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100% fiction!

Hi everyone i am here to tell you my own story. what happen just a year before. But im not suppose to tell this story my aunty is really really strict.  But after reading some stories here iam aslo so\ excited to tell my story.  Okey all iss viewers i gotto start not interested in wasting your time. iam 19 yearís old boy i look slim and medium coloured southindian.

My native is Coimbatore i live there from my childhood and near my home my aunty and her family lives.  She looks so sexy how to tell white skin small boobs nice structured ass. after i got young iam attracted with girls ass i love ass. whenever girls walk infront of me i used to watch their ass. thaz why iam made of assís. coming to the story once parents decided to go to some relativeís marriage function my mum ringed my aunty divya and told her to look after me.

But at that time i dont know what was the answer from aunty. but my thinking goes on it must be positive. cool after an hour my dad started the car and my heart was in deep happy that they are leaving me alone suddenly my mum called me out. she told me that take care and now lock the door and move to aunties home. i was upset eventhough i can be with aunty that makeís me happy. my parentís left me alone in home i dicided to have a hand blowjob suddenly my landline ringed

Me:what the shit now,

Me:who is this my parents are out off home,
Stranger:hey dinesh itz ur aunty divya da,
Me:sorry aunty i have been mistaken,
Divya:cool come home,
Me:sure, will be there in 5min.

I then locked the door and moved to aunties home there i entered the gate. hooo shit they got a dog it barghed on me. then aunty came out and took me in she then closed the door i was peeping in it was so silent wat a surprice i dint find any one in aunties home. then i asked her where is uncle dinesh ur uncle is also moving to the same function where your parents or on. cool how sweet.

Then aunty went i the kitchen. i wanted to go toilet but i dont know where it i asked divya aunty where it is with a smile she replied me go straight and turn left use mine. that was hot reply from her. i went in the toilet with attached bathroom there i have seen some panties i thought it must be divyaís and her husbadís. i took one of those and smelled my nose ever smelled such a sweet thing in my life.

I touched my cock itz 8cm long brown with lot of hairs. her little piss is in her panties.  A voice came from kitchen r u okey dinesh. Me:ya iam okey aunty. then i went out the toilet she was ready with dinner. we both had it and chatted for a while i loved it. but my male hood was hard she then asked me about my girlfriends i told her i dont have girlfriends. i looked her belly that was visible to me she notified me watching her belly.

Then she asked me to go to bed i was so excited to go to bed there i can make blowjob. i went to sleep then she came in the bed room and told me to give some space to sleep i gave her lightís are off i cant figure her out. but her boobs are shown like mountains but small. sweet and cute small boobs i love a lot.  My mind told me to touch it but i cant if she tells my mum what is gonna happen i cant even imagine it. i tried to put my hand on her belly i reached her belly it was so soft my pre cum came out from cock but cant control it

All my spreams came out from my cock i hate and iam so streangthless so decided to sleep. next morning When i wakeup my aunty divya was not near me i searched me for 5min then a sound comeís from bathroom she was bathing in there i peeped through the hole she was completly nude i dont know what to do my temper in high suddenly she turned then i went to hall nd had a seat there. iam sure she dint notice me. still she is out from the bathroom i then went to watch what was going in there what heaven she was in toilet.

She is pushing her shits off from her ass that makes me to be mad i wanna fuck her.  But if trouble happens what iam gonna doÖ. i cant manage it. so i controled myself again i wanted to watch her so went from hall to bathroom i opened the bedroom door my aunty was standing there nude making dress up. she asked me what u want dinesh. i wanna go toilet. aunty replied ok go. she dint get tensed hooo wat a women she is iam really lucky to watch her nude yet now she didnít get birth.

I thought that must be happen because of me. then i went to watch tv had lunch then evening came time iam with her moveís faster then normal. so i made an plan to fuck her i took her mobile and took her number she dont know my number so i decided to make a sex message like a stranger i then forwarded a A message from my mobile with in a second her mobile ringed with a message tune. i was thrilled then watched what aunty is going to do she readed the messaga then replied me whoz tis.

I then replied her iam attracted from you for a long day. shen then replied me fro that what can i do. Me:i need to have you she then how can i have fun with stranger. i then if iam known to u will you allow me to have you. she then may be i like you,  Ok then itz me dinesh. iam in bedroom she is in hall. i dint get ay replies from her iam shocked. i then decided to have look on her but i got new message from her i opened it that was positive reply.

I am happy then she came in the room and asked me is that you in messaga i replied yes. why dint you tell me that you are attracted of me earlier. i was affried of my parents and your husband. she told me tha we can have fun iam waiting for someone to have sex but i found that was you now.  I then ran towards her and kissed her deeply she hugged me stronged i took all her dress and made her nude she had hair in her armpit and also in her pussy I then fucked her hardly she told me tha ever had such a sex before this was really hard.

Then i asked her about having sex in ass. she took some oil and applied in my cock and told me to fuck hoo that was so hard i cant do it then she offered her pussy i fucked and injected in pussy. i think she must get preganent next morning she offered me again to fuck. then everything over in afternoon my parents came home. i then went home. till now i didnít get an othen chance to fuck her.  Ok iss readers any one want to contact me and any comments get it to my mail id shukla. sanjay62@gmail. com or call me for sexs 9009530932 any kind of woman pls welcome.

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