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Note : This story is completely fictional!

 Tina had grown into a sexy young girl by then and I was surprised to see her turn into a sexy woman so soon.Afterall she had just turned 19.I had never expected her to turn out into such a sex-bomb so soon.Now that she was ready to be fucked ,I wanted to take her pussy before anyone else.So the very first time i got the chance to fuck her i took it.She was shy and hesitant and it seemed as if it would take some work to get to her but as you know all girls cannot resist a big cock and that too a forceful one like mine.

The chance was created by destiny.I was going to get what i had wished for.She had to appear in some exam in Delhi, so she had to stay at our place that night.And by chance that night my parents had to go out of station leaving the sexy girl all alone for me to take care off.My dick was erect ever since i got to know that i will be alone with her that night.I picked her up from the bus stand at 6:30 in the evening and drove her to the house.

After making her feel comfortable and at home i asked her to get fresh and change her clothes, before we had our dinner.She told me she will in a minute, brushing through the last page of the newspaper.I left her alone and loosened the knob of the bathroom door.I then came back and put on the FTV.She felt embarrassed when she had to see sexy girls wearing see-through lingerie in front of her elder brother.When she could take that embarrassment no more, she got up and went to the bathroom.My plan was working.I removed my clothes and stood outside the bathroom waitng to hear the first drop of water fall of her sexy, naked body.As i heard it ,i pushed the door open and went in to grab her. She was totally shell shocked to see her elder brother totally nude with his dick ready to do her.She turned away from me and covered her boobs with one hand and her young pussy with the other.

But i saw what she did not want me to see.Before she turned away from me she could not resist lookinkg at my huge dick.I just could not wait to touch her sexy smooth wet skin.i stepped forward and carressed her back placing my hard dick right against her tight ass.As i took her by her arms and turned her around to uncover her sexy breasts she reminded me of my aunt Smriti, with whom i had the greatest sexual relationship of my life till now.She was exactly like her.Same slender body and huge boobs,sexy enough to give any man an errection.

I planted my lips onto hers and took her in my arms.This eeling ,one of total contact between a man's body and a woman's ,is one of the best feeling ,just behind the feeling one has when one cum's inside a tight pussy.After carresing and kissing her entire body i picked her up in my lap and brought her to the bedroom.I then asked her to blow my dick softly which she started doing very obediently.It was as if she was licking a lolly pop which tasted very sweet.Not once did she tell me to take it out of her mouth.She was doing a great job, but I wanted more.I told her to lie down on the bed and i got on top of her.I put my dick in between her sexy soft boobs and started moving it up and down.

Oh yeah, it felt great.Her boobs were so soft and beautiful.After a great tit job I put the dick in her mouth.The blowjob turned out to be even better than the titjob.Just as i was about to cum i took my dick in my hand and sprayed the cum all over her beautiful face.The cum fell all over her face, her eyes ,her lips and the rest i poured into her open mouth which she readily swallowed like a professional pornstar.She took the rest of cum from her face and licked her fingers clean.I fell on her side totally exhausted.I made sure that i did not leave her hand and also kept on caressing her sexy body.Even she did not try to leave.

When i was ready for a second fuck I wanted to show her how good sex could be. So i decided to work on her pussy as much she had done on my dick. Guiding my fingers through the slender walls of her almost intact pussy i made sure that she enjoyed it. Then i put my lips onto her pussy and made sure that she wanted my dick in her as soon as possible. She was reaching the limit. She could take no more. She could not stop herself from asking her elder brother to fuck her. "fuck me you dog... ah!!! fuck me now. "she shouted, widening her legs,inviting me into her. This was the moment for which i had waited a very long time now. I looked up to make eye contact with her. I wanted to see whether she could look me in the eye or not. Afterall she was loosing her virginity to her elder brother and that too with her total consent.

She looked up just for a second and no more,she could not. Afterall,she had refused the same me when i had tried to get to her. I still remember the stern look which she gave me back then. But for now she was helpless,not only because she was nude under me but more so because now she herself wanted to taste what first fuck felt like. I intentionally delayed giving her what she now desperately wanted and played with her patience. I had already cummed on her face and now i wanted to go slow. But she wanted it badly and was trying to pull me into her. With her hands on my hips she held my dick in her hand and tried to guide it into her vagina, and she almost did, before i backed off. She was so desperate that she did not even bother to think about a condom. I put on a condom and rammed my dick into her as hard as possible.

I moved my arms around her shapely shoulders and pulled her as hard as possible towards myself.
She screamed of the pain of her first fuck. It was combination of pain and pleasure that made her red hottttt!!!!!. BUt as we went on girrating pleasure took over
the pain. I repeatedly looked into her blue eyes and could see pain, pleasure, embarrassment and the satisfaction. I loved the embarrassment part the most. She continued to scream, "come on you. dick. Can't you fuck me . ah!!. ah!. fuck. me. ah!!.

Agh!! " She curled her legs around my hips and squeezed me hard. Never in my life had i been squeezed harder. " Wow! You are real bitch!!!!! "
I shouted as tried to keep up with her,slamming her pussy as hard as i could. "come on. push it further! "she
urged me as she pierced her nails into my back. " fuck you. "i screamed as she bit my shoulder in the frenzy. Finally I heard what every man wants to hear from the woman he is fucking.

"I am cumming. fuck me now. aaahah!!!. harder!!! "she shouted as she embraced me harder in her arms forcing me to push that much harder. We had reached the limit of ecstacy. i had put my entire weight on her slender body but it was the pure rush of sex which was carrying my weight and not she. This was the time i went into her fully, giving it my all," fuck. " I shouted and finally cummed in her pussy.

We ended it with a frenzy of soft kisses and caresses. And i made sure that i did not let the afterplay die down soon. I was absolutely satisfied and more so because i knew that she too had reached orgasm. Nothing satisfies a man more than the fact that he has been able to match the woman underneath him. She was no longer ashamed or embarrassed. She looked me in the eye now and told me that she wanted more. With me totally exhausted she took over the kissing part and kissed my entire body,licked my dick clean after removing the condom and then laid over me putting her arms around me. Both of us confessed that it was the best fuck of our lives.

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