My wife's secret life

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Life can be so unpredictable in more than one way. I'd been married for 4 years now. Life seemed the usual blissful self. We we're happily married. Had a good home, a great job and a happy sex life.

My wife Nelly was the perfect woman. Beautiful, with smooth brown hair and an ass to die for! She was a little plump with a petite frame and a wide bottom but not too wide mind you. Her breasts were an ample 34C and her voice was like a cute hummingbird. She would cater to all my needs. She was the ideal housewife. She left her job in order to raise a family which we soon hoped to start. You may think I have it good but when things seem to good to be true they often are.

Suspicion is a worm that burrows deep. Sadly too deep. Why the suspicion you might ask? Enter Paula Hopkins. Paula was my wife's yoga instructor. A tall and thin brunette who would probably seem manly for most men due to her thin athletic toned body and her short boy cut hair. She was one of those people I instantly disliked.

She had been recommended highly to my wife by a friend. Initially the lessons were regular usual workout sessions. But then came the great event I like to refer to as "event flowerbud" because, that was the day a suspicion became a conviction. Things really began to change from that day on. It was a regular sunny friday afternoon. I had come home early and was sorting out some paper work in my office. I thought it best not to disturb my wife during her workout session. I often do tend to get thirsty while working so I headed towards the kitchen to make a drink. On my way I could not help over hearing a rather interesting conversation. I heard nelly complaining about how her neck and shoulder was killing her from her last workout.

"Hey don't sweat it buddy with one rub you"ll be just fine. I help my students with muscle pains like these all the time. Allow me" said Paula. And without hesitation reached behind nellys neck and slowly massaged her shoulders as she stood right behind her. I could tell nelly was enjoying every bit of it. She deserved it. She strained to be the best wife so I guess this was her reward.

But the real odd moment occurred few seconds later when Paula let the hand slide down nelly's back and the other one slowly lowering down her neck slowly reaching the area just above her breasts. Nelly closed her eyes and in shear pleasure let out a small moan I suddenly gasped and the two women not realizing I was nearby suddenly stopped and pretended that all was normal. I walked into the room not showing any different expressions. I simply asked if anybody wanted a drink.

This however was not the first event. The second time was at our backyard pool party when once a year we would invite the neighbors and close friends. At the end of the party paula and nelly were sitting near the corner of the pool on a stretched chair and I could swear that Paula's hand was definitely inside nelly's bikini panties. But as I didn't have my glasses on I could not be 100% sure!! As I walked closer to the two I saw Paula's hand slide back into her lap a d the two of them looked at me normally without a hint of fear.

These events had been playing in my mind and had driven me to desperate measures. I had to find out the truth. If there was something I had to know!! I began my handy work by wiring the whole house and by planting small cameras and mikes all over the house. The suspicion in me had to be resolved. Finally friday had arrived I left for work normally that day and decided to come home a bit late so I would get a detailed recording.

I arrived home at 11pm. My wife was fast asleep and had left a note saying that dinner was in the fridge. Perfect I thought to myself. I went into my study and locked the door shut. My heart began to race as I switched on my computer and started streaming the surveillance tapes. Nelly's day seemed rather uneventful until 5pm. Paula walked in . My heart began to race on seeing what followed.

Nelly jumped onto paula who picked her up with ease in her arms. The two shared a long deep kiss. I felt my heart shatter and my cock throb. The kiss went on for a long while. Paula carried nelly into the hall and began kissing her while pinning her onto the wall. Nelly seemed to love being shown the ropes of lesbian love making by this horrible butch. Paula then broke the kiss and I heard her say "Baby I've been so horny all week!! Are you sure Bill's gonna be out till late? Coz' I wanna fuck you long and hard till you can't walk"

Nelly simply nodded a yes and was too much into her own world to reply. Paula unhooked nelly's bra and let my wifes huge breasts free. She fondled them and played with them with great admiration and love. She slowly pinched them hard and I heard nelly yell in pleasure and pain. "That's it mommy!! Please take me hard mommieee" Nelly yelled!!

my cock was rock solid now. Paula took nelly's left tit and began sucking on it hard while sliding one hand into her shorts. For several minutes now she munched on my wifes beautiful breasts. The most favorite part of my woman's body was being enjoyed by this bloody whore and what was worst was my wife letting her do it.

Nellys breasts became red due to the constant sucking. Paula then undressed her completely and buried her head deep into nellys cunt. Boy did nelly yell!! Not once in ojr marriage had I kade her scream that way. Nelly begged paula not to stop. Within minutes she lay there exhausted. Paula then pulled out something from her bag. To my horror it allured to be a huge black coloured strapon dildo. It was easily 9 inches in length and 3 in width. I suddenly felt insecure and small.

paula sat nelly on to her lap and slowly made my once an angel wife mount her phallus. It was too huge nelly couldn't take it all in. She yelled in pain and beyond a point stopped and began to ride onpy a small fraction of it. After a few minutes paula said "Baby mommie wants to do you in your marital bed. Bill isnt the only husband you have now!!" My heart sank on hearing that.

Paula carried my wife to our bedroom with the phallus inside her and lay her on all fours. She slowly entered inside my wifes pussy from behind. Nelly yelled but paula refused to stop. She entered inside and began to thrust back and forth at the same time grabbing nelly by her boobs. The thrusting got faster and harder and all I could hear was nelly moaning and yelling yes yes!!! Fuck me harder baby!! Claim me! Make me yours!!

I could see the carnal lust in the eyes of both women. Suddenly I not8ced Paula's gaze. She was looking right into one of my hidden cameras which was at the head of the bed. She slowly bent forward while fucking my wife doggy style and adjusted herself on top of her so her head was side by side to nellys as she continued thrusting her cunt. Paula was now looking right into the camera and was sending me a message. She knew she had broken me and she was showing off her victory. Soon the women lay down exhausted and paula lay in nellys lap fondling and sucking on her breasts fkr hours. Finally she left. I felt crushed and wildly horny at the same time.

Something had to be done. I would not let my wife be stolen by this lesbian predator!! I would have to find a ay...and I knew just how to...

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