Mistreated an neglected sexually we made due

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I took my wife out to a night club for drinks and dancing. She drank 8 slow gin fizz and was drunk. Now when my wife is feeling good she starts sexually harasses him. He was cleaning up next to her and she says the drinks made me very horney and I need intercourse soon as she rubbed his inner thigh up to his crotch while licking her lips and starring at his monster dick smiling seductively.

Teto said sorry but she's aggressive not me. She told me she wished he'd fuck her for just 5min she said don't leave me alone. We finished our drinks and left, but Teto was finished and came with us. After getting home my sweetness dressed in a halter top daisy duke short shorts high heels and leather gloves.

She entered the room she put on music and started dancing sexy seductively and he was turned on of course because we could see a long stiff impression against his pants. Tina (my wife) was grinning from ear to ear now her pussy is wetter then ever she wanted to give him a blowjob and then fuck him good-n-hard for two or three hours so she'd finally be satisfied.

Suddenly Teto asked me yo do him a big favor and go pick his son Jonathon from an outside party for kids. He's sons 18 but acts like 14. I agreed to pick em up even though I know he's gonna return Tina's advances and in 5 min or less they'll be engaging in sexual activity. I left 3min after asking me.

It took me an half an hour to find him then another 30 to get back. On the way home we began talking and he was also made at his girlfriend because ironically she was flirting with everyone except him,she wouldn't let him even feel her up or won't even touch his prick for him. I told him my wife done the same to me because she wants to do your father.

His girl teased him before we left his cock was straining against his jeans it was rock hard smaller then his father but atleast 9"inches but to my surprise I became excited and horney I wanted to do the kid. I got daring and I said I hated when my girlfriends teased me. Yeah me two he said so I rubbed his leg then gripped his cock and gently stroked his meat, he couldn't help himself he gasped and moaned out loud.

I told him that it's alright I won't tell anyone of course. Come on I know you like what I did. Right? Yeah I guess I did. If you want me to I'll take care of you and you'll be totally satisfied unlike your girl she makes you jerk off don't she? If you want me to do it again just say so but if your embarrassed then turn my way close your eyes an spread your legs then I'll know OK?

He shut his eyes as he turned spreading his legs wide open. I didn't say a word I just felt his dick rubbing it stroking it as I unbuttoned his pants unzipped them yanked it to his ankles with one motion slip me hand inside of his boxers jerking him off slowly as I removed his undies. I said if you want me to keep going you have to push my head down on your throbbing cock and I'll tease it with my tounge then I'll slowly take it in my mouth sucking as I swallow as much as I can.

Without a word he pushed my head to his big stiff black prick. I did exactly what I too him I'd do. He moaned and growned saying yes! Yes! Suck it!! He suddenly stiffened screamed his back arched as he ejaculated in my mouth gagging me with his jizm my head still between his legs licking up his cream. He breath out with a sigh of relief as I pulled up his boxers and pants as he kept thanking me? I said your welcom .

He said we we're out a long while. I said believe me my wife is blowing your father like I did you but know she's fucking the shit out of him she won't even hear us she'll be moaning an screaming in pleasure having orgasms over an over. I told him that know I need relief and I know you don't wanna blow me so I have an idea? You can take off your clothes an lay nude on your stomach so I can grease up my dick and slid it between your ass cheeks.

I'll enjoy that and cum quickly OK? Sure he said. I greased my pole rubbed his sweet tight ass and believe me I wasn't gonna just fuck his ass cheeks, when he finally related because I was only stroking it so I grabbed his head squeezed hard while holding his hips still I guilded my cock to his asshole and slowly an gentle pushed my manhood inside his sweet black ass!!

I speed up as I got close to cumming, I pumped faster and harder as I gasped couldn't even speak because his ass felt that great! I ejaculated inside him while I started kissing him on the mouth with my tongue because I was in ecstasy didn't care I never had sex that felt that good no great!!

He went to clean up, neither one of us told anyone we still have sex now-n-then!! Ad matter orgy fact my wife didn't know we were home because she was to busy enjoying his big thick 15"inch black meat!! I told her I stayed I'm the room with Jonathon because you were making to much noise fucking an sucking his father until you both were completely sexually satisfied! ! Right? Yeah right I said!! Well she thanked me for allowing her to finished and for not saying anything about it!!

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