Sexy sister

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

OK me an my sister were sitting on the couch an we had just seen a scary movie so I told her to come an sit next to me I had asked her if she had sex before she told me NO. but she wants too an she gets wet all the time I put my hand on her tit an she said if I can put my other hand on her pussy so I did.

To my amazement she put her hand on my 10" cock she told me she don't want mom an dad to find out I said OK an we began to rub on each other I asked if she wanted to suck my dick. She was happy too she put her mouth at the tip of my dick an licked it then she wrapped her lips on my dick.

She went up an down up an down I was happy she was sucking my cock I knew that was my sister but I didn't care. So after like 10mins I put her legs in the air an took off her wet panties I put my tongue all over her pussy.

After like 10 minutes or so we decided to go to the room 4 about like 2 hours we were in the bed having sex my sister's cherry was poped she's was tight an every night for the next year we had sex with out anyone finding out..... :) ;)

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