My wifes friday fucks

(Part 1 from 1)

It was Friday night again and my wife got ready to go out dressed in short black clinging dress black bra black knickers just covering her red minge and topped off with black suspender belt and black seamed stockings.

As usual her mate turned up in a taxi at 7.30 and off they went they told me that they were going to the new inn. I waited for half an hour then set off and parked up outside. About 2 hours later my wife came out arm in arm with a stocky bloke and they got into his mercedes and sped off I followed them for about 2 miles and they turned into the unicorn pub car park, when my wife got out of the car she was wobbling all over the place it was obvious that she was nearly unconscious with drink. I waited for half an hour then went into this very large pub.

I searched around the 3 rooms but there was no sign of my wife I then went into the little pool room and ther behind the bar was the bloke that she had come in with. The door behind the bar was open and a very large black man came down the stairs with a grin on his face then the bloke next to me moved forward he was d irty unshaven smelly sort of guy he went behind the bar gave something to the barman and went upstairs . About 15 minutes later he came down with his shirt hanging out I thought I would see what was happening so I went behind the bar and the barman asked for 20 quid I gave him this and went upstairs second on the left he shouted. I got to the door and opened it and there laid on her back with only her stockings and suspenders on with her legs wide apart was my wife.

I quickly got undressed and climbed onto the bed she was completely out of it and did not know what was gong on. i looked down at her cunt it was all puffed and the ginger hair was all matted with spunk she must have had quite a few punters to be in this state my fingers began probing her cunt lips and i parted them to find spunk running everywhere I got down to her cunt and slid my tongue into her pussy and licked and ate all that lovely cum from the blokes who had fucked her. I then got my rock hard cock and pushed it up her cunt it slid in easy I then gave her a very rough fuck after 30 seconds I shot my wad of spunk up her tunnel, I rolled her onto her front and parted her arse cheeks my fingers shot up her arse which was also filled with spunk goo it wasnt long before my prick was stiff again and I pushed it up her bum hole once again i gave a her a rough bumming and shot my juice up her anus I then pulled out and went down and licked and ate her arse hole cleaning all that spunk out and swallowing it.I got dressed and went downstairs leaving my wife for the next punter. the next ones were two pakistanis who had walked in they both paid and went upstairs together to fuck my woman.

I left the pub and went home I lay in bed and waited for her to come home about 3 my wife got home came upstairs I could hear her stumble about she kicked her knickers off and got into bed with stockings and suspenders on it wasnt long before she was fast asleep aia got out of bed and took her knickers to the bathroom to inspect them they were fillie with man juice i started t o smell then lick then i ate it all and it ran down my throat I went back to bed and slipped my rampant cock up my wifes cunt and fucked her mixing my spunk with pakistanis. I cannot waitfor next Friday.

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