Neda, my sister

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My name is kareem from alighar in india and i am about 24 years old, i am an average build and a 6 inches cock.
I am going to tell u the story of how i fullfiled my fantacies with my sister.

My sister is 22 years old and her name is neda, she is a very beautiful girl with white complexion and 34 30 36 figure and her hight is about 5 ft 7 inches fairly tall for a girl, but all that beauty is hidden under vail not many people have seen her , as she goes out only in vail, only her very close friends, family and few of my friend who often come to my house have seen her.
My father is working with an oil company in oman thus money was never an issue, only his absence is felt at home.
My mom is a very nice lady and is a teacher in a primary school.

Many people say that she has an affair with the principle of that school Mr zaheer and i believe it, as he visits our home every two days. And i have seen pills in mom's cupbord aswell, but i am not going to discuss all that as i dont have a proof yet,
I promise i will write if i get some proof that my mom is having an affair with Mr zaheer. Anyways
This all started when one day my mom was in school teaching children.

It was about 12 noon in summers and my sister has come back from her tution classes, i opened the door for her and she said nothing and straight away went to her room and i went to my to watch a criket match on the TV, after 5 minutes she opened the door of her room and went to take shower, i kept on watching match,
After 5 or 10 minutes i felt like peeing and went to the toilet as i was crossing the bathroom i noticed that no soud of water or anything was coming. I sat on he toilet seat for about 5 minutes and still i could not heare any sound of water flowing.
I started wondring wether everything was alright or not.
So slowly i went near the bathrom door and tried to look through a small opening above the door.
I saw neda was laying on the ground and fingering herself.

I kept on looking her for a minute and i noticed i was getting excited slowly, her body was shining in the light of bulb because of sweat, soon she started fingring herself very fast i could tell by her experience that she was on the sevnth sky and with a mourn she came. As soon i was about to leave she got a glance of me and in hurry i tried to hide myself but it was of no use, she said bhai what are you doing. I did not responded and quickly went to my room and started watching match again, after a minute she entered my room with only a towel wraped around her chest and said bhai you should be ashamed of your self you are my brother and watching me nacked where did you got the courage from? I said nothing then she started again that i am never going to trust you in my life again.
I said look neda i was just checking wether every thing was fine or not, she bacame furious and said checking what? My body?

You bastard you were checking my body is't it and saying that she removed her towel and said check, i started looking down ,she said what happened? She was shaking in anger and i did not had the courage to look her into her eyes.
Then she went in her room and slept.
I was worried that she will tell it to mom, so i decided to convience her not to tell mom

As i went in her room i saw she was sleeping without putting any clothes, ohhhhh man she was looking dam beautiful, i kept on looking her for about five minutes then suddenly she changed her position and now her vigina was clearly visible to me. She never did any thing like this ever before (sleaping without clothes). Being a muslim i never imagined that my sister could do stuffs like this, anyways,
I kept on looking her, she was looking damm gorgious her legs were sooo smooth and a nice and healty boobs with pink nipples, her stomach was flat like a table and her breast were rising and falling as she was breating and her hairs were covering her face partially which may make any body go crazy for her, i was getting hard and wanted to fuck her right there. I was going out of control, and went closer to her and grabbed one of her tits and started massaging them very slowly coz i was too afraid to wake her up.

Slowly i grabbed another one with my other hand, she changed her position again, i quickly removed my hand, after a while i started playing again with her boobs but she woke up and was out of control. She started screeming at me and gave me a tight slap and said that i will tell mom about this, you asshole you should be thrown in prision for this, she did not move a bit even to cover herself just kept on staring me as if she is going to kill me. I got afraid and went away from there.
After an hour mom came from the office and the first thing i did was to lock myself up in my room.

My sister ran towards mom and huged her tightly and started crying, my mom asked that what is the matter, neda told her every thing, mom called me and slapped me very hard two or three times and asked me is it true?
I nodded my head in yes and started crying and promised that this wont happen again after few hours mom was normal but she did not speak anything to me for about a month.
After that day my sister stoped talking to me compleatly but her activities changed like she started sleeping nacked in her room and used to leave the door open when mom was not at home, she always made sure that i know that she is going to take bath,
She also started to wear very reveling cloths in front of me. Etc
And i used to masterbate thinking about her all the time,

One day when she was sleeping on her bed , i went to her and woke her up but she did not covered herself after seeing me ,
I said look neda you are nude all theb time when mom is not at home and then you expect me to behave normaly?
Then all of a suddeni dont know why i said that neda i know you are my sister but you are so sexy and afterall i am a human
I wanna have sex with you.

She remained calm and said no kareem this is not going to happen at any cost you are my brother and act like a brother and went away to put on some clothes as it was tme for mom to come home.
I really wanted to fuck my beautyful sister but i did not knew how to make her agree on that.

I had a friend whose name was puneet he used to live near by and also was my collage friend. One day he said to me that yaar kareem your sister is so sexy i always dream of making sex with her, i said boss even i want to fuck he, he looked at me in amazement and passed me a smile and said then wats the problem you can do it easly as your mom is out of house most of the time. Then told him every thing that happened between me and my sis, after litsening to my story he said dont worry i will help you but in one condition that you will let me and my friend fuck her from whome i have borrowed some money and in this way i will pay back his loan. I agreed at once.

Then he asked me dose your sister has any boyfriend , i said to my knowledge 'no', he said then we have to look for some one very reliable so that he could impress your sister and become her boyfriend.
Our hunt started for a suitable and reliable person and finally we chose shahid one of our friend he was fair ,tall and very attractive the best thing was that my sister did not knew him as he never visited my home.
We told him the plan and he agreed. I gave him my sister's mobile number, e mail id, address of her tution class, and collage.
We used to talk to him every day enquiring about the progress he made .

One day shahid told me that you sister is coming to meet me at ammunisha (a local market) i was excited to see what will happen next.
We reached there at 11 am and kept some distance from shahid soon after neda arrived on rikshaw and called shahid on his mobile as she had never seen shahid befor, they shook hands and went to a restaurant, we kept the distance so that she may not see us.
After sometimes they came out and she sat on shahid's bike and left. We waited for shahid there after half an hour shahid returned and was looking very happy, he told me that he liked neda very much and she has promised to meet me again next week.
After 8-9 meetings like this one day shahid told me that your sister has asked me to meet her at city hotal. I told him ok you go and meet her but do not forget to record what all happens.
The day came and shahid was ready but she did not turn up

We all were dissapointed but after an hour she called and said that she was stuck somewhere wthats why she was not able to come and promised to meet shahid the next day but not at hotal but at his place this is what we all wanted.
Shahid quickly left for home as he had to put many cameras all around his house.
Next day neda reached his home on time. All thr cameras were in position and we were happy that finally we will be able to fuck her.
After 2 hours as soon as she left for the home we rushed into shahid's house and straight away took out all the CD's from the cameras and play them.

Ooo ooooooooo mannnn you sister is sooooo daam sexy said puneet and started masturbating looking at the video, in the video we saw that shahid was ramming my sweet sister's pussy like cray and she was enjoying it.
We were so happy that we went to celebrate at the bar that day.
Next morning i was full of confidence with a smile on my face, i went to her room, mom has already left for the school, i woke her up and said neda i want to fuck you she said bhai are you nuts i told you that this is not going to happen at any cost.
I asked her are you suere, she said yes.

I said ok then i will have to show the video to mom.
She got scared instantly and asked which video?
I said video of you fucking with shahid
She could not believe her ears and started crying instantly and started begging me to not to show that vedio to anybody and said i am ready for any thing you say.
I instantly called puneet and shahid and reminded puneet to come along with his friend from he borrowed money.
They all arrieved within half an hour.

Puneet introduced me to his friend his name was rahul gulati.
After the introduction we moved towards her room , she was sittin on the bed crying on what has happened.
As soon as she saw us she got terrified and looked shahid in haterade i asked shahid to bring the vedio camera and record every thing as he has already got what he wanted .
I asked neda to remove her clothes but she started crying and said brother i am your sister how could you that to me?

I smiled and said neda i asked you once and you refused and even told everything to mom now it my time,
Puneet said comon man why the fuck are you waisting the time in talking pull you sister and get what you want, i said look neda if you are goin to cooprate with us you will be fine otherwise i do not know what these guys are gonna do with you.
Puneet commanded comon bitch remove your clothes,

She started crying louder and said puneet bhaiyya i always considered you as my brother dont do this to me, she continued and looked towards shahid and said shahid i loved you and you bitrayed me, god will never forgive you, shahid gave her a tight slap and pulled her chunni (a peice of cloth worn by indian women) and then puneet and his friend jumped on her and started removing her clothes one by one, shahid took hi position, behind the camera.
Soon my sis was only in her bra and panty, she was trying to hide herself by her hands and i was enjoying the show.

Then puneet started to kiss her but she wasnt cooprating and lo she got another slap from puneet, this carried on for some time and then i noticed that even neda has started enjoying it ,
I slowly unhooked her bra and removed it rahul moved his hands into her panties and started fingring her in the meanwhile puneet kept on kissing and smooching her, i was massaging her breasts, this was a new experience for neda and she was enjoying it now. Rahul took out her pantied , and now my sexy little sister was nacked in front of four boys and a camera which was recording every thing, now puneet changed his position and started playing with her tits and i opened my zip and took out my dick which was semi hard at that time and neda started sucking as if it was some candy, she was sucking it so nicely that any body could think that she has a lot of experience then rahul started licking her pussy, neda jumped all of a sudden in excietment oooohohhohohhoaaahhhhh
She started mourning loud with my cock in her mouth, soon punnet and rahul got undressed with their wepons in their hands

I was amazed after looking at puneets dick it was about 8inches long and nuch more thicker then mine, amit dick was also bigger then mine, puneet is a sikh and is very fond of fucking ass,
He said to neda get ready for a treatment lady i am going to fuck you in your ass
Neda got terrified after looking his dick and started begging no puneet bhaiya i will die plz dont do it
Rahul quickly laied down and pulled neda above her and inserted his dick in her pussy neda was enjoying it then suddenly puneet positioned his dick on her ass and gave a sudden jerk and i could see a stream of blood coming out from her ass, she screemed in pain and slowly they both started to fuck her while she began to suck my dick again

Every thing was being recorded, shahid got excited and adjusted the camera to the right place and undressed too and gave his dick to neda and she started stroking it swiftly.
My sister was creeming as puneet was really fucking hard in her ass and rahul in her pussy then rahul came in her pussy and withdrew his penis from her pussy and it was my turn now i started my pumping my sweet little sexy sister. And we continued this turn by turn untill we all were satisfied fully.

Since then we always used to fuck her when ever my mom was not at home.
Sometimes i used to invite some other friends of mine to fuck her and used to take money from them, i also used to record every session and post them on sex sites.
Now my sister as become a compleate slut,
She has stoped wearing vail and also she wears very sexy and revieling clothes while going out.
My whole locality knows that she is a slut, but it dosent bothers me at all i enjoy coz i am a brother of such a sexy bitch...

Dear readers this is my first story, and i am not so good in english language , so for any mistake i made please forgive me.
I hope you liked the story.
Please leave your comments to let me know wether you liked it

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