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First off this is a story it happened december 28 2008 in seattle,wa , hi my name is manuel, im in the marines and i married to an asian girl names sandy. we got married after i got out of boot camp in san diego.

while i have been away training my wife told me she bought a dildo so she wouldnt get to lonely, i said that was fine since i wasnt really around to fuck her, i asked how she big got and she said it was 9 inches long and 3 inches wide, i was a little suprised by that so i asked her if she liked it and she said it made her cum alot. so i ask her to send me a video of her fucking it,before i explain her doing it my wife is no small girl she is 5'2 dd tits and an ok ass, so she sends me the video and it shoes her easing the dildo in and eventually she starts jumping up and down on it for about 30 seconds then she cant take it anymore.after i got that video i began to wonder how she could take a dildo so big.

Right before christmas i flew home for the holidays and my wife picked me up at the airport, she told me there was a party tomorrow night and if i wanted to go, i said ya, so we get home and me and my wife start having sex, I'm fucking her really hard and she not really makin the same noises as before so i asked her where her dildo was and she grabs it and damn was that thing thick. weve done anal a couple times but not in a while so i ask her if she wants to do it and she says she wants to try the dildo in her ass whilei fuck her pussy.

So she bends over doggy style and i put lube on my dick and the dildo, i put my dick in her ass first to loosten it up and she lets out a scream, i start going slow for abou 5 min then pull out and put it in her pussy, as im fucking her pussy i start easing the dildo in her ass and justas the head goes in she screams and says go slower, so i start fucking her to distract her. little by little her ass swollows the dildo until all 9 inches are gone, i then start pulling it all the way out and all the way back in all while im fucking her, the whole time she has her face in the pillow screamin as loud a she can. after about 10 min she screams stop that she cant take anymore. so were laying in bed and she asks me if i ever wanted to see her get gangbanged by 2 guys, i saidive thought about it but never thought you would go for it, she said tomorrow at the party thease two guys want to try it and i wondered if u wanted to watch, i said ya and she seemed excited.

the next day we get to the party and she said she wanted to get drunk before doing it,so me and her walk to take some shots when thease two black guys come up to her and ask her if she was downto do it, she nodded and they said to meet them in this back room,so we start taking shots and after about 9 jager bombs she was filling really tipsy so i walk her to that room and we go in.in side the two guys said i was cool for letting them do this, so the two guys get undressed and so does sandy, immediatly she starts sucking them up until they have what looked like her dildo sized dicks, after that she sits down on one of them and starts sliding up and down on his cock, she begins to scream and the other guy puts it in her ass, right when that happened she got all bugged eyed and started shaking,i look at her pussy and i could see she was cumming alot. both guys start going harder and i could tell she was getting used to it cuz she started rocking her hips into there dicks.

All of a sudden the door opens and three more black guys walk in and are like oh shit i want some of that, so they ask if they could hit and she said ya, i was pretty surpised when she said that but i didnt mind. since they werent wearing condoms they all took turns cumming in her ass, when the first to came the three guys that walked in picked her up andshe wrapped her legs around one as the other one got behind and they start destroying her, i could tell she was trying to say stop but she couldnt get the words out cuz they were going to fast, the door opens again and this girl yells for everyon to come and pretty much the whole party starts watching her get her shit smashed, she starts to cry and starts yelling to go faster, the put her down and all this sperm starts dripping out of her pussy and ass, the rest of the night she slept in the room until we left the next morning, she said she had never came so much in her life.

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