as I started to move my hand up to her pussy she quickly reached out and grabbed a handful ofnmy cocktail and before I knew it she was wanking me madly and so fast I just sat back and enjoyed the moment.

She then surprised me by quickly throwing her leg over me so she was sat on me and said "fuck me now or your never get another chance"!

I quickly stood up lifting her to her feet as I did. I pulled my bottoms off and pulled my top off over my head.

I grabbed her round the waist and pulled against me and grabbed behind her to get a solid tight grip ogre her arse!

She was groaning already which had me wild so after a quick wet deep kiss I spun her around and pushed her over the back of her sofa.

There in front of me was her fantastic arse and wet slit. I grabbed her hair with one hand and guided my cock into her, fast and firm.

She let out a loud scream pleasure as I pushed as deep as I could into her. Pulling her hair with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other I pumped in and out of her like I'd never fucked anyone before.

She was screaming with sexual pleasure and I was grunting as I drive into her tight pussy. It almost felt like a fight the way we were banging into each other and pushing and pulling together

Eventually I pumped my red hot come into her from behind and pushed deep into her one last time.

As I released her she stood and turned to me and said "fuck"

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