Quest to fuck Samantha : Annie helped

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hii there... this is my first story but i am sure you are gonna like it.

this story is a complete fiction so do not consider it as real...
lets start!!!!!!

2nd september, 2012

me and my girlfriend samantha sat on the rooftop watching the sun set. as far as i can remember we came here since we were dating. she loved to sit here with me and spend her time. it was going good. but the thing that bothered me was she was still a virgin. i wanted to be the one to get her out of it.but how. i mean she never let me even kiss her. i had to find a way to get in her pants.

after 2 weeks i met her friend annie and told her my problem. she understood and promised to help me. she made a plan to seduce her by watching a porn movie and when she get seduced i would do my work.

annie was a good organizer. she organised a small get together at my house. only i, samantha and annie were there. i buried myself into the sofa and waited for annie to start her work. i was eager to fuck samantha. annie took out my movie collection and started searching. she mixed a porn movie in it and gave the bunch of cd's to samantha for choosing. i watched samantha nervously and wished she did'nt overreacted on that porn movie. as she searched she found a cd titled indian kamasutra. below in small was written starring priya rai. to my surprise she stopped searching and she had a slight grin on her face. annie came in. "have u both found what we are gonna see?" said annie. samantha stood up and said "first tell me what is this porn movie doing in your movie collection?" i replied "what? i am a man." annie spoke from behind "yah samantha he is a man..

he can do all the crazy stuff that you can't even think about." samantha replied "now what does that mean?" annie came close to me and sat on the sofa and said "the stuff u never tried.... sex... thats what i am talking about".. samantha "it's not in trying... i want to do but i just did'nt found the right guy who can really fuck me hard". i sat quite uptill now and now spoke "well i got a 8 inch. pretty black." annie said "look samantha.. now what else do you want" smantha looked confused in what she should do. she refused to negotiate. annie handled the situation by saying "lets watch porn today. now you dare say no to that." annie inserted the dvd into the dvd player and we 3 sat back on the sofa.

movie started and it was 15 minutes over. annie became horny and so was samantha but still she did'nt wanted sex. annie looked towards me and i looked towards her and within 2 seconds she implanted a deep kiss. that juicy lips of her made me horny too. we kissed for about 5 minutes and i glanced upon samantha. she was angry as shit. annie said "what happened now samatha??? are you angry on me?" samantha was totally gonna rip her apart but i stopped her.

i said "look samantha i care for your feelings but you should have fun in life. i know you need my cock. and i need what you got. so please stop acting like a 15 year old teen girl." at that moment samantha was a mixture of lust, eagerness, confusion and anger. she agreed to have sex. this was the thing i have been waiting for. annie worriedly asked the two of us. "what about me?" i smiled and asked her to join us. she also had a slutty smile on her face and ordered me to sit on the couch.

as i sat on the couch annie's hand rolled all over my body. she came close and started kissing me. i responded. samantha came close to annie from the back side and pulled her shirt over and removed. annie stopped and let samantha have some fun. samantha came closer to me and she kissed me, i grabbed her from waist and responded with more passion. she kinda liked it. annie opened samantha's pants and slipped down her panties.

Samantha stopped kissing me and removed all of her clothes. annie also removed and so do i. now it was time for annie. she gabbed my penis and sucked it like a professional pornstar. she was sooooooo good. samantha came over me and gave her titties in my mouth. they were hard and fresh. for 20 minutes this continued and smantha and annie switched places. annie wanted her pussy to be eaten so she stood in front of me and i buried my face in her pussy. i slid my tongue inside and sucked the hell out of it. she moaned ooooh yah!!!! suck it... suck it..... after that it was the time for fuck. samantha could'nt resist and spread her legs. i sat down and slid my 8 inch in her cunt.

it went a little bit inside and with a lot of tries and pain went fully inside. samantha was in terrible pain and pleasure. she was moaning loudly. annie was getting late for her part time job se she dressed and left. i continued to fuck samantha for 2 more hours. we tried many different positions and ended up. we used a condom which annie had bought so no chance of AIDS. that is my story!!!! hope you enjoyed it.

send your feedbacks at vasutomar26 [at] gmail [dot] com. i will be writing my new story soon....

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