One sunny afternoon : Part 2

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It happened one sunny afternoon part two: Jackie does George

Some weeks past and one day Tom said.

No sign of my extra lady then?

No, unfortunately we just have not had the right shifts lately, but it will happen, I promise She said.

Tom grunted and thought for a while before saying.

You could let me bring a friend while your shift patterns merge.

Why you got someone in mind? She said.

Maybe replied Tom, remember the rules, secrecy until happy with the liaison.

Yes your right said Jackie, just most your friends look ugly she laughed.

I thought you wanted an extra cock not a film star Tom laughed.

But I do have normal friends you know, let me bring one and you will see.

How quick can you set it up? asked Jackie

How about tonight? Laughed Tom.

Being serious now said Jackie, tomorrow about 6 o'clock, and do it quick before I change my mind.

Consider it done said Tom, I am meeting a friend for a drink later, I will put the idea to him, and see what he says.

Oh said Jackie, am I going to regret this?

The day went on and Tom went out. When he returned later all he would say was that it was all arranged and there was no backing down now.

Oh!!, said Tom, same rules as before, shackled and blindfolded.

That night they watched a bit of telly, and went to bed.

Next day, Saturday, was a busy day for them, they went to town did the shopping for the week and generally tidied and other things they could not do in the week. Soon the day was past and the clock was ticking, Jackie was starting to get anxious and wonder what she had let herself in for.

I am going for my bath Jackie said.

Donít be too long My pal will be here soon and I have to shackle and blindfold you before he arrives.

Okay I'm going she laughed nervously.

While she was bathing, Tom rang his friend George who was a quite large black man, very much the gentle giant.

He told Tom that much as he wanted this he was very nervous, so Tom assured him things would be Okay and come ten minutes early and have a drink to steady his nerves. This satisfied George and he said

See you soon.

By this time Jackie was almost finished and Tom poured them drinks.

I donít know what to wear said Jackie and wondered why Tom was laughing so much.

What's so funny she demanded
Itís you he said, the deal was Naked Shackled and blindfolded.

I really donít know why I agreed to this said Jackie.

Oh stop whining, it will be fun, now get this drink down you and lets get you on the bed ready.

Reluctantly Jackie allowed herself to be shackled naked to the bed and finished her drink which was much stronger than she usually had and settled down on the bed. The drink was making her glow and now she was not feeling so bad at all.

George arrived and Had his drink, Tom said we will strip naked then go quietly into the bedroom .

Okay whispered George and started stripping.

Tom went to Jackie and put on her blindfold the joined George and stripped.

Tom was finding this exciting and his prick was telling all, it was quite erect whilst Georges was still limp, but even limp was very big compared to Toms.

They went into the bedroom and stood by the bed looking at Jackie, Suddenly Tom noticed Georges Prick making jerky movements as he absorbed Jackie s beauty, in a short time his cock looked like that of a Shetland pony. Long Thick and erect.

Tom got on the bed between Jackie s arms and started feeding his cock into her mouth.

Jackie had lost her inhibitions now and was starting to enjoy the moment.
I know this cock she said I have eaten it a few times laughing.

And George snapped out of it and got on between her legs.

George put one hand each side of Jackie, leaned foreword and brushed his lips across hers, then he went for her right ear and nibbled it a little.

Jackie shuddered.

From there he licked down her neck and across to the valley between her breasts.

MMMMMMMMM nice murmured Jackie.

He moved his head to his left and nibbled at and suckled Jackie s right nipple, then moved to his right s did the same to the left nipple

Jackie was enjoying this and was starting to get very aroused and wanted more. Her nipples were hard and stuck out like the pegs on a hoopla board.

George headed further south, stopping to dart his tongue into her navel a few times, causing Jackie s body to quiver with desire.

Oh I am liking this she said.

Now he went the whole distance south and sent his tongue along her crack over her bud and all the way to her entrance, he flicked his tongue in and out a few times.

Jackie was in heaven now, loving every minute of it.
Oh yes, please, donít stop she whimpered.

After 5 minutes or so George was ready to fuck, boy he was ready for this lady, had been a long time since his cock had been this hard.
He lowered himself till his prick was just about on her cunny and took it in his hand to rub it up and down her slit, getting it well and truly lubricated on her juices.

Oh you are a big boy said Jackie, donít hurt me please.

George placed his knob at her entrance closed his eyeís and gently pushed, with a plop it entered her pussy.

Jackie stiffened and took a deep breath.

George stopped till she relaxed then pushed again, repeating this till he was all in. Then Placed his hands behind her and took one bum cheek in each hand and whilst pulling her hard on to his cock he pushed right in till his knob was entering her womb.

Jackie was in heaven now and gurgled, gently big boy my cunny is full.
Holding her tight he started gyrating his hips first to the left then to the right. Jackie was climbing up for her orgasm, just as she was about to explode, George gave a mighty push with his hips and his knob popped into her cervix. This was too much for Jackie she let out a loud moan and climaxed like never before, so much so was her convulsing that she brought George with her and they jerked together on the bed till they were both spent.

Georges spunk mixed with Jackie s juices were flooding out of her as Georges Cock deflated. They hugged and Jackie said.

I love my husband and will never leave him, but with his permission you can fuck me anytime.

Tom removed Jackie's blindfold and she looked and said

But yourÖ..Black.

Why said George does it make a difference?

Not a bit said Jackie. I want it again

You will need to give me half an hour or so said George then I will be only too pleased to do you again.

So after a short break George and Jackie did it again and they enjoyed it even more.

Tom watched TV he knew he would not go short, and he still have Jackie s nurse friend to come yet Wahooo

To be continued. ;-)

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